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Houston TX copper wire recycling

For Houston TX copper wire recycling, visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal. If you have metal scrap metal lying around in your garage, or if you happen to see any scrap metal around, you can turn it around for some extra cash. How can you do that? By recycling the piece or pieces of metal that you have.

There are several scrap metal yards in the Greater Houston area, but Astro City Scrap Metal is the best. We happen to be one of the fastest-growing scrap metal dealers, and we are proud of it. The scrap metal business is lucrative but takes a lot of knowledge to really be successful.

Houston TX copper wire recycling

Visit us today with your copper wire

Thankfully we have staff members with experience in the industry and know how to recycle scrap the right way. For every customer that comes in with scrap, they receive a friendly service. In addition to that, they receive the best service and the best Texas scrap metal prices.

We start by examining the piece of scrap metal and making sure that it is something that we can be recycled and recycled properly. Then our team members will unload the scrap and weigh it on our outside scales. This is so you also can see the weight.

The following steps involve giving you a price for the scrap you brought in and then moving on to recycling it. For more information about Houston TX copper wire recyclinggive us a call or visit our location with your pieces of metal scrap.

What is Copper?

There are many different metals that can be recycled in our scrap yard, one of them being copper and copper wiring. Copper is a much-used metal and has been used for over 10,000 years. It has even been recycled for as long as that.

Copper does not degrade, which means that it can be recycled over and over again. Many copper objects most likely contain recycled copper from years ago. Yes, even the penny you have in your car can consist of recycled copper material from years ago. An interesting fact about copper is it is mined from in ore.

Every year more copper is mined and recycled, and the amount of both is almost the same. This tells you how much we use this particular material. At Astro City Scrap Metal, we recycle non-ferrous metal material. Copper is a non-ferrous material which makes it recyclable. It is used in things like cookware and electronics because of the conductor qualities. 

If you have copper lying around in your garage, consider bringing it in to be recycled today.

Insulated Wire

Copper wire recycling is also common in Houston copper recycling. The process of recycling copper in this particular form is different and is called wire stripping. When you have this kind of material, you want to ensure that the yard you are taking it to has the right equipment.

Houston TX copper wire recycling

If you have insulated wire recycle it today

Fourtuanaly we have this machine to complete this process. This machine helps us get rid of the installation around the wire and then goes straight to stripping the wire. The insulation around the copper is what keeps the wire in good condition. If a wire is in good condition, it is more valuable, which means you can get more money for it.

Talk to a team member today about recycling insulated copper wires today.

Copper scrap pricing

For the pricing of material, there are a couple of conditions that are examined first. The most known condition is weighing. When something is t be recycled the one f the first thing that is done is to check the weight. This helps when we want to recycle it, but it also helps in coming up with the price.

In addition to the weight, the general average price changes from time to time, determining the price. This average price differs in terms of the type of copper and the state. Every state has a different price point for each kind of copper.

There are 3 major grades of copper. These are 14-6 gauge copper, 4 AWG-750 mcm copper, and low voltage copper wire. In between these, they are still broken up into different grades, but that is for us to know of so we can give you the right price. Pricing for these material start as low as 20 cents and as high as 3 dollars.

Rates for scrap metal fluctuates daily, but we always have the best rate for our customers. To get Houston TX copper wire recycling pricing, give us a call or drive to our location.

Metal Scrap Recycling

Along with copper, we also recycle and buy other types of metals. These include alloys, aluminum, red brass, yellow brass, stainless steel, and more. We do have some rules on what we do and do not accept. This is because some metals need to be recycled differently. The machines to recycle them are different, and it is possible we don’t have them. It is also possible it can’t be recycled.

Houston TX copper wire recycling

Houston TX copper wire recycling

Sometimes the reason we can’t take certain scraps is because of legal or government laws. So, we ask that you take your time to look over the kind of metal we accept.

For instance, we do not accept beer kegs, computers, batteries, radioactive material, glass, any materials with asbestos or mercury, and the list goes on. For the full list of what we do and do not accept, visit our website today.

Houston TX copper wire recycling

Many people are not aware that they can recycle scrap metal. Recycled items that people know include paper, plastic, clothes, furniture, and more. We are here to let you know that scrap metal recycling is good for the environment as well.

There are so many different industries that use metals like copper. These industries include construction, the electronics industry, and the plumbing industry. So, if you happen to have a business in any of these industries and need a Houston TX copper wire recycling facility to recycle some of your scraps, visit us today.

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