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Harris County TX brass recycling near me

Looking for a Harris County TX brass recycling near me? Then visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal! We are a scrap metal yard that helps the environment by recycling metal materials, and we help you by buying the scrap from you.  

Harris County TX brass recycling near me

Visit us to recycle the brass you have laying around

If you have been searching the Greater Houston area for a scrap yard, you may have found many. But we are the best one, and we will give you the best rate for your scrap metal. Many Houstonians might not be aware that they can recycle most metals. It is common to have scrap metal from projects and things like that. Instead of just throwing that metal away, bring it to us to be recycled. 

Almost everyone knows that recycling helps the environment, but most people are used to thinking about newspapers, clothes, and plastic when it comes to recycling. We want to change that narrative and let people know that they can recycle their metal materials as well. 

Though certain types of metal can be recycled, almost all of them can. If you are looking around your home for what metal can be recycled, an easy way to check is to use a magnet. If the metal sticks to a magnet, then it can be recycled. These kinds of metals are called non-ferrous metals, and they can be recycled.

If you need more information on metal scrap recycling, you can give us a call at any time, and we will be glad to answer your questions.  

What is Brass 

Brass itself is not an element you would find on the periodic table, but it is a common metal. The metal is made of 2 elements, zinc, and copper, with makes it an alloy, but it is still classified as its own metal. It is used in a lot of household appliances and industrial appliances. The most common types of brass are yellow and red brass, and both can be used for many different things.

You might see a lot of yellow brass being used for things like kitchen fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and the valves of industrial machines. Red brass is primarily used in plumbing. Both are quickly sold and can be remade to other things because brass is an alloy. 

Harris County TX brass recycling near me

Harris County TX brass recycling near me

In the yard, we have a machine that will help us with evaluating the piece of scrap. We use an X-Ray Fluorescence scanner. This will give us an accurate reading of the quality of the brass you are bringing in. Once we do this, we can go straight into weighing the material, giving you a rate, and handing you your payment. 

Visit us today to get the most out of your brass metal scraps.  

Brass recycling 

An unknown fact about brass scrap metal recycling is throughout the world, and the brass industry depends a lot on recycling. Because this specific material is an alloy, finding both new zinc and copper to make brass can be wasteful. We are trying to reduce the waste we produce and reuse what we already mined in any way. Brass is one of those industries that have to depend on recycling. 

So, if you have any red or yellow brass around your home that is not being used, bring it to us today. You will be doing the industry a huge favor, saving the planet, and making some extra cash.  

Brass Scrap Metal Prices 

In the scrab meta industry, we are known for having excellent quality prices. We want to give all of our customers the best metal price rate, and we do fulfill this goal. 

Something that may be new to you as a recycler is that scrap metal prices differ from state to state. In addition to that, the rate changes daily. There is usually an average rate that we get on a daily basis. For brass, the price rate starts from $1 and can go up to $2; it honestly depends on the day.

But you can rest assured that the rate that you will get with us is a great competitive rate. So bring in your brass scrab metal to Harris County TX brass recycling near me, and we will have an excellent rate for you. 

Scrab Metal to be Recycled 

Like it was said before, different metals can be recycled. Metals are categorized into two groups, and these groups are ferrous and non-ferrous. In the scrapyard industry, you will find most yards only accept non-ferrous metals. This is because they are more valuable in terms of price. More commonly known ferrous metals are steel and iron, and these are not always accepted everywhere.

Harris County TX brass recycling near me

We recycle all kinds of metals

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we ask for non-ferrous metals only. We have the equipment to recycle these metals correctly, and not only that, but you can make more money on these. 

In addition to not accepting ferrous metals, there are other scrap materials that we do not receive. These metals include air conditions containing freon, batteries, beer kegs, any combustible or flammable materials, glass, and more.   

Before you head towards us, make sure the scrap metal you are bringing will be accepted. To do this, view our complete list of what we do not accept or give us a call to double-check. 

Harris County TX brass recycling near me

In the United States, one of the biggest industries is scrap metal exports. This is because various industries use metal. Mining for these materials has also increased because of the amount of metal needed for these industries. By recycling scrap metal frequently, we can reduce the amount of mining required to meet the demand.

Recycling is also an easy way to make some extra on the side. Some people don’t know or even realize how valuable the scrap they have sitting in their garage is. By bringing that metal scrap to us at Astro City Scrap Metal, you can get make some money and help the planet; if you have some metal scrap bring it in today. We are a Harris County TX brass recycling near me.

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