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Houston TX Scrap Yards Open on Saturday

Are you looking for Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday? We have one for you, Astro City Scrap Metal! You might be looking at your garage and thinking you need to get rid of all that scrap metal. But where can you take it on a Saturday morning, when you’re less busy? The place to take all your scrap metal is Astro City Scrap Metal. 

Our scrap yard is available to customers like you, who want to sell and recycle their metal scrap. So, don’t have your metal scrap sit there and collect dust in your garage. Consider bringing it to Astro City today. We promise that you will have a great experience and will always think of us when you have scrap metal.

Astro City Scrap Metal: Metal Recycling Center 

In Houston, Texas, there are many scrap yards that you could take your metal scrap to. The thing is, Astro City stands out from among the rest. How do we do that? Well, we start with our service to all our customers and clients.

Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday

Visit us today with your non-ferrous metals

Something that stays of importance to us and our yard is that all our customers are treated with value and respect. We understand and continue to keep in mind that without our customers and the scrap metal that they bring in, we won’t have a functioning business. 

So one of the best things that we can do as a scrap yard is provide the best service that our customers could ever receive from a scrap yard. The way we do this is by taking time with our customers, making sure that every transaction that is happening is understood. In addition, that our customers leave us feeling that they had a comfortable and successful visit. 

Another way we stand out from the rest is through what we accept to be sold and bought. Some scrap yards have a small selection of what can be sold because of the space they are occupying. Astro City sits on 18,000 square feet of land. This means that we have all the space necessary to handle every scrap metal that is brought in. 

So don’t search any longer for a place to bring in your scrap metal. Visit us at Astro City Scrap Metal today.  

Days of Operation 

Our scrap yard or metal recycling center is open Monday to Saturday. This leaves room for all our customers to come in on a day that is convenient for them. With that being said, from Monday to Friday, we open from 8 am to 5 pm. On Saturday, we also open at 8 am, but we close at 2 pm. 

So, when you are heading over to us, make sure you check out the time and make sure that we are still open. If we are open, don’t hesitate to stop by. We are a Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday.

Types of Metals We Accept 

The services that we provide to all our customers include selling scrap metal, recycling scrap metal, and supplying metals. All of these services work hand in hand, and that is how we can provide each service. 

Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday

Look through all the metals we accept before you come in

When you bring in scrap metal, we buy it from you. Once we do that, we take the metals and recycle them so that eventually, we can sell them back to companies and businesses that need them. This makes us a metal supplier. So no matter the metal service that you need, we provide that. 

We have a list of metals that we have and accept for sellers of scrap metals and buyers of recycled metals. Our yard is known to be one that focuses on non-ferrous metals. This makes us one of the largest non-ferrous metal scrap yards in the city of Houston. 

Non-ferrous Scrap Metals 

Like stated before, we accept most non-ferrous metals. Some examples of these metals include aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and other alloys. 

Each of these metals has different subsections and groups under them. So we do have a process and a tool that analyzes the type of metal that is brought. The tool we use for this is called an X-ray Fluorescence scanner. When we are able to identify the metal that you are selling correctly, we can give you the correct pricing for it. 

You can view and read more about all the metals that we accept. We also provide a list of the items that may be made of non-ferrous materials that we don’t accept. Some of these items include cans, computers, combustible things, and more. We don’t accept things like this because they have to be recycled a specific way.  

Visit us today with all your non-ferrous scrap metals, and we will buy them from you at an amazing price. 

Insulated wires and cables 

Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday

Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday

We know that non-ferrous metals come in several different shapes and sizes. Of course, this is because of the properties that they possess. Because many industries use them, they are molded into various shapes and objects. One way non-ferrous metals are shaped is into wires and cables.

Copper and aluminum are actually the most common metals that are used for insulated wiring. Our scrap yard has state-of-the-art tools to remove the insulation from around these wires. Other scrap yards don’t accept insulated wires or cables because they don’t have the space or the tools.

But at Astro City Scrap Metals, we have all that we need to recycle these cables and wires. So, bring in your scrap insulated wires.

Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday

Astro City sits in the heart of the Houston area, and we are able to serve many people and businesses around us on a daily basis. This includes even Saturdays. Think about bringing your scrap metal to our scrap yard today! 

For all of our customers that are usually busy during the week, we open on Saturdays for you. This way, when you have the time, either in the morning or afternoon, you can stop by and sell your non-ferrous scrap metal to us and still get your extra cash.  

Astro City Scrap Metals is a Houston TX scrap yards open on saturday.

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