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Astro City ScrapWe Guarantee The Highest Prices and Will Beat The Competition.

Astro City Scrap Metal is located on North Shepherd in Houston, Texas, and is one of the fastest growing scrap dealers in the Greater Houston area. Backed by our fast and friendly service, we strive to take care of the customer, whether it’s carbide or copper. We use today’s technology to always give the customer the advantage. With up-to-date pricing and outside scales, the customer has the benefit to see and hear exactly what goes on – we GUARANTEE top dollar in CASH! Call today!

Free Wire Stripping

Sell us your insultated copper wire.

You might be asking – what is considered scrap metal? Scraps or discarded metals composed of alloys, aluminum, copper, copper tubing and wires, brassinsulated wires of many types, stainless steel – including radiators and reefers. Scrap Metals are important sources of industrial metals and alloys – these metals are usually combined and re-melted and blended to make more unique and complex alloys. We buy and sell only non-ferrous (non-iron) metals and we pay cash. Give us a call today for more information.

Price Guarantee

We guarantee the highest prices.

Why is recycling scrap metal so important? Waste products of all types have an enormous impact on our natural environment. There are many different metals that are considered “scrap metal” and can be recycled and sold to recyclers. Houston scrap metal recycler ASTRO CITY SCRAP METAL buys and sells scrap metals of many types – many of which are in great demand from different industries. So why not make a little extra money? Astro City Scrap Metals guarantees to pay you TOP DOLLAR for your scrap metals in Houston - 100% highest price guaranteed.

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