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Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me

Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me is a search engine type of the past, now that Astro City is here for you.

With top-notch technology and expert staff, there’s no better scrap metal yard in all of Harris County. Summers coming up rather quickly, so why not turn some of that metal trash lying around into straight-up cash?

Harris County Background

The gorgeous and massive area of Harris County sure is growing by the day. With a population in 2019 recorded as 4.713 million individuals, that sure does mean plenty of folks who may need a local scrap yard sooner than later.

With this in mind, Astro City is here to change the Houston, Texas, metal scrap game. Countless individuals in The Greater Houston Area type Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me in their search engine too often. Why not make Astro City your local scrap yard?

Astro City: We Mean Business!

You’re likely wondering right about now, “Why should I make Astro City my go-to for metal recycling?”

Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me

Astro city takes care of all the scrap metal. So visit us today!

While this is an excellent question, it’s rather simple to answer. Here at Astro City, we take our scrap metal recycling very seriously. It sure is a livelihood for many of us, and it’s not an easy task, at that! We know what it’s like to scrap metal first-hand, and with that in mind, we understand the plights of you, our customers.

Furthermore, we only have the most knowledgeable staff members on-site to help determine the cost of your precious metals. Here in Houston, Texas, we sure do have plenty of people who rely on this business.

Because of this, we want to provide the best-of-the-best scrap services. What’s more, our list of accepted metals sure is a long one!

What Astro City Can Take Off Your Hands:

Here at Astro City scrap yard, we have a relatively extensive list of accepted metals. We sure do want to take as much as we can off your hands and exchange it for cold hard cash. Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me will soon be a historic Google search for you once you see how seriously we take the business.

For example, we accept the following metals in our yard:

As you can tell, we sure do take almost any metals, as long as they’re non-ferrous, of course!

The reasons why we don’t accept specific materials are due to governmental, legal, or company regulations and requirements. After all, we want our customers as well as our staff to be safe when handling all forms of metals.

What We Cannot Accept At Astro City:

While our list of accepted metals sure is high, we have a decent list of what we cannot accept. However, we have this list in place to ensure total safety for our employees and our clients.

Some items we can’t accept here at Astro City are as follows:

  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Beer kegs
  • Batteries
  • Closed containers
  • Computers
  • Air conditioners with freon
  • Materials that contain mercy or asbestos
  • Metal powders
  • Loaded bullets and shells
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Print rollers that contain selenium
  • Radioactive materials

Clearly, our list of non-accepted metals is reasonable.

Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me

Did you know that we strip wires as well?

Yet, we still want our customers to be fully aware of what our regulations are before stepping foot inside our facility.

Furthermore, we believe here at Astro City metal scrap yard that transparency and honesty are critical to a successful client-business relationship. No one wants to go trade their metals somewhere they feel tricked or lied to.

Fortunately, that is never the case here at Astro City. Why, not with our price guarantee, of course!

We Have a Houston Price Guarantee

Right here at Astro City scrap metal yard, we have a Houston price guarantee. For you, this means that you’ll never be quoted less than what your metals are worth on the market.

We consistently view the fluctuations of the metal market on a daily basis, and this is what helps us determine the worth of your metals. That, along with our expert staff members and our state-of-the-art element reading technology.

Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me can be found most trusted at Astro City. We say this with confidence because one of our methods used in determining your scrap metal worth is high-technology equipment.

Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me

Call or Visit us for scrap metal prices today.

The equipment includes a Positive Material Identification (PMI) and an Alloy Quality Control (QC). However, it doesn’t stop there; we also offer an X-Ray Fluorescence (XPF) scanner to give dependable analysis to your scrap metal items.

Most scrap metal yards in the city of Houston, Texas, cannot promise you the same accuracy of readings as we can at Astro City. It’s time to dip from the zeros and get with the hero’s of scrap metal; don’t continue to put it off any longer than you already have!

Summertime is coming up quickly, and there may be plenty of household items you don’t realize could be potential loads of cash. Instead of wondering, or worse, wasting away time not doing anything, why not just come on down to see our shop and ask what we can do for you?

You never know; that old brass kitchen sink in the basement could be worth something. Or, perhaps the wires in your old television, laptop, or radio could be copper-covered and potentially cash-valuable just sitting there.

There truly is only one way to find out, visit us at Astro City to know for sure!

To Conclude

There should be absolutely zero doubt in your mind when deciding where to bring your trusted scrap metals. Give us a call today to find out more or to ask our experts ask any questions, (713)-697-2999.

There’s nothing worse than trading your scrap metal for under dollar price. Here at Astro City scrap metal yards, we only give you what you’re worth, so you’ll never have to wonder!

Say goodbye to Harris County TX Scrap Metal For Cash Near Me on your Yahoo search, and hello to Astro City scrap yard!

Fun Facts of Harris County

  • The county was founded all the way back in 1836!
  • Harris County was official organized in 1837.
  • The county is the largest in all of Texas!
  • For more interesting and fun facts, please visit the official Harris County website.