Carbide Scraps

You’ll never have to question whether you are getting the best deal or not when you head to Astro City Scrap Metal. We guarantee to beat the price of any of our competitors and pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. No matter if you’re buying or selling scrap metal, you should contact us first!

Why Should You Choose Us?

At Astro City Scrap Metal, you can trust that you will receive top dollar in cash for your scrap metal. We use the latest scanner technology that will give us an accurate elemental analysis of the metals. This will ensure that you get the full value of your different metals. For transparency, you can watch as we weigh your scrap metal on our open view scale.

You will find that we take many different types of non-ferrous metals. Our acceptable metals range from traditional, uncommon, and rare types, such as:

  • Brass
  • Alloys
  • Copper
  • Radiators
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Insulated Wire
  • Carbide Scraps

We can only accept non-ferrous metal types due to their malleability and lightweight. Non-ferrous metals also don’t degrade in composition when recycled. To find out exactly what we do not accept, you can check out the list on our website. Most of the things we cannot accept are due to safety and needing the proper disposal method of hazardous materials.

Carbide Scraps: The Complex Compound

Carbide is a complex compound of both carbon and metal and has a wide range of versatility. One of its more prevalent properties is its extreme hardness. Because of this hardness, it can withstand a lot of pressure, but retain its shape. Carbide-tipped tools can be used to cut even diamonds!

A few other of carbide’s unique properties are high resistance to corrosion, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and high modulus of elasticity. Astro City can buy and sell carbide scrap in any form you have, from drill bits to anvils. Carbide is always in high demand and thus turns out great selling prices due to the scarcity of scrap for it.

There are a ton of different things that carbide can turn into once it’s been recycled. Such as surgical tools which can save lives. Thanks to carbide’s hardness, it can be sharpened beyond what steel or titanium can handle.

Carbide can also be found in jewelry, such as engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. Jewelers like working with carbide because of its hardness and the ability to mold and shape it to their liking. There are many other uses for carbide that can be found in everyday items. Its ability to mold and mend with other alloys and still retain its hardness makes it very appealing.

Identifying Carbide: The Spark Test

The most universal and simplest way to identify carbide is to conduct a spark test. If the spark yielded from the test is a short, very dark, red spark, then you most likely have carbide. Different metals emit different types of sparks as it is a chemical reaction.

It would be best if you also remembered that carbide is a very dense compound. When compared to something such as steel, you should keep in mind that carbide would weigh around twice as much as a similar-sized piece. These are just things to keep in mind when trying to differentiate between different metals for scrapping.

What Is Carbide Scrap Worth?

Keep in mind that scrap metal prices fluctuate daily because the market is always changing. Still, you can trust that when you come to Astro City, you get the best price guaranteed!

The reason the range of price is so drastic is that carbide is often mixed with other things, and you have to take that into account. Not all carbide scrap is the same, and thus the price will fluctuate. Give us a call before you stop by if you want to find out more about this!

The Green Reason: Why Recycle?

Recycling your scrap metal can not only put money in your pocket, but also help the planet! When you recycle your scrap metals, it means that the scraps won’t end up in a landfill. Scrap metal still has use, in that it can be remade, so it should never end up in a non-recyclable graveyard.

Also, when these things are left in a landfill, they can release different harmful gasses into the air and seep into the groundwater. That’s pollution on two different levels that can be stopped when you take part and recycle your scrap metal.

When you take part in recycling scrap metal, you help preserve resources that occur naturally in nature. You help preserve things that are not renewable or things that cost a lot both environmentally and fiscally. It takes a lot to mine for minerals and ores. It adds up to a lot of energy and greenhouse emissions that recycling doesn’t spend to reuse the resource.

Recycling scrap metal uses less water and energy than mining for new minerals and ores. So let’s all work together to give the world a helping hand. And hey, when you come to us, you can get top dollar in the process! It’s a win for everyone!

Astro City Scrap Metal Is The Place To Go!

At Astro City, we welcome any questions you might have in regards to scrapping. We look forward to seeing you come in and get top dollar for your scrap metal. You will always be met with quality service and friendly cheer.

Remember to take a look at our lists of acceptable and not acceptable things before you stop by. That way, you can get the best value for your haul! There is no better scrap metal yard around, so what are you waiting for?

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