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Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me doesn’t need to be stressful to find. At least, not when Astro City scrap metal yard is alive and well; you won’t need to stress!

At Astro City, we have everything you need to properly determine the price of your hard-earned scrap metal. You don’t want to take your metals to a shop that isn’t sure about the overall market price, that’s for sure.

Luckily, if you choose to go to Astro City, we will use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure you get the exact profit you deserve.

History of Harris County

When it comes to the many counties of the beautiful Greater Houston Area, Harris County is surely the biggest. It actually is the largest county within all of Texas and the fourth largest county within all of America!

The total 2019 population of Harris County was 4.713 million, just to give you an idea. Wow, that sure is a ton of people!

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Sell your metal to us at AstroCity!

In these millions of people, there are undoubtedly tons of people that will make their money through scraping metals. That’s where we come in to save the day!

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me Google searching will now be a thing of the past. Thanks to us here at Astro City scrap metal yard!

What’s So Special About Astro City?

With such a vast population throughout Harris County, it’s no wonder you’re likely thinking, “Why should I choose Astro City for my main provider in scrap metal services?”

For starters, we’ve been experienced in the business for years, and we have worked tirelessly to build the top-rated reputation we hold today. Furthermore, we have a genuine dedication to serving our customers with nothing but the top-dollar options for their metal.

We Accept Many Different Metals

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me hunting should not be the only time you come to Astro City. That’s right; we don’t just accept aluminum or certain metals, but so much more!

Here is a list of our accepted metals here at Astro City scrap metal:

  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Brass (both red and yellow)
  • Copper
  • Insulated wires
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Stainless steel
  • Radiators
  • Containers
  • Carbide inserts

As you can clearly see, we accept a plethora of diverse metals here at Astro City scrap metal. While we are quite transparent about the metals we can take, we are equally transparent with metals we cannot accept.

Unfortunately, we cannot take certain types of metals due to government, legal, and company regulations. After all, we want our customers and workers to be as safe as possible here at Astro City. The list of unaccepted items are:

  • Batteries
  • Beer kegs
  • Air conditioners with freon
  • Computers
  • Closed containers
  • Mercury-containing materials
  • Loaded bullets and shells
  • Metal powders
  • Materials that contain asbestos
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Print rollers with selenium
  • Radioactive materials
  • Cans
  • Glass

Wow, what a list! Once again, we truly don’t want to turn down your metals, and any reasons for doing so are due to regulations for the health and safety of both you, and us.

Aluminum: A Popular Recyclable Metal

While we accept plenty of different metals, aluminum must be one of our most popular and widely recyclable metal materials. Once aluminum is made, the metal can be metaled down and reshaped without losing any quality.

What’s more, the process can be done plenty of times with no repercussions to the overall quality of the aluminum.

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Recycling your metals could save you time, energy, and money.

Here at Astro City scrap metals, we will accept all your forms of recyclable aluminum. What this list includes is window frames, house siding, pots and pans, car rims, car radiators, and much more.

We carry outside scales that can properly weigh your metal materials, which ensures you get the most bang for your buck. Trust the professionals; there is nothing more painful to watch than someone get ripped off for their precious metals.

No more aimlessly searching for Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me because here at Astro City, we have everything you need to recycle your metals.

Why Recycle Aluminum?

If you’re somebody who is new to the art of recycling metal materials, you may be wondering why recycling aluminum is a game-changer. For starters, aluminum is a very sustainable metal, meaning it can continuously be recycled time after time, and there will be no loss of material quality.

Besides, scraping aluminum and other metals are significant income sources for multiple American industries. Who doesn’t’ want to help the country prosper while making money off the recyclable metals industry? Once the metal is recycled, its immediate purpose is to go into a newly manufactured recycled product.

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Come on by today!

Due to our ability to recycle important metals such as aluminum, the economic, community, and environmental benefits are endless. Plus, it also saves you time, energy, money, and, of course, the irreplaceable natural resources and raw materials gathered. Once it boils down to it, aluminum recycling, and any metal for that matter, is direly crucial to the health of our overall environment.

You shouldn’t have to put off the recycling of your metal materials any longer, at least not with us in town. Astro City scrap metal yard should be your primary trusted scrap metal yard in all of the Greater Houston Area. Not only do we care for you like family, but we have next-level machinery and technology to ensure top-notch payouts for your treasured metals.


Nobody should feel like they’re getting conned out of their hard-earned scrap metals, and now, with Astro City scrap metal, you don’t have to!

Scraping and recycling your beloved metals can genuinely make a difference when it comes to saving time, energy, money, and natural raw resources. We truly don’t have unlimited resources and natural elements here on earth, such as copper, aluminum, and our other accepted metals. The earth only has so much, so why not recycle the ones that are 100% easily recycled and repurposed?

Recycling your metals is one of the best ways to save money and to save our environment at the same time. Why not turn that hunk of metal trash in your garage into cold hard cash? Give us a call today; we’d love to discuss our shop further with you, (713)-697-2999.

Harris County TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me can be found at our door, at Astro City scrap metal yard!

Fun Facts of Harris County:

  • The county was originally founded in 1836.
  • Harris County is part of the Houston – The Woodlands – Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area.
  • The counties entire coverage spans 1,777 square miles!
  • For more fun facts, please visit their official website.