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Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me

Are you searching for the best Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me, consider Astro City Scrap Metal, one of Houston’s largest non-ferrous scrapyards! Since 1984, we have been in the business of recycling metals and giving customers the fairest prices for their scrap.

Astro City Scrap Metal takes non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, and alloys. We also accept stainless steel. Our customers bring in loads that contain scrap metal of all shapes and sizes, from wiring to large appliances. If you are unsure what type of metal you have, our team will use advanced equipment to determine its type.

Recycling metal scrap isn’t just about putting a little extra cash in your wallet. In fact, it has amazing benefits for the planet as well. Recycling metals means that thousands of tons of appliances and wiring are not ending up in the landfill.

Moreover, refining and recycling metal is proven to use 80-90% less electricity than mining metals from the Earth. Bring your scrap to Astro City Scrap Metal, and we will give you the best prices in Houston!

Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me

Trust Astro City with all your metal scrapping needs.

A Brief History of Copper

Copper has been used in civilizations throughout the world for thousands of years. In the aftermath of the Stone Age, copper became a desirable metal to use for weapons, household items, and agricultural tools. Furthermore, advancements in technology brought along by copper caused an explosion of growth throughout the known world.

Copper offered communities of all sizes and cultures the opportunity to ensure safety, security, and way of life. Additionally, at the same time, less-developed tribes and nations fell victim to the territorial ambitions of those with superior copper weaponry.

Simply put, copper is a non-ferrous metal which means it contains zero iron and is highly resistant to corrosion. Non-ferrous metals include copper, aluminum, brass, and alloys. Additionally, copper is highly conductive, which means it is often used in electrical wiring.

If a piece of copper has been contaminated with other metals like zinc or tin, it loses its conductivity. As a result, it either must be used for other purposes or be refined back to its purified state so that it regains its conductivity rating. The copper that is not suited for wiring is often used for pipes and roofing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me:

How much is copper worth per pound?

The price of copper varies day to day. Our prices at Astro City are based upon the current market prices as well as a series of other factors. You can find our current list of copper prices by visiting our website.

This list of pricing is updated daily before 10 am, then as the market changes. To ensure you know what you will be paid for your copper scrap, please check back to our website pricing list throughout the day before you come to visit our scrap yard.

Our facility is equipped with two scales that are always calibrated to register the weight of your scrap accurately. Furthermore, our team works hard to get you through the line fast by using one scale as a quick lane. Customers with three items or less will use this lane during our busiest times.

Astro City Scrap Metal strives to offer each customer the best price for their scrap. Once we have determined the type of copper and its weight, you can expect to receive competitive pay for your scrap. Furthermore, when you bring your scrap to our facility, know you are getting the best prices in Houston.

Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me

If you’re an electrician, you can receive a complimentary wire stripping service!

How to easily strip a copper wire for scrap?

Like all wires, copper wire is available in many different gauges. Furthermore, you can easily strip your wires at home prior to bringing them to our scrap yard. The first step is to purchase a simple wire stripping tool which can be found at most hardware stores.

This tool looks like a pair of pliers, except it has notches cut into the pincers. Each notch fits a different gauge of wire. When you clamp the tool down over the wire, it cuts through the insulation and allows for quick stripping of the wires.

If you are an electrician, come to Astro City Scrap Metal for your free wire stripping service. Furthermore, we know you likely have hundreds of pounds of wiring that would take too much time for you to strip yourself; ask about our wire stripping service. So, come on by and let us give you a hand, free of charge!

How to test a metal to determine if it is copper?

If you are unsure what type of metal you have, there are several ways to determine whether it is copper. For example, the easiest way to do this is to create a simple hydrochloric acid solution from table salt and vinegar.

Take a small towel or rag and wipe a small portion of the solution over the metal. If you begin to notice the metal is oxidizing or taking on a gr
Trust Astro City with all your metal scrapping needs.
greenish tint, there is a high probability that it is copper.

If you need assistance determining what kind of scrap you have, bring it to Astro City! We have equipment scanners that we use to accurately determine the type of metal and how much you will be paid for it.

Where and how do I sell scrap?

The answer is simple! Bring your scrap metal to Astro City Scrap Metal yard! Just bring it in and let our crew handle the rest. We will measure, evaluate, and weigh the scrap. Then, we will offer you a competitive rate for it.

Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me

Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me

Copper is very valuable in today’s metal markets. Your search for Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me starts with Astro City. Sell us your copper today!

For more information about the metals we accept and do not accept, or to find our location, visit our website! Furthermore, you can also give our office a call prior to coming in if you have any questions. Bring your copper to the best Houston TX Copper Recycling Center Near Me!

Houston, TX Fun Facts:

  • There is an underground tunnel system located beneath Downtown Houston.
  • Houston is represented by four professional sports teams: the Astros, Texans, Dynamo, and Rockets.
  • There are about ten thousand restaurants in the city.
  • For more information about Houston, TX, visit our website!