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Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me will never be in your Google search engine ever again, not while Astro City is in business! We offer top-dollar market value on all kinds of different metals, so quit sitting on a potential pile of cash, and get down here today!

Summer is coming up fast and you’re going to want some extra cash; so if it’s scrapable, why not scrap it?

Just Scrap It!

Here in beautiful Houston, Texas, we sure are known for numerous things, like big hair and barbecues. However, when it comes to scrap yards in Houston, we don’t play around.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

Don’t contemplate on where to bring your scrap metal. Choose Astro City instead!

With 2.31 million citizens occupying The Greater Houston Area, why would we? That means millions of individuals who will certainly be looking for local scrap yards at some point.

A lot of people aren’t aware of this, but many household items are able to be scraped. In fact, it might shock you to truly find out just what is acceptable at a scrap yard like ours. Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me is now a breeze to locate, with our Astro City scrap yard right around the corner!

When in Doubt, Let the Pros at Astro City Scrap it Out

You can only imagine how many scrap-worthy items are in the average household. Many people don’t realize they are sitting on a pile of scrap metal gold!

For instance, did you know that a stainless steel sink is a common household item you can scrap? At Astro City, we accept all forms of stainless steel in our yard. That’s right; we’ll offer you nothing but top dollar for you.

Furthermore, brass faucets are a common item highly overlooked in the household when discussing items you could scrap. While you may find plastic surrounding the brass on your faucets, you could simply remove the plastic from the brass; then take it to us for cash!

Other typical metals you may find laying around your house that can potentially be scraped are:

  • Copper pipes or tubing (usually found along water pipes of sinks)
  • Aluminum pots & pans
  • Motors on your ceiling fans (for aluminum parts)
  • Copper yokes inside the back of a TV set
  • Power outlets
  • Backup batteries and surge protectors

And the list goes on! Who would’ve thought there could be so many traditional items at home that could turn into cold hard cash?

Why is Astro City the Best in Texas?

While it’s good to recognize what you could potentially take to a scrap yard, it’s also vital to discuss why you should pick us at Astro City for your primary yard.

Unmatchable Knowledge

For all things scrap metal, we are 100% knowledgeable and well-versed. We only accept non-ferrous metals here, but as you can see above, there are many different types of forms we accept them in.

First and foremost, non-ferrous metals include:

  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Brass (both yellow and red)
  • Copper
  • Insulated wires
  • Radiators
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbide inserts
  • Containers

While we have a large list of what we accept, we are also extremely transparent regarding metals we do not accept. We certainly don’t want you to waste your time, so before you start scraping, please take a quick look into the list of ferrous metals we cannot take.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

We accept all non-ferrous metals!

Along with our first-hand knowledge of scrap metals, we also use different high-tech pieces of equipment to determine the overall worth of your metals. Since we know what the scrap life is like, we want to pay you the most we can for all the scrap you’ve brought to us.

At our location, we have a state-of-the-art XPF or X-Ray Fluorescence scanner to provide a complete elemental analysis for the utmost accuracy when reading your metal. What’s more, we also have a Positive Material Identification (PMI) and an Alloy Quality Control (QC).

With all the incredible equipment we use here at Astro City to determine the value of your metals, it should be a no-brainer to choose our scrap yard over any other competition.

Our Facility, Staff, and Prices Will Rock Your Socks!

More so, we are one of the largest non-ferrous metal scrap yards in all of Houston! Our facility yard is over 18,000 square feet of complete warehouse space. That means we have all the space you need to correctly analyze your metal’s worth.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me

Find out more by giving us a call today.

Not only do we have all the room you and your metal could ever want, but we also have fantastic staff members on deck to ensure you’re getting genuine quotes for your metal.

Additionally, our staff will test materials for you completely free of charge if you are unsure what you have. Regardless of how much metal it may be, we are determined to help you figure out precisely what you have.

When it comes to the pricing of your metal and reading its correct value, we only pay top dollar for your scrap items. While Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me fluctuates by the day, our customer loyalty does not!

Using our equipment, staff, and market prices, getting you the proper cash for your metal has never been easier!

Lucky for you, Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Me hunting can finally wind down now that Astro City is in town.

To Conclude…

No matter what type of scrap metal you bring to us, we have full dedication to provide you with optimal pricing for it. After all, you did all the work of scraping; why shouldn’t you reap the rewards?

Plus, with summertime rearing its head around the corner, you’re going to want some extra money in your pocket. Instead of wasting your summer days with limited cash, how about you come on down to Astro City’s scrap metal yard and see just how much you can get?

Whether you come down or if you want to give us a buzz, we certainly have your back on all things scrap. If you’re uncertain, you can just give us a call, and we’d happily answer whatever questions you may have, (713)-697-2999.

As long as your metals are non-ferrous, the payout will be stupendous! Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices Near Meisn’t a search you’ll have to make this summer, not when Astro City has your back!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houston beats both Los Angeles and New York as having the most ethnically diverse metropolitan ares within the whole nation!
  • There are over 10,000 restaurants here, and residents of Houston eat out more times per week than any other American city.
  • Over 145 different languages are spoken here within the Houston area.
  • For more fun facts about the city of Houston, please visit their official website.