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Houston TX Scrap Lead Near Me

Houston TX scrap lead near me is available at our scrap yard. Astro City Scrap Metal is situated in the greater Houston area. We are one of the few scrap yards in Houston that accept lead scrap. When you are in the midst of deciding where to take your scrap, the easiest way to choose might be to look at the price of the metal that you are trying to sell.

Houston TX scrap lead near me

Recycle your lead scrap today

There are plenty of scrap yards in Houston, Texas, and you might be thinking, shouldn’t all of them have the same prices for specific metals? The answer is no. Our scrap yard has a unique promise to all of our customers. This promise ensures that you get the most and best value for the scrap metal that you want to sell.

So, why don’t you bring in your lead scrap metal to a scrap yard that will give you what it’s actually valued? If you are a business or individual with scrap lead metal, visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal soon. We can buy those scraps from you.

Lead Scrap Metal

When you bring in your scrap metal, the price and rate you will receive from us will be better than any other scrap yard. How is this possible? Well, we have to start with the metal market price. 

Every day, the price and rate of all the metals on the market change. For example, this means that the price of lead yesterday will not be the same price for lead today. The price fluctuates with the market. With that being said, we make it our goal to find the highest competitive price and make that the rate we give our customers. 

Houston TX scrap lead near me

Houston TX scrap lead near me

How this works is, we find the average price per pound in the morning when the prices first come out. Then as competitors start to fix their rates with the average price, we look to see if there is a price that is a little higher. If there is, we take that price and make it our own.

We just want to guarantee that when our customers come in, they feel they are getting the best price for the amount of scrap they are selling. Since selling is not paid by scrap but by the pound, when we weigh lead scrap, for example, the price is what we will use to calculate the amount we give to you. 

So, by establishing the highest price, you get the actual value of what you came in with. Since we cannot give you the price of metal days in advance, what we suggest and what you can do is, call our scrap yard before you stop by. By doing this, you can get the price of the day before you come in so that you are prepared when you get here. 

So, call us today for Houston TX scrap lead near me. Then visit us with your scrap lead and let us get to recycling it. 

Recycle your Lead Scrap

An interesting fact about lead is that it’s among the most recycled material in the United States. And the part of the reason for this is because it has a material excellent recovery rate. When something is being recycled, you want to make sure that it can keep a majority of its properties, especially its most known properties. 

In fact, it is known that when lead is recycled, way over eighty percent of its properties are retained. This is great for all the industries that utilize lead. It’s a fact that fifty percent of lead in production to date is recycled lead. This is because the lead quality is close to being the same it was when it was mined. 

Products with lead include batteries, and batteries come in all shapes and sizes. So you can imagine the amount of lead used. Recycling lead has many advantages for the environment. You may not be aware but having lead batteries in our landfills is actually bad for the environment. 

Lead can seep into the soil and leave the soil contaminated. This is harmful to the plants that depend on the soil to get their nutrients. And it is also detrimental to the animals that rely on the plants as their source of food. So, how can you help?

By taking all your lead scraps to your local metal scrap yard, Astro City Scrap Meta, you already are. We will recycle the lead for you and make sure that it doesn’t end up in the landfills but instead ends up in new products for people to use.  

Recycle your other scrap 

At Astro City, we accept other scrap metal items as well. Most of the metals we accept fall under the category of non-ferrous metals. In addition to that, we also accept alloys and carbide scraps. 

Houston TX scrap lead near me

Sell us your other scrap metal items

Some examples of non-ferrous metals include brass, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Any items or products containing these metals can be recycled. In addition, we also accept items such as radiators, insulated wires and cables, or bare wires and cables. 

For businesses looking for a scrap yard to buy metals from, we do that as well. Buy recycled metals from us at Astro City Scrap Metals. The price that we sell to you will also be at a great rate because we know you may be buying in bulk.

Call or visit us today for more information. 

Houston TX scrap lead near me

Decide to recycle your scrap lead today. It just takes a couple of easy steps. Gather the lead scrap items that you have in your home or around your business office. After that, give us a call for the price of lead metal. Then visit us with all the scrap items, and we will pay you cash for what you bring in.

This can act as an extra incentive for you. So, bring in your scrap lead metal today to Astro City Scrap Metal. We will give you the best Houston TX scrap lead near me.

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