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Houston TX copper price per pound

If you’re trying to find the best Houston TX copper price per pound, Astro City Scrap Metal can help you out. We accept copper and other non-ferrous metals, and we guarantee to meet or beat our competitors’ prices.

Houston TX copper price per pound

Astro City Scrap Metal will give you the best Houston TX copper price per pound

What types of scrap metal do you buy?

Astro City Scrap Metal is a metal recycling scrap yard in Houston, Texas. We accept all non-ferrous metals–metals that are not magnetic.

We buy and sell most scrap metals, such as aluminum, most stainless steel, brass, copper, insulated wires, alloys, carbide scraps, and more. Examples of products that contain these metals are faucets, certain plumbing fixtures, electrical wires, silverware, drill bits, radiators, pots, and pans.

Is there any type of metal you don’t accept?

We cannot accept ferrous metals, which are metals that are magnetic. The easiest way to tell if you have a ferrous, or magnetic, metal is to perform a magnet test.

Place any magnet, even that one from Vegas that your mother-in-law gave you, on the metal. If it doesn’t stick, it’s non-ferrous, and we’ll happily take it! If it sticks, unfortunately, it is ferrous, and we cannot take it.

In addition, we cannot accept certain metals for legal or safety reasons. These include radioactive materials, batteries, air conditioners with freon, computers, beer kegs, glass, closed containers, flammable or combustible metals, etc. You can view the complete list of metals we do not accept on our website.

Houston TX copper price per pound

Astro City Scrap Metal cannot accept ferrous (magnetic) metals

What is a ferrous metal?

Although ferrous is the scientific word for iron, a non-ferrous metal can contain iron. Unfortunately, the classification “ferrous” isn’t entirely based on whether a metal contains iron.

Stainless steel is a good example. While most stainless steel you come across will be non-ferrous, some kinds of stainless steel are ferrous. This is because stainless steel can be made in multiple ways, and each type has its own magnetic properties.

The best way to think of ferrous versus non-ferrous is in terms of magnetic. If it’s magnetic, it’s ferrous. If it’s not, it’s non-ferrous.

What if I don’t know whether my metal is ferrous or non-ferrous?

You could try the magnet test. However, at Astro City Scrap Metal, we know you have better things to do than to see if a magnet sticks to your metal scraps.

That’s why we encourage you to bring us any scrap metal that you are unsure about. We will test it for you for free, and if it’s non-ferrous, we’ll give you the best price for it.

What is the Houston TX copper price per pound?

Scrap metal prices are based on the kind of metal you are selling. Some metals are in higher demand than others, so they will sell for more.

Copper is considered the most valuable scrap metal, and you will get the highest prices for copper scrap. It can easily reach $4.00 per pound. Brass is another valuable scrap metal that can be worth around $2.50 ore more per pound.

Electrical wire prices are based on the type of wire. Some wires will sell for almost $4.00 per pound, while others are much lower at $1.50 or so per pound.

Why is copper worth so much?

First, it’s important to know that copper scrap prices can vary quite a bit, anywhere from $0.50 to $4.00 per pound. The purer and thicker the copper is, the higher the price will be.

Now, let’s look at why copper is considered so valuable.

Houston TX copper price per pound

Copper can be used for many purposes, but it is not as available as it once was

It’s is not as readily available as it once was

Copper wasn’t always worth what it is today. That’s because the current availability is low. These days, few copper factories are open, and many copper mines are no longer operating.

Further, miners are no longer able to get copper using traditional methods. Mining companies would need to use some powerful, controversial methods to obtain more copper. One approach, for example, would be to fracture the rock, like oil and gas operators do.

Copper can be used for many reasons

From electrical wires to cookware, copper is used in so many applications. It is a great conductor, prevents bacterial growth, and it’s durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. No wonder it’s so popular!

But because demand is so high and availability is low, prices have surged. And that’s why your local scrap yard will have a higher Houston TX copper price per pound.

Can I melt my pennies to get copper?

The short answer is, you may not melt copper pennies for the sole purpose of selling the copper. If, however, you plan to make a piece of jewelry for yourself or squish the penny at a theme park for a quick memento, then yes, melt away!

However, there are some interesting pointers to know on this topic. Let’s look at a few of them.

Not all pennies are equal

Pennies made before 1982 have a ton of copper and, if melted down, would be worth quite a lot. However, pennies made after 1982 would not really get you far. Today, the penny is made primarily from zinc.

You can’t take that box of pennies out of state

Because the government is trying to prevent people from selling pennies for copper, it is illegal to transport more than $5.00 in pennies between states. How this is enforced, though, is a good question.

You can melt them for your own entertainment

If you want to melt down your pennies to make a ring, feel free! If you’d like to re-line your copper cookware with those pennies, have at! It’s only illegal to sell copper melted from pennies.

It would be a mistake to melt them anyway

Pennies speak for themselves. A metal expert can look at a penny, read the date, and quickly verify its worth. However, if you bring a melted pot pennies to an expert, it’s unlikely that they would be easily able to determine its value, and you won’t make money selling it.

Overall, melting pennies for copper is not a good idea. There are other sources of copper out there that can be legally and quickly sold.

Astro City Scrap Metal is your local scrap yard

The next time you’re looking for an unbeatable Houston TX copper price per pound, we hope you’ll call Astro City Scrap Metal for the best prices, guaranteed.

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