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Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Prices

Astro City Scrap Metal has Houston TX copper wire recycling prices for you. The easiest way to get the copper prices for the day is by calling our yard. A team member will answer and read out the price of recycled copper. 

We also want to assure you that in all the scrap yards in Houston, Texas, we promise that Astro City Scrap Metals is going to give you the best and highest competitive prices. This is a promise that we are making to every customer that comes in. We know that this is a significant promise but trust us. Astro City is ready to fulfill that promise.

How we determine our scrap metal prices 

Since we have this big promise to all our customers and clients about giving the best and highest prices, how exactly do we do that? The answer is honestly quite simple. 

If we truly want to keep to this promise, we always have to view our competitors’ prices. By doing this, we are able to come up with the right price and rate for our clients and customers. Whether it’s for buying scarp or selling it back to businesses and industries, we have to give the best price. 

Houston TX copper wire recycling prices

Houston TX copper wire recycling prices

Since the metal market price does not stay the same day to day, our job every morning, before you come in, is to find the price of the day. During this time, most other local scrap yards are doing the same things and setting their prices to the average rate for the day. 

So, we look around and examine the prices of our competitors and fix our prices with that. There is no way we can really tell our customers what the price of a specific metal is beforehand. So, something that we suggest that you call before you visit us. This way, you get an idea of the metal price you need or want to sell. 

In addition, we also want to let you know that if you are researching other local scrap yard prices and happen to find another yard with a higher price, give us a call. We promise to match the yard’s price so you can get the right rate and value for what you are buying or selling us. 

So call and visit us today for Houston TX copper wire recycling prices.

Metal Recycling

We all are aware of what it means to recycle and what that does for our environment. But were you aware that it’s not just plastic and paper that could be recycled? In fact, metals and metal wires can be recycled.   

In the United States and all over the globe, metals are one of the most used materials. They provide serval different industries and enterprises with the qualities and properties that they are looking for. This in itself just shows how valuable metals are to our society. 

So why should these metals end up in our landfills to be left there to decompose? The answer is they shouldn’t. No matter how much a metal has been used, it can still be given “another life.” This can only be done through the process of recycling.

Metals can actually have a very long life. This means that they can be recycled over and over again and still keep a majority of their awesome properties. With that being said, it is advised to everyone the same way we recycle paper and plastic, to recycle scrap metals. This is the only way we can give these metals a second chance.  

Copper Wire Recycling 

The process of recycling copper wire is different than just recycling regular copper scrap. There are a couple more steps that are involved. The reason for each step is to ensure that we get the best product during the recycling process. 

Houston TX copper wire recycling prices

Copper wire recycling is available at Astro City

Wire and copper wire in specific is one of those items that we get. It is also an item that is bought from us pretty often. We understand how useful it is and how much it’s needed. That is part of why we accept it. 

The process for recycling copper wires and cables starts with removing any insulation from around the wires. Though this may not be the case for every wire or cable, if it is, we have state-of-the-art machines that make it easy to remove the insulation. 

Once this is done, we go into testing the copper that was being protected. We like to know and just make sure that the metal isn’t mixed with any other materials. If it is, that is okay; we just know that necessary steps to take. 

So, no matter what, we can take care of the recycling process of your copper wire scrap. If you are still contemplating whether you should bring your copper wire to us, just remember that we can buy that wire from you at an amazing price. In addition, we also know how to handle and take care of the wires and cables. 

So, visit us with your insulated or not insulated copper wire scrap. 

Other metal scraps we recycle 

In addition to buying copper wire, we also have a variety of non-ferrous metals that we buy and recycle. Non-ferrous metals provide a large group of industries with the materials they use to make the products that many of us use.

Houston TX copper wire recycling prices

Bring in your other scrap metal to be recycled

All non-ferrous metals are strong, durable, and can easily be turned into products. Some examples of these metals are stainless steel, brass, stainless steel, and of course, copper. These metals and more items can be found in our list of accepted metals

So, in addition to bringing copper wires and cables, you can also bring items and scrap made of these non-ferrous metals. 

Houston TX copper wire recycling prices

Get paid by scrap today when you visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal. Our scrap yard is open Monday to Saturday. From Monday to Friday we are open 8 am to 5 pm. And on Saturdays, we are open at 8 am as well and close at 2 pm. 

Astro City has Houston TX copper wire recycling prices.

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