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Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me is a search you can finally forget about typing into your Google!

With the help of AstroCity scrap metal, you can be fairly paid for the hard-earned scrap metal you’ve brought in. Unlike many other scrap  metal yards in the industry, we pay you what the current market rate is for your metal!

Background of Houston

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

Come to AstroCity scrap metal for all your scraping needs!

We all know Houston, Texas. As a matter of fact, we don’t all just know of Houston; we love Houston! The city of Houston, Texas, is a quickly growing one.

Houston’s population, according to the census bureau of 2019, stood at 2.31 million citizens. Yes, you absolutely read that correctly! With such a large number of individuals, this indeed means many who make a living selling and buying scrap metal.

With that in mind, it truly is a competitive market. Yet, here at AstroCity scrap metal, we don’t believe that you should get ripped off for your hard work.

After all, you did all the scrounging for proper metal; why would we want to ensure you get top dollar market value?

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me is no longer a search you should make blindly, not while AstroCity is in business!

AstroCity: The Best Scrap Metal Yard in Houston

When there are plenty of metal scrap yard companies to decide on, you may be curious about what makes AstroCity superior.

For starters, we’ve been in this business for a long time and only hire experts to determine the worth of your metal. It surely is challenging to maintain such a stellar reputation as we do in the Greater Houston Area.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

We only used the most advanced tools to determine your metals worth.

Secondly, we have multiple high-tech instrumentals to further help decide the worth of your scrap metals brought in. The equipment used is state-of-the-art; one we use is an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanner. This scanner provides very reliant element analysis on your metal, so you’re only getting the most accurate of results from us.

We also carry two more types of equipment to determine the accuracy of your metal brought into our shop. The tools are known as Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Alloy Quality Control (QC). With these intricate tools, we can most accurately tell you the worth of your metal.

What Scrap Metals Are Accepted?

Furthermore, we are the best scrap metal yard company in Houston because of the fact we have a wide variety of metals we take. While we have a large list that varies on what we do accept, we also want to be transparent with you, our customers.

Because of this, we created an alternative list of metals we don’t accept, but first, the list of metals that we do:

And we’re only scratching the surface with this list! Yet, while we have a list of accepted metals, we surely can inform you before you haul your metals here of what we don’t accept.

Certain metals we cannot accept here at AstroCity scrap metal yards are:

  • Batteries
  • Beer kegs
  • Air conditions containing freon
  • Close containers
  • Computers
  • Materials that contain mercury
  • Metal powders
  • Materials content asbestos
  • Flammable and combustible materials
  • Print rollers and selenium
  • Radioactive materials of any sort
  • Glass
  • Cans

As you can see, the list isn’t the strictest. However, it is created so we have protection here at AstroCity; and also so the customers like you can be protected.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me at AstroCity can certainly take most of your metals unless they’re dangerous! The regulations are governmental why we cannot accept the above materials.

But clearly, you can see our list of what we do accept is far larger than that of what we do not.

Brass: A Heavily Recycled Material for Scrap Metal

One of the main materials that we see here at AstroCity is that of brass. Here at AstroCity, we accept both yellow and red brass. Brass itself is not material that’s very common; it is described occasionally as a metal of its own. It constitutes as an alloy, which is primarily made of copper and zinc.

Brass is quite a common item found both in commercial and residential buildings and applications. It typically comes in yellow or red, yet, there can definitely be different variations of it.

The brass industry spans across the globe and depends highly on the recycling of brass scrap to stay afloat. Creating brass from brand new zinc and copper would be an extremely large economical waste of raw materials. Of course, the wasting of raw materials such as this is an absolute harm to our environment.

At AstroCity, we can provide our expertise, equipment, and scales to weigh out your brass properly and help you even unload your materials during typical business hours.

What’s the Difference Between Yellow and Red Brass?

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me

Trade your brass in today for cold hard cash!

You might be new in the scrap metal game and be wondering, what exactly is the difference between yellow and red brass? What an excellent inquiry!

Yellow brass is in traditional household items, on things such as plumbing fixtures, turnings and valves from industrial machinery, light fixtures, most keys, and door handles.

Meanwhile, red brass includes a more diminished version of the metal. It’s very commonly recycled and includes items such as valves, gears and turnings, and other plumbing fixtures.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me should no longer be keeping you up at night; now, you can take your brass metals and more straight to the professionals at AstroCity.


When it truly comes down to the wire, do you want to trust just any old scrap yard to accurately tell you your rates when it comes to scraping your worked-for metals?

You did the digging for the metals, and you should be the one to gain the benefits of it. We at AstroCity truly want you to walk away with the highest amount you can because we understand how difficult the process of metal scraping is.

How about you give us a call and see for yourself what we can do for you, (713)-697-2999. Our representatives would be happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have!

Houston TX Scrap Metal Recycling Near Me for the best price is only here at AstroCity!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Here in Houston, Texas, our residents get take-out more than any other city in America.
  • Our culinary scene is world-renowned.
  • Over one hundred and forty five diverse languages are spoken here in Houston!
  • For more fun facts, please vie their official website.