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copper recycling prices 77009

Wondering how much copper recycling prices 77009 are? Astro City Scrap Metal is here to help. Let’s look at some common questions about scrap metal recycling.

copper recycling prices 77009

Scrap metal prices are based on market demand and type of metal

What are the current scrap metal prices?

First, it’s important to know that scrap metal prices frequently change because they are based on market demand. That’s why we suggest calling your local scrap yard and ask what the current average price paid for scrap is. That said, the prices listed below can give you an idea of what you may receive for your scrap.

Also, scrap dealers pay by the pound. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be paid by the scrap.

Copper: Pure copper can sell for $4.00 per pound or higher. However, if your scrap has a low copper content, your local scrap dealer may only pay you about 50 cents per pound.

Brass: Brass comes in yellow and red, and you can expect about $2.50 per pound for both. However, you will probably get paid slightly more for red brass.

Insulated wire: Prices depend on the type of wire. For example, a No. 10 wire can sell for around $4.00 or more per pound, while a No. 2 wire may only sell for about $1.50 per pound.

Aluminum: You’ll need a lot of aluminum scrap to make a decent profit. Think truckloads. Scrap dealers generally pay less than a dollar per pound for aluminum.

Why are copper recycling prices 77009 so high?

Copper is a fantastic, beloved metal. However, it’s in short supply. Per economics, high demand plus low availability means huge price markups.

Why is copper so popular?

Copper has so many fantastic and unique properties, so many industries consider it the metal of choice. You’ll find copper in the plumbing, electrical, culinary, and medical fields.

Best conductor

Electricians choose copper wire because it’s easy to install, and it’s the safest and most efficient conductor. That’s why most homes have copper electrical wires.

Copper is also popular in the kitchen because it heats very, very quickly. As a result, chefs can cook food faster and more efficiently.

Most sanitary

Did you know copper kills microbes and prevents bacterial growth? Medical companies are beginning to switch to copper surfaces because it reduces cleaning time and the amount of cleaner used each day.

However, copper’s antimicrobial superpower comes in handy in another place: your kitchen. Non-copper cookware allows bacteria to brew in scratches and dents. That won’t happen with copper cookware.

Strongest of the strong

Copper is incredibly durable and resistant. It takes many years of consistent use to break down copper products, so it’s one of the most reliable metals available.

Most reusable

Recycling copper won’t destroy any of copper’s valuable properties. Other metals can only be recycled a set number of times because they do lose properties each time they are recycled. Further, some metals cannot be recycled.

copper recycling prices 77009

Copper scrap can be found in pipes, cookware, insulated wires, and more

But you can’t find it

Gone are the copper mines. Closed are the factories. And with copper lasting as long as it does, slow are the copper products to return to the scrap yard.

Can’t we just mine more copper? You could, so long as you’re willing to do some high-pressure, underground blasting. Copper is not easy to get out of the ground anymore.

For all these reasons, copper recycling prices 77009 are very high.

It is worth recycling my scrap metal?

In almost every instance, yes! The best part about recycling scrap metal is that you get paid for it! It’s almost a too-good-to-be-true win-win.

Of course, the highest prices paid are for copper, but if you habitually collect your scrap metal, it all adds up. You can set aside a box in your garage or storage room for your metal scrap. Most metal scrap pieces Houston, TX, homeowners bring to their local scrap yard are small anyway.

Where can I find scrap metal?

Recyclable metals are all around you. Some common examples are electrical wires, plumbing connectors, pipes, pots, pans, faucets, nails, drill bits, screws, nuts, bolts, ovens, refrigerators, A/C units, radiators, and more.

But not all scrap metal is equal.

Scrap metal comes in two main categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are magnetic and usually not worth selling unless you have a ton of them. Non-ferrous metals are not magnetic, and in most cases, scrap yards will pay top prices for them.

Also, some scrap yards do not take ferrous metals. Since these are not that valuable and you likely won’t be getting your hands on ferrous metal anyway, we definitely recommend going to the scrap yard.

How do you tell which you have? It really is as easy as it sounds. See if a magnet sticks to your scrap metal.

If the magnet sticks to the metal, it’s ferrous. However, if the magnet falls off your metal, it’s non-ferrous, and you should consider selling it.

Common ferrous metals are steel and iron. Non-ferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminum, wires, etc.

copper recycling prices 77009

Call Astro City Scrap Metal for the latest copper recycling prices 77009

About Astro City Scrap Metal

We are the fastest-growing metal scrap yard serving Houston and surrounding areas. Astro City Scrap Metal buys, sells, and recycles all non-ferrous scrap metal.
We guarantee to give you the highest scrap metal prices.

Astro City Scrap Metal believes the customer comes first. Our friendly and efficient staff will unload, weight, and grade your metal, and you receive an on-the-spot cash offer.

Metals we accept and do not accept

Astro City Scrap Metal accepts all non-ferrous (non-magnetic) scrap metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, insulated wire, carbide scrap, radiators, alloys, most stainless steels, and more. We cannot accept ferrous (magnetic) metals, such as iron and steel. If you’re not sure whether you have a ferrous or non-ferrous metal, bring it by, and we will test it for free!

In addition, for safety and legal reasons, we cannot accept hazardous scrap like radioactive material, batteries, asbestos-contaminated scrap, mercury, A/C units with freon, etc. A full list of the items we cannot accept is available on our site.

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The next time you’d like to hear up-to-date copper recycling prices 77009, we hope you’ll give Astro City Scrap Metal a call.

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