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Houston TX Copper Salvage Price

Find the Houston TX copper salvage price for the day at Astro City Scrap Metal. Have you just finished a home project that required you to use some copper? Or do you work in an environment and industry that requires you to deal with copper? If you have some salvaged copper, sell it to us at Astro City Scrap Metal today.

You can sell your copper salvage and earn some extra cash. By choosing to sell you salvage copper, you decide to help your environment and the metal industry. At Astro City, we make a couple of guarantees to all of our customers that focus on the price you can get for your scrap metal.

To find out more information about what we are guaranteeing you and all our customers and clients read more. You can also call us with any questions regarding how we sell scrap metal. Don’t hesitate to bring your salvage copper to the best metal scrap yard in Houston, Astro City Scrap Metal

More about Astro City 

Astro City has been around for over 20 years. We have been situated and have developed ourselves into the best scrap yard in Houston, Texas. Over the years, we have come to realize many positive things that have helped us and allowed us to grow.

One of those things is how we value and treat our customers. It’s easy to get lost in the business side of a transition and lose focus on the human side. But we have not done that. Our customers and clients all across the Houston area are our number one priority. You are the reason we have become who we are today. 

Houston TX copper salvage price

Houston TX copper salvage price

The way we value and treat our customers, no matter how long they spend with us, is essential. It proves to the customer that we are serious about their business and even that we understand what we are doing.

There are several other local scrap yards in Houston, but we are determined that Astro City will be the one that customers like you think of first when you want to recycle your leftover metal material. We choose to stand out always in everything that we do. Including the way we run our scrap yard, what we accept, the prices that we give, and lastly, how we treat you!

So, visit us today. Astro City scrap metal experts are ready to assist you with selling and recycling your scrap metal. 

Get Paid By Scrap 

Astro City has made a promise and a guarantee to every customer and client that comes through our doors. This guarantee is that you will get the highest scrap metal prices in the city when you walk or drive in to sell your scrap metal. 

Our goal is to always have the highest price. We understand that metal is a valuable object and material. When you bought it, it cost you some money. So, when you sell it back, you should get some money back. The way this works is you bring in your scrap, and we give you the highest market price per pound, or we match any of our competitor’s offers. 

This is to prove to you that we know that this material is of value to you and us. Once we take your scrap, we can weigh it and calculate the money to give you through that. So, bring in your scrap for the best Houston TX copper salvage price.

Recycle Copper 

Your copper salvage is of value. This may or may not be your first time selling copper; either way, that is fine. The importance of selling scrap copper metal lies in the importance of recycling copper. 

You may have noticed that copper metal is a material that is heavily used. This metal means something for all these industries. The properties that it holds allow for it to stand out among other metals. Copper is a good conductor for heat and electricity; it is strong and durable, it can withstand being molded into different things, and it can be done quickly.

Houston TX Nearest Copper Recycling Center

Bring your copper salvage to Astro City, where you’ll get the best prices

All these qualities are what the different industries that use copper need from a material. So, the next time you see a product made of copper, remember all the qualities that it possesses. It is because of this that we do need to recycle copper.

Since we use it so much, we need to find a way to keep what we have mined in rotation a little longer. The best way to do that is by recycling copper. 

Recycle Copper Insulated Wire

As stated before, we make sure that we stand out from all the other scrap yards in the city. A way that we do that is through what we accept. For many scrap yards, they do not allow things like wires and cables to be brought by their customers. This might be for many reasons, like not having the equipment to recycle those objects. 

We want to let you know that we are not like those other scrap metal yards. Astro City has the necessary tools, machines, and equipment to recycle your copper wires and cables. So, we do accept bare copper wires and insulated copper wires

Houston TX sellHouston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling brass scrap

We also buy copper wire salvage at an amazing price

This might be good news for you to hear. Like we established before, copper is a material that is heavily sourced after and utilized. There are so many different uses for this one metal. So, people like electricians have established this and can use copper in the form of wires and cables.

These wires run through homes, buildings, and much more. But sometimes, the copper in an insulated wire needs to be changed. During this process, electricians will take the wire through a process called wire stripping. Once they have done that, they can change the old copper wire to a new one. Furthermore, they can also sell the old copper wire and have it recycled. 

If you are an electrician that has some copper wires or cables that you need to discard or want to change and don’t have the tools to remove the insulation around the wire, we can do it for you. This service will be of no extra charge to you, and we will still buy your copper wire. 

Visit us today to get this service. 

Houston TX copper salvage price

If you have copper from a project or for any other reason, consider selling it to us at Astro City Scrap Metal. You will get the best Houston TX copper salvage price.

Facts about Houston Tx

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