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Houston TX Insulated Copper Wire Scrap

Sell your Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap to Astro City Scrap Metal today. If you are in Houston or around the Greater Houston area, you need to bring your scrap metal to Astro City. 

We have been in this area for over 20 years and are proud to serve individuals and businesses looking for a place to sell their scrap metal. The best part of being where we are is meeting and dealing with different amazing people. So, we appreciate all of our customers and clients that have made us who we are today. 

We even appreciate our future customers because without you bringing in your scrap metal, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing now. Selling and buying scrap metals is a big job. So, we have gathered an amazing team of metal experts that are extremely skilled in what they do.

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Our team knows how to handle and recycle the insulated copper wires and cables that you bring

Our team is able to buy and sell metals from and to our customers. In addition, they also take the time every day to make sure that the metals that come in are appropriately recycled. So, there is no need to worry about how your metals are being handled because we can assure you that they are being handled properly. 

Visit Astro City Scrap Metal today. Let us buy your scrap metal from you at a fantastic competitive price. 

Recycled Scrap Metal 

Our Houston, Texas, scrap yard has a specific focus on metals that we are able to accept for our customers. We take in non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are a category of metals that happen to be some of the most used metals in the United States and all around the globe. 

The reason that we take in these metals specifically is because we know how important and valuable these metals are. If they are categorized as some of the most utilized materials around the globe, then you can just imagine how much they are being mined. 

So, we take the time to accept these kinds of metals to have them recycled. By recycling, we can give these scrap metals another chance to be used and maybe even molded into another product. All of this helps the environment. Instead of the metals ending up in our landfills where they cannot be utilized and used to their full potential, they can be recycled and used again by someone else. 

Examples of non-ferrous metals include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and other alloys.  

Insulated Copper Wire Scrap 

Insulated wires are a form in which non-ferrous metals can be made into. It is possible that you are familiar with copper and the properties that make it unique. 

Copper is a metal that many industries rely on. Why is this? Well, because of the properties and qualities that it provides. Any sector in search of materials has already come up with a list of qualities that the material should possess. Some examples of this include durability, the conductivity of electricity or heat, malleability, and maybe how easy and fast it can be molded. 

A metal having all of these properties is copper. Since this is the case, industries see this and take it into consideration. Industries choosing copper is excellent because it is one of those metals that is easy to find. So, for us, copper is a metal that we get all the time because it is constantly being used. 

Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap

Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap

Copper can be turned into insulated wires and cables. In fact, electricians use copper for this specific reason. Copper wires run through buildings and homes; this is what electricity passes through.

Insulated wire is also an item that we get a lot. This is because the recycling process takes some time. With that being said, other scrap yards don’t accept it because of that. In addition, they mostly don’t have the space or materials that are needed to recycle insulated wires properly. 

A tool is needed to remove the insulation keeping the copper wire. Then the recycling process can start. So, if you have Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap, then visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal today.  

Pricing for Insulated Wires 

Our scrap yard guarantees all customers and clients that they will get the highest scrap metal prices. What we do to accomplish this every day is, view the metal market. Finding the price of each metal that we buy and sell is easy, but we look for the highest rate.

By having the highest rate, we keep all our customers happy. We know that the metals we buy are of high value. So, when they are being sold to us, we have to make sure they are being bought at the best prices. 

Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap

Call for the price of insulated copper wire today

If you are ever researching which local scrap yards have the highest price, you will find out that Astro City is the only scrap yard with these prices. In addition, if you ever see that another yard has a higher price, just give us a call, and we will match that price for you.  

Metal market prices change every day. So, we check prices daily to ensure that we still have the best prices. And with insulated wires, we take to find the price of the metal on the inside, for example, copper. This is how we will give you the price for your insulated wire. 

Our job is to keep you satisfied, knowing that you have gotten the best rate for the metals that you are selling. So, get paid by scrap today at Astro City.  

Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap

Astro City Scrap Metal continues to be your local scrap yard in Houston. Whenever you have insulated copper wire scrap, remember us. We will buy these wires from you are the highest competitive rate in the city of Houston.  

Don’t hesitate to bring in other non-ferrous scrap metals. We have a whole list that states the items and metals that you can bring in today. So visit us with your Houston TX insulated copper wire scrap.

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