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Houston TX Copper Wire Scrap

Bring your Houston TX copper wire scrap to Astro City Scrap Metal. Metal wires are used in various industries, and they are even used in a variety of home projects. So there is a possibility that you have scrap wire that is sitting around.

You shouldn’t throw that wiring away. It is essential to remember and keep in mind that metal too can be recycled. Just like other materials like paper and plastic can be recycled, so can metal. We don’t want these metals ending up in our landfills.

There is a way to have these metals be reused and repurposed again. So the best thing to do is to bring it into a scrap yard like ours. Astro City Scrap Metal specialized in recycling scrap metals. Our team is experienced and trained in handling all of these metals. So, head over to Astro City Scrap Metal with your scrap copper wire.  

Insulated Copper Wire Scrap 

At Astro City, we take in many different types of metals. These metals come in so many different sizes and shapes. One shape they come in is wires and cables. Insulated copper wires are used in several different businesses and industries. The wires and the metals they are made of provide qualities that are needed in these industries. 

Houston TX copper wire scrap

Houston TX copper wire scrap

Some industries that use insulated wire pretty often include developers, contractors, electricians, and more. These companies are always looking for copper wire, so they come into scrap yards like ours to get their supply. 

In addition to that, we also get individuals and businesses to sell the scrap wiring they have. This is a very frequent experience. Once they are done using the insulated wiring, they bring what they have leftover and even buy more. 

When you bring in your scrap metal, what do we do with it? Instead of throwing out your scrap, we take what you give us, and it goes through a recycling process. The main thing that we need and that is to be recycled is the wire inside the insulation. 

The copper on the inside can be used for several different things. It can easily be reshaped so that the industries that do need it in a certain form can use it accordingly. Our scrap metal experts have been working with these metals in this form for years. So, they have all the experience needed to take the wiring you bring in through the recycling process. 

The copper wire may be in insulation or not in insulation. Either way, we do accept copper wire scrap. So, bring Houston TX copper wire scrap to our scrap yard today!

Insulated Wire Stripping 

If you come in with insulated wiring, we can remove the wiring in a process called wire striping. Because the process of recycling wire is different than that of paper or even plastic, we have to make sure that every step is done correctly.

The first step in recycling insulated copper wires is removing the insulation. Whenever you see insulation around a wire, the purpose is to keep the wire in the best condition. In addition to that, it is also to ensure that the bare wire does not cause any harm to the person handling it when it is in use. 


Houston TX copper wire scrap

Bring your Houston TX copper wire scrap to be stripped

Wire stripping is the simple process of removing the insulation from around the copper wire. There are different tools and machines that can be used to complete this process. Some are done by hand, and some are done electronically. 

Since we are a bigger scrap yard and get a large amount of copper wiring and other insulated wires, we have an electronic machine that we use. This machine handles and cuts through all kinds of insulation. In addition to that, it speeds up the wire stripping process. If we had to do it by hand, it would be quite slow. 

So, if you have insulated copper wire scrap, you don’t have to worry about removing the insulation by yourself. We will do it for you. And if you are an electrician, we provide this service for free because we know that you may be coming in with many wires.  

Insulated Wire Scrap Metal Prices

An incentive for bringing your Houston TX copper wire scrap is getting paid for it. Getting paid by scrap is something that many scrap yards participate in. Part of it is almost to encourage customers to continue recycling. Also, it is because the metal being sold is valuable, so you should get something in return for it.

The price of copper is different every day. So when you come in with your wire, we will give you the best rate for the day. You can call ahead of time, and we can let you know the price for that day. Or just visit us, and upon arrival, we will let you know the price. 

Astro City Scrap Metal: Scrap yard in Houston

The place to take any scrap metal is a scrap metal yard. In Houston, Texas, the only place to bring your scrap metal is Astro City. Our scrap yard has one of the largest spaces to handle and recycle metal materials. This perfect for all of our customers because it allows for everyone to be attended to.

Houston TX Aluminum Recycling Prices

Astro city takes care of all the scrap metal. So visit us today

In addition, we always make sure that all our customers are getting the best service at all times. This means that one of our main focuses is on our customers. When coming to a scrap metal yard, for some customers, it might be a new experience. So, our job is to ensure that they have all the help they need and understand all the transactions when they come in. 

Visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal today!

Houston TX copper wire scrap

If you live or work in the Houston area, you can always bring your scrap metals to our scrap yard. We guarantee a great experience and a great price for the metal that you bring in. 

Sell your Houston TX copper wire scrap to us at Astro City Scrap Metal. 

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