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Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me

Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me should never be a Yahoo search question typed out on your engine again. Now that Astro City’s scrap metal yard is here to save the day, you’ll have a local scrap yard to head on down to!

Why start out the summer broke when you could easily trade some household items in for quick cash? It should be a no-brainer.

Background of Houston

In the city of Houston, Texas sits many different individuals, approximately 2.31 million to be exact! Now, out of this 2.31 million, you know there are certainly individuals looking for a recycling center for their discovered metals.

Metal recycling yards aren’t so easy to come by these days. Especially ones that are honest and rewarding with their scrap metal prices. However, Astro City is here to save the day! Accepting most non-ferrous scrap metal items, they’re your one-stop-metal-scrap shop.

Finding Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me should be the last thing on your mind, now that Astro City has your back.

Why Should I Scrap Aluminum?

Many people are highly unaware of why aluminum recycling is of importance. First, it’s critical to understand the different types of aluminum you can buy or sell.

Aluminum Types: A Deep Dive

For starters, there’s sheet aluminum, which is your basic aluminum. A few examples of these would be lawn furniture, bicycle frames, window screens, window frames, etc.

Secondly, you have your prepared aluminum. The types of items you may see in this category are broken-down window frames and mixed siding.

Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me

If you have aluminum scrap you can sell it today.

Next, there is cast aluminum, and the most common form of this type of aluminum would be clean grill lids. Or, occasionally, you’ll find that particular car parts tend to have cast aluminum attachments.

Siding is your next category of aluminum, yet it must be clean with zero glue on the back. Also, trim coils, downspouts, gutters, leaders, and shutters. Wow, who would’ve guessed there are so many different types of aluminum!

There are plenty more aluminum categories, but we’ll save you the trouble and sum it up at this: there are plenty of unexpected items that you’d never think to be worth something when traded at a scrap metal shop.

Some more common household items, even, are mailboxes, computer parts, sinks, faucets, pots, pans, fencing, gates, car rims, and more. The list goes on and on, but you get the gist of it.

Next time you go to Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me search; you’ll know exactly what you should bring and what to look for!

I Get it, But Why Choose Astro City To Trade My Aluminum?

With so much information thrown at you, you may be questioning what about Astro City makes us the best to handle your precious aluminum.

Our Technology is Kick Butt!

Well, for starters, we only hire the most experienced staff to determine your metal prices.

Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me

We only provide the best at Astro City!

Furthermore, we use state-of-the-art technology to also help see how much your metals worth.

Some of these high-technology items include an X-Ray Fluorescence scanner (XRF), a Positive Material Identification (PMI), and an Alloy Quality Control (QC). These miraculous pieces of equipment are as high-end as it gets in the world of scrap metal readings.

Would you rather have a rookie guesstimate your metal’s worth, or would you prefer to come to the professionals with the best cutting-edge technology?

The choice is up to you; however, it should be an easy one to make.

We Buy Most Non-Ferrous Metals

Another absolutely stupendous reasons to come to Astro City scrap metal yards for Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me? Why, we don’t just take your aluminum, but many kinds of metal items!

Some non-ferrous metal types we accept include:

That’s quite the inclusive list of metal items if you ask me. While we are entirely forthcoming about the metal types we love to accept here, we are equally transparent about the metals we do not.

We think it’s important to be as honest as you can with your customers. In doing so, it is vital we let you know what we cannot accept here at Astro City scrap metal yard. We cannot take the following items at our location:

  • Batteries
  • Beer kegs
  • Computers
  • Closed containers
  • Air conditioners with Freon
  • Materials that contain mercury, radioactive materials, or asbestos
  • Loaded bullets and shells
  • Metal powders
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Print rollers with Selenium
  • Cans
  • Glass

Unfortunately, we must turn away these items onsite because they are legally, governmentally, or company prohibited. While we want to take all the metal you have for us, we must abide by the regulations.

Furthermore, we want our clients as well as our staff to be safe from potentially hazardous materials. In following the rules and regulations, you’re helping us all stay safe.

But don’t be bummed out because we still do take most common metals, as listed above!

Customer Service is Our Prerogative Here at Astro City

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons to come down to Astro City for all your scrap metal needs; is the customer service.

Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me

Astro City will take your scrap metal off your hands with a smile.

As said before, we pride ourselves in our staff knowing precisely how to handle your scrap metal.

After all, they too have scrap experience! When you walk through our doors here at Astro City, you can expect to be met with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Astro City: The Pros In Scrap Metal Endeavors

There should be no reason why you consider any other scrap metal yard for your precious and hard-earned scrap metal items.

What other scrap metal yard in The Greater Houston Area can say that they genuinely care for their customers as Astro City can?

This summer, you should be having the time of your life, so why not start it up right and turn in some household items for straight-up cash? Besides, you never know what pile of metal money you’re sitting on until you come and see for yourself.

Give us a call and find out more, (713)-697-2999. Houston TX Sell Aluminum Near Me hunting is over, with Astro City’s scrap metal yard!

Interesting Facts of Houston

  • Houston was founded initially on August 30th, 1836.
  • The Greater Houston Area has the most diversity in a metropolitan area throughout the U.S.
  • Houston’s exact size is 665 square miles.
  • For more interesting facts, please visit the Houston official website.