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Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices have never been better than with us, right here at Astro City’s scrap metal yard!

The summer is coming up rather quickly, so why not have a little extra spending money for when it arrives? Make investments today with Astro City to help you out in the future!

Background of Houston

Oh, good old Houston, Texas. Who doesn’t know about us? After all, we sure do make a name for ourselves here in the Lone Star state.

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices

Bring your metals to us, at Astro City!

We’re known for bustling cities, incredible food, and even better culture. Additionally, we’re the humble birthplace of the space center, Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion. We’re definitely world-renowned, to say the very least!

What’s not quite known yet, is the scrap yards in Houston. However, that’s all about to change! Now that Astro City’s scrap metal yard is here for you, you’ll never go to a different Houston scrap yard again.

We accept all kinds of scrap metal and do paid by scrap transactions. But we both buy and sell metals! One could say we’re the one-stop metal shop. Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices cannot be found at better rates than with us, at Astro City!

What’s So Great About Aluminum?

Ah, aluminum, what a treasured element in the scrap metal business. In addition to being a very sought-after material for scraping, there are actually many variations of aluminum.

It’s important to verse yourself on the kinds so you can properly trade them for exactly what they’re worth.

Aluminum Types:

For starters, you have sheet aluminum. What falls into this category of aluminum is materials such as lawn chairs without webbing, a few lighter gauge pots and pans, window frames with minimal amounts of steel and plastic attached, and MC cable jacketing. Many of these are household finds and can rack up the dough if you take it in to trade for cash!

The second form of aluminum is cast aluminum. This type of aluminum can be discovered in BBQ grills (Houston has plenty of those!), molds from particular applications, or even larger light pole bases.

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices sure are as profitable as can be with us at Astro City!

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices

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Next, we have dirty aluminum. This isn’t a knock at the particular aluminum; it truly is dirty. It involves materials that have steel, plastic, or rubber attached to it.

Even steel bolts jutting through the aluminum would classify it as dirty aluminum. Clean aluminum pays far higher, as expected than dirty aluminum.

Furthermore, we have aluminum cans. Unfortunately, this is a type of aluminum that pays very little, and we do not accept it here at Astro City.

Aluminum gutters and sliding are next, and these are generally obtained by roofers and contractors. While initially easy to find along residential buildings, the want for this material is lessening. Vinyl sidings are the favored option nowadays, which reduces the potential for aluminum to be on typical homes.

Aluminum wire is another beautiful form of aluminum one can scrap for cash. When pulling wires and cables out, you’ll see that a lot of them are covered in what looks like copper.

Alas, it is not! As long as the material isn’t magnetic, it’s aluminum for sure; and can get traded in as such.

So, Why Astro City?

With all of this newfound knowledge on aluminum, you may be wondering why you should take the precious materials to our scrap metal yard, Astro City.

For a few reasons, we are the best in Houston scrap metal. Firstly, we take great pride in customer service. We understand what the scrap world is like because we ourselves are part of the scrap community.

Alternatively, we have a large selection of metals that we accept.

Metals We Accept at Astro City

There are many different metals we can accept here at our scrap yard. We accept almost all non-ferrous metals; for example, we will take the following off your hands:

What a lengthy list of metals! We truly will accept any of your metals that you have to offer- as long as they are non-ferrous, of course.

While we are fully transparent about what we do accept, we are equally upfront about the metals we cannot take here at Astro City. On our list of non-accepted metals, we have:

  • Batteries
  • Air conditioners with Freon
  • Beer kegs
  • Closed containers
  • Computers
  • Materials that have mercury, radioactive materials, or asbestos
  • Loaded bullets and shells
  • Metal powders
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Print rollers with selenium
  • Cans
  • Glass

While it is sad we must turn away customers with these particular materials, it is for a good reason we must do so. We care about our customers and staff’s safety, so we have to turn away these particular materials because of legal, governmental, or company issues.

However, we certainly do have a large number of metals we can accept!

We Have a Houston Price Guarantee

Furthermore, we have a Houston price guarantee with any metals we accept from you. What this means, in particular, is that we have a 100% guarantee you’ll receive total value for your metals.

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices

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We only pay the top rate for your metals because we understand how difficult it is to find your metals and scrap them. Plus, we use the daily fluctuating prices of the metal market to determine their worth. Since the prices of metal are subject to change depending on the day, we ensure to stay well informed on the current pricing.

What’s more, we also have state-of-the-art equipment to fully test your metals, so you get all it’s worth. Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices are top-notch when you come to Astro City’s scrap metal yard!


If you have any old household items that you think are scrap-able, bring them on down to Astro City’s scrap metal yard.

We have the staff and the high-technology equipment to determine the worth of your metals better than anyone else. Why don’t you give us a buzz, we’d love to answer any questions you may have, (713)-697-2999.

Houston TX Cast Aluminum Prices can be found right here at Astro City’s scrap metal yard!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houston was founded in 1836.
  • The Greater Houston Area is one of the most ethnically diverse metropolitan ares within the United States!
  • The size of Houston is 665 square miles.
  • For more fun facts about Houston, please visit their official website.