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Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

If you are looking for a Houston TX aluminum scrap near me, then visit Astro City. It is important if you are looking for a scrap yard that you know the yard you are taking your scrap to. You want to be aware of what they do with the metal scrap and if they do what they say they do with it.

Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

Sell your aluminum to a scrap yard that will give you the most for it.

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we are very transparent with our clients and customers. To us is more than selling and buying the scrap metal that people have in their home or use for their businesses. It is all about how we can save some of the earth’s most precious and valuable resources from being over mined.

Though we are just one scrap yard, we know that we are making a difference in the overall system. And that is what we like for customers like you to know. You may not be aware of what it means to bring your scrap in, but we are happy to let you know. 

Take the time to read about the scrap metal that you want to bring in today. And find out why it is so helpful for us and others. Astro City Scrap Metal is the scrap yard that you need to come to. 

Astro City: A Scrap Yard Near You

 Since you are looking for an awesome scrap yard near you, we thought we should let you know who we are. Astro City Scrap Metal is a local scrap yard located in Houston, Texas. We are proud to say that we are located in one of the best cities. In addition to that, we are in a great location in downtown Houston.

Part of us being in this location is the space that we get to recycle the scrap you bring in. But we are glad because this location is near many Houstonians. So you can easily drive down to us, and we can buy your scrap for you.

Any business should have some practices or values that they stand by and makes them more unique than other competing businesses. We have serval practices that make us unique, and that keep clients coming back to us. One of these happens to be the rate at which we buy and sell metal scrap. 

Another trait that makes us unique is the quality with which we care and appreciate all of our customers and clients. Anyone coming in to sell their scrap metal is looking to be helped in a respectful manner. In addition, they also want to know that they are getting the best value out of what they are selling. 

We give all of our customers the great quality service that they deserve. They are what keeps us and our industry going. So to let them know that we are appreciative of their business, we always buy at the best competitive price.

To be a part of the great Astro City Scrap Metal experience, all you need to do is visit us. 

Aluminum Scrap 

You have heard of the metal called aluminum. It is a very known metal and is used in a variety of industries. You likely have something in your home, garage, or business made of this metal. There is also a chance that you are no longer using that item, and it is just collecting dust wherever it is. Did you know you could be making extra cash from that item?

Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

Bring things in like aluminum window frames to be recycled

There are several aluminum items that we can buy from you. If you have insulated wires that have aluminum on the inside, we can buy that from you. Pots and pans made of aluminum are just ss valuable.  

What we do with these items is recycle them. We can melt them down and put them in a cast to be sold again to companies that need this metal. This process of recycling is what keeps the metal industry going. So, take part in the process and bring your scrap to Astro City, Houston TX aluminum scrap near me.

Our Scrap Metal Prices 

The price for aluminum changes on an everyday basis. This is just the way the metal market works. Every morning we check the market for the prices of the metals that we buy and find the best competitive price, and that is what we use. 

So when you bring in your metal, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best price. 

Items we don’t accept 

You are bringing your scrap metal to our yard to be bought, so we want you to know what we can buy from you. Something that we like to make known to all of our customers and clients is that we are all about recycling and repurposing. We can make that happen if you bring the right metals items and products to be recycled. 

So, we have curated a list of items that we don’t accept. We don’t want to have to turn back any of our clients because they brought in something that we don’t recycle. The tools and machines that we have in house are what we will use to recycle the scraps you bring in.  

A reason that we don’t take these items is that there are some government rules and regulations that don’t allow us to accept these specific things. We want to make sure that we follow all the rules and make a change the best way we know how.

Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

The list of things that we don’t accept includes batteries, beer kegs, computers, glass, cans, metal powder, and the list goes on. You can find the full list on our website. So take a look at the list and bring in what you can today. 

Houston TX aluminum scrap near me

Astro City Scrap Metal should be the scrap yard you visit whenever you see metal scrap. Our yard is glad to accept all your aluminum scrap, buy it from you, and give you cash. Customer satisfaction stays a constant goal for us, and every day we accomplish it. We also buy other metals like brasscopper, and stainless steel. So, bring those in today.

Astro City Scrap Metal buys Houston TX aluminum scrap near me.

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