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Houston TX recycle copper price per pound

Do you need a place in Houston TX recycle copper price per pound? The place to go is Astro City Scrap Metals. You shouldn’t have to go from scrap yard to scrap yard looking for the best pay per scrap. Being paid by scrap isn’t what you should be looking for. Get paid by the pound at Astro City.  

Houston TX recycle copper price per pound

Astro City is the scrap yard to sell your copper metal and get a great price per pound

Buying scrap metals such as copper are what we know to do. And your scrap won’t just be bought and dumped somewhere. A team of trained professionals recycles all metals. So, come to Astro City Scrap Metal and bring your copper scrap metal along with you. 

Scrap Yard in Houston: Astro City 

There are several scrap yards in Houston, Texas, but we stand out from the crowd. Remembering that everyone that comes across us is a potential customer. They can end up using our yard for years to come, which we keep in mind. This means that something that we focus on is customer service. The service that any of our clients should be and always is above and beyond. 

We take the time with each customer and make sure that in the time that they interacted with us that their experience was enjoyable. That is why I have stayed on the best scrap yards in the city. Our team is experienced in handling scrap and turning it back into the metal and product that other companies will utilize. We have tools and state-of-the-art machines that are used daily by professionals knowledgeable in the art of recycling.  

So, all customers are ensured that their scrap is being handled correctly. If you would like more information about our scrap yard or how to sell or buy metals, give us a call or visit us


Copper is a metal that our scrap yard sees regularly. It happens to be one of the most recycled metals. The industries that utilize it are many and different. We have industries like jewelry, plumbing, construction, and others using this metal. 

Houston TX recycle copper price per pound

Houston TX recycle copper price per pound

This means it is very versatile and provides properties and qualities that stand out among other metals. Copper is always in demand, so we always suggest that if you are no longer using copper to get it recycled. And in that process, you can also earn money for it.  

Scrap metal price 

As stated before, our scrap yard buys and sells metals and scraps by the pound. The reason for this is because that is the best way to get the best value out of what is being sold or bought. Since the market for metals is constantly changing, we make sure that the rate we use is competitive. What do we mean by that?

Competitive rates or pricing is all about finding the rate or price that is better than average. Because the market price changes on a daily basis, in the morning, we check what the average cost is. We then proceed to check other yards for the average price a metal, like copper, is being bought or sold from. From here, we decide how the highest competitive rate and use it for customers like you. 

So you can be ensured that at Astro City, the metal you bring in will be bought from you at the city’s best price. So don’t hesitate to bring in your copper for Houston TX recycle copper price per pound.

Other types of scrap metal we buy 

Our scrap yard has over eighteen thousand square feet of space. Since we have all this space, there are several metals and scraps that we buy, recycle, and sell. In this space, customers like you come in a let us know that you want to sell scrap metal, and we buy it from you. But what other scrap metals do we buy?

In the city, we are known to be one of the largest non-ferrous metal local scrap yards. This means that our yard has a focus on non-ferrous metals. This includes alloys as well. Most of the metals that are classified as non-ferrous are what you can bring to be sold and bought. 

These metals include copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. In addition, these metals can come in the form of a radiator or insulated wire. We have the necessary machines, tools, and knowledgeable team members to recycle the scrap.  

A lot of these materials come in a number of shapes and sizes, and that is okay. It doesn’t matter what shape or size it comes in; you can bring it in.

What we can’t accept 

Houston TX copper price per pound

Here are some of the metals that we don’t accept

But because of some regulations and yard rules, there are some items that we cannot accept. So we ask that you view the list of the metals we can accept and then look at the items that we cannot accept before you visit us. In addition, after you read these lists, if you have any questions, you can always give us a call. If you are still unsure about a specific item, then visit us with the item; we will be able to give you an accurate answer. 

Some of the items we do not accept include cans, beer kegs, computers, batteries, flammable items, glass, and other items.  

Houston TX recycle copper price per pound

If you are a company that is looking to buy copper from a metal scrap yard, visit us at Astro City. We specialize in taking the scrap metal that people give us and giving it a new life and look by recycling it. Then we sell it to businesses and companies like yours to utilize. 

You can always trust us to give the best price per pound for companies and businesses looking to buy in bulk. We understand that you are looking for an ulterior way to get the metal you need to run your company. So we are giving you the materials you need at an amazing price.

Contact us for more information on Houston TX recycle copper price per pound at Astro City Scrap Yard. 

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