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Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me

Astro City Scrap Metal is a Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me. The greater Houston community is a scene for many industries that use metals. This means these industries are looking for a way to get their metals quickly. The easiest way to do that is when individuals and even businesses like you bring your metals to a scrap yard.

Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me

Sell your scrap aluminum to Astro City

If you have scrap aluminum, then you have found the right scrap yard. We specialize in recycling metals like aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. When you bring your metals in, you can get top dollar for them. 

Our scrap yard knows what it means to show our customers excellent customer service and gain their trust. By giving our clients the best rate for the metals they want to sell, we gain their trust and business. So bring your scrap metal to us today. If you have any questions about our metal buying works, give us a call or visit our location

Scrap Metal Recycling 

Two specific metals are popular to use and to recycle. These metals are copper and aluminum. Both of these metals are unique and have reasons for being the most used and recycled. The industries that rely on metals are usually building our creating products. Creating and building, we have to believe, is a delicate process that requires materials with specific qualities.  

Since we know that metals are the materials they are using, we have to ask what makes these metals the choice of these industries. Either way, we see that they use these metals and most likely use them a lot. So, because of this, we have to find a manner other than mining that they can get the metals they need

This is where recycling comes in. We know recycling is helpful for the earth, but why metals? Recycling metals reduces the amount of metals that are drilled from the earth. In addition, we don’t want metals to end up in our landfills or in places that they do not belong. This can disturb ecosystems.

So by recycling your scrap metal, you help the environment and get industries the supply of metal that they need at a faster rate. Visit us today to recycle your metals.  


Aluminum is one metal that we get a lot of. This metal is in rotation quite a lot, and many industries use it. It is a great conductor of heat and electricity, lightweight, and can be easily combined with other metals and elements to make products.

If you have aluminum, then bring it to Astro City, a Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me.

Other Scrap Metal we buy 

In addition to being able to buy the 2 more popular recycled and used metals, we also buy other metals. Metals that we buy are primarily non-ferrous metals. The reasoning behind choosing these metals is diverse and holds significance. 

HoustonThe Heights TX Scrap Metal Near Me TX copper wire price per pound

We also buy alloys and other non-ferrous scrap metals

When you think about metals and which ones are utilized the most, their qualities stand out. One of these qualities is malleability, or being able to change these metals very easily. Non-ferrous metals present a very strong malleability, and that means they can very easily be recycled.

When we take a metal, the most important thing is can it be recycled? Asking ourselves this question gave us the list of metals that we accept today. In addition, we also look at some of the rules and regulations provided by the city and state. But this did not disturb us that much since non-ferrous metals are very needed. 

With that being said, the metals that we accept include copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. In addition to these, our scrap yard also accepts carbide scrap, insulated wires, and alloy metals.

If you have any questions about the metals you can sell to our scrap yard, give us a call. Or drive down to our physical location, and we will be happy to examine the metal you have. 

Scrap Metal Pricing 

Something that we promise to all of our customers is the ability to make the most out of what they bring to be sold. Selling metal is all about the metal that you bring and the price of that metal. For customers looking for a scrap yard in the Houston, Texas area will notice that there are many of them. But that doesn’t mean all of them are going to give you the best price for the metal you bring. 

Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me

Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me

Set apart the time to look at the pricing in these other scrap yards and notice that all of them might have an average price range. The market for the metal is different because it changes on a daily basis. Prices do no stay the same, and the way scrap yards sometimes choose their price is by picking the average for the day. 

At Astro City, choosing the average is not what we do. Our scrap yard looks at the highest competitive price, and that is what we pick. By doing this, we guarantee our clients and customers the most for the metal they bring in.

So consider bringing your aluminum and your other scrap metal to us today! We guarantee that you will be happy with the prices. 

Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me

Astro City is a trusted scrap metal yard. Customers come because they know the service they get when they come in. This is what got us and continues to make us one of the best scrap yards in the Greater Houston area. Because of customers like you who trust us with buying and recycling your metal, we continue to grow.

We are proud to say that we are one of the biggest non-ferrous metal scrap yards in Houston. We are experienced with recycling, so you can rest assured that not only will you be getting the most money for your scrap, but the metal will be handled correctly. 

Houston TX aluminum scrap yard near me is Astro City Scrap Metal. 

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