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Harris County TX Scrap Yard

The perfect Harris County TX Scrap Yard is right here for you at Astro City scrap metal! There’s no reason to put off taking your precious scrap metal to the yard any longer.

This summer, do you really want to sit on a pile of old junk? Or, would you rather turn that so-called junk into cold hard cash? There’s no better option in The Greater Houston Area outside of our trusted professionals at Astro City!

Background of Harris County

Within The Greater Houston Area sits Harris County. Harris County is an absolutely beautiful county that many individuals call home. In fact, 4.713 million invidious call it home, wow!

Harris County TX Scrap Yard

Let us be your local scrap yard!

That sure is a ton of people, and with that amount of folks, there’s bound to be those looking to sell their hard-earned scrap metal. As a matter of fact, when’s the last time you’ve gone through an old garage or storage space to see what types of metal could be potentially hiding?

You could be sitting on an entire gold mine of metal and have no clue! Why, if you simply bring it down to Astro City Harris County TX Scrap Yard we could, without a shadow of a doubt, tell you what it’s worth.

What Makes Astro City the Best in Town?

Firstly, you’re probably wondering, “What in particular about Astro City scrap yards makes it so special when it comes to scraping?”

Well, we certainly know a thing or two about the scrap yard business. After all, we’ve been doing it for years now! You don’t get very far ahead in this business within The Greater Houston Area if you don’t have years of experience underneath your belt.

While we are expert scrapers ourselves, we certainly aren’t the ones doing the hard and dirty work of the scrapers. It can be an arduous task to scrap metal, and we want our customers to know we understand this. Our understanding of the difficulties and ability to empathize with our customers are things that certainly set us apart from the rest in the scrap metal yard business.

We Care About Our Customers

As mentioned above, we genuinely know what the metal scraping game is like, and for this reason, here at Astro City, we offer a Houston Price Guarantee!

Harris County TX Scrap Yard

Sell your aluminum to a scrap yard that will give you the most for it, with our team at Astro City!

The Houston price guarantee entails absolute top dollar for the metal items you bring in our yards for scraping. Meaning, we will only offer you the market value price for whatever metal it is you’re looking to scrap.

Because metal prices fluctuate every day, you would need to contact us to inquire on whatever particular day you bring in your metals. How many different Harris County TX Scrap Yard businesses can promise you the same?

Additionally, we prove we care about our customers deeply based on the state-of-the-art equipment we provide in the assessment of your metals. That’s correct; we only use the most accurate of readings from our equipment to determine the worth of your metal!

The X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanner we use here at Astro City gives highly dependable and elemental analysis. We certainly don’t want your metals to be sold to us at anything less than their full value. That’s why we use a Positive Material Identification (PMI), along with our Alloy Quality Control (QC).

If your local scrap yard doesn’t provide these technologies in the assessment of your metals worth, you could be dealing with a scrap yard that’s swindling you. Nobody wants to get paid less than what they’re owed, and with metals, we don’t think you should be underpaid.

After all, you put the work in to get all the metal; why not ensure its full value with a proper reading from our trusted machines? People may lie, but high-tech machinery  certainly does not.

We Accept Most Metals

Another wonderful reason why the scrap metal yard here at Astro City should be your go-to for all things metal scraping? Why, the long list of metals we accept, of course!

While we cannot accept certain types of metals due to government regulations, legal and business restrictions, we aren’t shy to let you know precisely what is accepted. Among the list of accepted metals are:

  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Brass (red & yellow)
  • Copper
  • Insulated wires
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Radiators
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbide inserts
  • Containers

Wow, with such a packed list, it’s hard to imagine that we don’t accept some metals, huh? In fact, we are extremely upfront about our non-accepted metals. We don’t believe that the best time to let you know is once you’re already down here; we thrive on transparency and honesty between our customers and us.

The list of non-accepted metals due to specific issues are:

  • Air conditioners that contain freon
  • Beer kegs
  • Batteries
  • Computers
  • Closed containers
  • Material that contains mercury
  • Loaded bullets and shells
  • Metal powders
  • Materials that contain asbestos
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Radioactive materials
  • Print rollers with selenium

While we pride ourselves in taking most of your treasured metals off your hands, we undoubtedly want you and our team members to both be safe in doing so.

Therefore, there are regulations such as these that are set into play when dealing with something as heavy-duty as metal scraping.

Harris County TX Scrap Yard hunting should no longer be another frequently Googled search on your phone. At least, not while Astro City is here for you and all your metals!

To Put It Simply…

Here at Astro City, we don’t just care about your metals; we care about you! Our customers who do the hard work of scraping the metal are our biggest priority. Why would you want to go to a metal scrap yard that has any other prerogative?

Harris County TX Scrap Yard

Turn that old brass into straight up cash.

We know you worked hard for your metals, so allow us to take the wheel and offer you nothing but top-dollar prices for your metal findings? Now that summertime is quickly approaching, perhaps you can take this time to find any metals lying around and spin that metal into gold!

Come on down, or give us a buzz, to see what we can do for you, (713)-697-2999.

Harris County TX Scrap Yard hunting is over, now that Astro City metal scrap yard is here for you!

Fun Facts of Harris County

  • It’s the third most populated county within all of Texas.
  • The county was initially founded in 1836.
  • Harris County is named after John Richardson Harris, who was one of the earlier settlers within the area.
  • For more fun facts, please view the Harris County official website.