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Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

If you are looking for Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling services, consider bringing your copper to Astro City Scrap Metal. We have been in business since 1984 and, since that time, has grown to be one of Houston’s largest scrap yards. Additionally, we have earned the loyalty of our customers due to our honest and integrity-filled service.

Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

One of the most common sources of copper scrap is electrical wire

Astro City accepts non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, and alloys. The term ‘non-ferrous’ means that the metal has zero traces of iron and is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. This is what makes these metals so desirable in the recycling community. It is also why they go for a higher price than metals that contain iron. The only exception to our non-ferrous policy is stainless steel.

There are numerous benefits to recycling rather than just throwing out your metal scrap. Not only does recycling your scrap put extra cash in your wallet, but it also helps protect planet Earth. We should not underestimate the environmental impact of recycling.

Research has shown that refining recycled metals uses 80-90% less electricity than mining metals from the Earth. Additionally, bringing your metals to a scrap yard ensures they do not end up in a landfill. Rest assured bringing your scrap copper metal to Astro City is the right decision. Put some extra cash in your pocket and help protect the planet at the same time. Astro City is the right place to be when you want to see your scrap metal put to good use.

A Quick Introduction to Copper

Copper has been used by many civilizations in the past several thousand years. After the end of the Stone Age, countless tribes and nations adopted the use of copper for weapons, agricultural tools, and household items. The beginning moments of copper usage was a defining moment in history because it gave societies the ability to secure their safety and way of life. Those kingdoms that had not yet adopted the use of copper were bound to succumb to the territorial ambitions of these more advanced opponents.

Common Questions about Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling:

Is copper a renewable resource?

Copper is not a renewable resource. This means that, unlike water and oil, the Earth does not replenish our natural supply of copper. What we have is finite. However, it is fortunate that we are able to recycle and refine the copper that we have already used. Because of recycling and refinement processes, we can ensure our copper supply lasts for generations to come.

Thousands of pounds of copper are brought to Astro City Scrap Metal every month. Doing so prevents items from ending up in the landfill. It also puts cash in your pocket, so bring your scrap copper in today!

Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

Astro City offers free wire stripping services for electricians!

What is copper scrap used for?

Copper is both a precious and non-ferrous metal. This means it is resistant to corrosion and does not contain iron. Perhaps most importantly, copper is a highly conductive metal, meaning it is ideal for use in electrical wiring and certain appliances. If a bundle of recycled copper is contaminated with other metals like zinc and tin, it loses conductivity. In this instance, it is more likely to be used for copper pipes and roofing materials.

Scrap copper that has contaminants can go through refinement in order to regain some of its purity. The items that scrap copper is used for has different rating requirements as far as purity and conductivity are concerned. The copper must meet those requirements before being useful for recycled products.

Does copper wiring need to be stripped before recycling?

Astro City offers complimentary wire stripping services for electricians. Every week electricians bring in thousands of pounds of copper wiring. Because we value your time, we attempt to expedite the processing of your load by offering to strip the wires ourselves. When you visit our facility, make sure you have your electrician’s license or certification on hand so that we can verify you are eligible for our free service.

If you are not an electrician, we ask that you strip your wire ahead of bringing it to our scrap yard. This is easily done with a wire stripping tool. This tool has notches in the pincers that are for different gauges of wire. When you clamp the pincers down on the wire, it cuts through the insulation, which allows you to strip the wire. It is always a great idea to wear gloves while stripping wire due to the nature of electrical wires.

What are the current copper scrap metal prices?

Like all metals, copper prices are constantly fluctuating according to what the market demand is. Astro City strives to meet or beat the best prices every time you bring metal to our scrap yard. Current copper prices are always available online, and daily updates are made at 10 am, then throughout the day. At Astro City, we strive to give every customer the best prices. This allows us to create lasting and trusting relationships with our customers.

Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling

Astro City Scrap Metal has a team of experts that know how to determine what type of metals you have. With the help of computer technology, we are able to accurately determine the type of metal and give you the best price for it. This service is free for all customers! If you have a large load of metals you wish to bring in, give our facility a call before your visit. We have special deals for large loads!

For more information about the metals we do and do not accept, visit our website! There, you can also learn more about our facility, location, and hours of operation. You can always reach a friendly team member by calling our office today. We look forward to speaking with you. Astro City is your reliable Houston TX Copper Scrap Metal Recycling center.

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