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Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

Find the best Houston TX copper recycling prices near me at Astro City Scrap Metal. If you have scrap metal around and you have been looking for a way to get rid of it, then visit us. We are happy to buy it from you so that you make some money off it is.

Then we will do the best thing that we know to do, which is recycle. Our company is taking copper scrap from individuals and businesses. We promise that what you bring in will be bought from you at the best rate of the day.   

So, what are you waiting for? Sell your scrap metal at Astro City Scrap Metal today!

The Best Scrap Yard in Houston

How do you decide which scrap yard to go to? There are many yards in Houston, Texas, but when it comes to recycling and getting the best prices paid by scrap, there is only one yard to consider. Astro City is the best scrap yard in Houston.

Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

Visit us with your scrap metal today

We have employees that are committed to doing their part in saving metals that are in the earth. Our company understands what it means to recycle metal and why it is so important. Because we know this, it is a fact that we take our job more seriously.

The metal that we buy is always recycled and repurposed. We also sell back the recycled metals to the various companies that need the material. This is extremely helpful to them because they can buy it at the rate of the day as well. 

We encourage you as an individual to recycle any metal you have. We have a list of metals that you can bring when you visit our location. View this list and bring what you have today!

Copper Metal 

Copper is a metal that is widely used throughout the world and in several different industries. It is one f those metals that man has been using and is accustomed to using. It has been around for over 10,000 years. So you can say that copper is a metal that we are familiar with. 

Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

Bring your copper to be recycled today

At Astro City, we are also very familiar with copper. We know how useful it is and how needed it is for many businesses and industries. This is why we implore individuals and big companies to bring in their copper. It is a metal that we like to recycle because it can very easily be repurposed. 

Learn more about copper and why you should bring your copper scrap metal in to be recycled.  

What makes Copper so valuable 

As stated before, copper is used in a number of industries. It says constantly high demand because of this. But what makes this metal so valuable? 

Copper is a non-ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metals have a long list of properties and qualities that make them appeal to many industries. For example, they are erosion-resistant, easy to mold or make into something else, strong thermal and electric conductivity, and it’s not heavy. 

A number of these qualities are needed when construction is being done or in making jewelry and fixtures for the kitchen. That is why it is highly sought after. Copper is constantly being mined. It is in our best interest to find ways to save some of the resources in the earth.

The best way to do that is to recycle the metals that we have already mined. So, if you do have copper in your home, garage, or business, you bring it to be recycled in a local scrap yard, like Astro City.

Copper scrap metal prices 

You are coming into our establishment not only to recycle what you brought in but also to make some cash off. So we are going to give you the best possible rate for the day when you come in. 

Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

The way selling and buying scrap metal works is, we examine your metal and establish what it is. Once we do that, we also take a look at the quality of the metal. Quality does matter. If you bring good quality copper, you are sure to get the best value off it.  

There is a specific machine that we use that examines the quality of the metal. The X-ray Fluorescence scanner gives us an analysis of your metal, and we can then move on to the next steps. 

The price of any and all scrap is determined by the pound. So, we take your metal and put it on a scale and measure it. This weight is what we take and multiply with the rate of the metal for that day. The price per pound changes every day. So depending on the day you come at, the price is sure to be different.

But at Astro City, we always make sure that we give our customers the best rate at all times. So visit us today, and we will be glad to buy your copper.

We accept other scrap metal 

Because we are a metal scrap yard, we do accept other metals in addition to copper. It is essential to note that there are some metals and items that we do not accept for certain reasons. We like to recycle the materials we know we have the machines for.

With that being said, there is a full list of what we don’t accept. This is so you don’t come in and are turned back because we can’t recycle what you brought in. The metals we accept include copper, alloysaluminumbrass, and brass shells. In addition to these, we also accept steel and insulated wire. 

If you have any of these lying around, bring them in today. We will buy them off you for the best Houston TX copper recycling prices near me and give you cash.

Houston TX copper recycling prices near me

If you are in the Greater Houston area and need to sell your scrap metal, do so today. Astro City has great Houston TX copper recycling prices near me.

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