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Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices

Are you exhausted looking all over for Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices that pay off? Well, now you don’t need to any longer, not with Astro City’s scrap yard here for you and your metals!

We accept most non-ferrous metals and pay you top dollar prices for your beloved metal. So stop waiting around for cash to make itself, and scrap some metal with us today!

History of Houston

The wonderful city of Houston, Texas, sure is a Southern town staple. It’s famous for many things, but for the most part, it’s known for its growing population.

According to the U.S. census bureau of 2019, Houston is home to 2.31 million residents. That sure is a lot of individuals who are more than likely looking to scrap metal at some point.

Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices

No one knows scrap metal like we do here at Astro City.

If you are a citizen of The Greater Houston Area, you may find it challenging to locate a local scrap yard. After all, you can’t trust just any scrap yard in Houston.

But luckily, Astro City scrap metal yard is here to save the day. With unbeatable rates for your metal, we are the number one Houston scrap metal buyer.

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, no other business can compete with our professionalism, rates, and customer service.

Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices are lower than low with the professionals at Astro City!

The Benefits of Choosing Astro City Are Endless!

While there may be alternative paid by scrap yards here in Houston, they sure don’t compete when it comes to the sheer number of benefits Astro City has to offer.

Allow us to walk you through what makes us the best scrap metal yard in all The Greater Houston Area!

Astro City: Customer Service Kings

First and foremost, we are 100% customer service professionals! Here at Astro City, we treat our customers like family because we understand the plights and difficulties in working in this industry.

Scraping metal is certainly not a job for the weak, which is why we ensure to pay you top dollar for all your scrap metal items brought into our yard.

Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices

Talk to our professionals today!

Furthermore, our knowledgeable staff members will help you free of charge determine the specific metals you bring in. That’s correct; we’re here to help you get precisely what you deserve.

Many scrap metal yards can’t relate to the struggle of their customers, but not us! We fully intend to give you only the most for your hard-earned scrap metal.

Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices won’t be better anywhere else, but Astro City scrap metal yard!

We Accept Almost All Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals

Another excellent pro to choosing Astro City scrap metal for your predominant scrap yard? We accept such a large plethora of metals, including:

As you can see, we accept tons of different variations of metals here at Astro City scrap metal yard. While we’re incredibly transparent and upfront about the kinds of metals we love to accept, we’re equally transparent about the metals we can’t accept.

Sadly, we can’t take in all of your precious metals. For example, we cannot accept aluminum cans here at Astro City, but along with that, we have to turn down the following:

  • Batteries
  • Air condoners with Freon
  • Beer kegs
  • Computers
  • Closed containers
  • Materials that contain radioactive material, asbestos, or mercury
  • Loaded bullet & shells
  • Metal powders
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Print rollers with selenium
  • Cans
  • Glass

The reason we have set in place for needing to turn these particular items away isn’t our own. We want our customers as well as our staff to be 100% safe when in our yard, and these materials pose as a potential health hazard for both.

What’s more, there are government, legal, and company regulations that forbid the acceptance of these materials. But lucky for you, we accept tons of other materials!

We Pay Our Customers Top Dollar and Nothing Less

Another excellent reason why we are the best in Houston? We refuse to pay you less than market value for your metal items. At Astro City, we offer a Houston Price Guarantee, meaning we will never undersell your metals.

Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices

Astro City utilizes the best technology around.

Since the market involving metals is certainly subject to fluctuation on a daily basis, we only go off of those reads for your metal compensation.

Along with our incredible and knowledgeable staff members, we also use high-technology equipment to determine the worth of your metal.

What other yard in The Greater Houston Area can say the same? Here at Astro City scrap metal yard, we have an X-Ray Fluorescence (XPF) scanner, an Alloy Quality Control (QC), and a Positive Material Identification (PMI).

With these fantastic state-of-the-art equipment in our possession, there’s nothing in the way for you to get rewarded heavily for your metals!

Why You Should Sell Us Your Aluminum

Aluminum is certainly one of the most recyclable of all elemental materials. Since it’s very complex to make aluminum from raw materials, it’s heavily recycled and repurposed.

However, aluminum sure is incredible because once it’s melted down and reformed, it doesn’t lose its quality! That sure is a superpower for a metal to have.

Aluminum is also very easy to find, even in household items. Items range from house sidings, pots & pans, car rims, window frames, car radiators, and so much more.

Come to Astro City scrap metal yard and discover Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices that are out of this world.

To Conclude

At Astro City, we don’t just care about your metal, but we care about you. The metal scraping business sure can be unforgivable, which is why you absolutely deserve to get paid top dollar for your hard work.

Why sit around this summer and wait for your money to grow on trees when you could be sitting on a perfectly good pile of metal? You never know until you stop by and see, and here at Astro City, we love walk-ins.

Give us a buzz today to see how we can turn your metal into cold hard cash, (713)-697-2999. Houston TX Aluminum Wheel Recycling Prices are top-notch when you come to Astro City’s scrap metal yard for your metal trading purposes!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • The Houston Rockets were the winners of the NBA Championship in 1994 and also 1995!
  • Houston covers a whopping 665 square miles.
  • The Greater Houston Area is the most diverse metropolitan area in the US ethnically.
  • For more fun facts, please visit their official website!