Brass: A Common Scrap Metal Material

Now that you have an idea of what types of metals we do accept let’s talk about one of the most widely-used and accepted scrap metals in the business. Of course, we’re talking about good old-fashioned brass.

While finding brass to scrap may be difficult, it truly is one of the most rewarding out of all the metals to scrap. Unknown to many people, household items can be typically looked over when it comes to treasures of the brass-scrapping world. To name a few home items that could potentially be looked past as good scrap materials are bed frames, serving trays, door handles, lamps, and brass faucets. Right now, in your home, there could be plenty of brass mines just waiting to be found!

However, yellow brass is the typical type of brass found within these items listed above. Yellow brass is commonly found within plumbing materials and pipes, and opposingly, red brass is another type. As all brass contains copper, you can expect a great rate for your scrap items every time you visit Astro City Scrap Metal.

Scrapping your Brass

The most typical type of brass you’ll find scrapping is plumbing or pipe brass. It can be tricky to differentiate real brass from other material types, which is why we want to offer some tips to tell you how you may find out for yourself.

A sure-fire way to tell if something is solid brass, or if it’s simply brass plated, is by using a regular old magnet. If your magnet sticks in place to whatever material you’ve attached it to, then it’s undoubtedly brass plated. However, if the magnet scratches and leaves a bright yellow color behind, it is 100% solid brass. Once you find out through this simple test, you’re unstoppable on your brass scrapping adventures!

Brass is a very sought-after material in this day in age, which is because of a couple of different reasons. Firstly, many materials are created using brass, like mentioned before, household items, and otherwise.

Solid brass comprises entirely of pure brass throughout, meaning it’s a highly durable and dense form of metal. When this kind of process goes into creating such a material, you can bet your bottom dollar that the prices are only going to increase.

A pure brass piece could cost far more than zinc pieces, and their difference is justifiable by the far superior qualities of obtaining the brass, instead.

Astro City Scrap Metal: An Overview

With all of this at the forefront of our minds, we here at Astro City strive to create an environment that is welcoming to any and all questions you may have regarding scrapping. It doesn’t matter what type of material; if it’s non-ferrous we buy it. Give us a call for the current price.

You won’t be able to find a better scrap metal yard in all of The Greater Houston Area. What’re you waiting for? Give us a buzz today to discover what you can scrap, (713)-697-2999. Or, visit our scrap yard to talk to our lovely representatives about your metal today.

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Brass Price List

Yellow Brass
$2.35 per lb
Yellow Brass Secondary
$1.80 per lb
Red Brass
$2.80 per lb
Red Brass Secondary
$1.85 per lb