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Houston TX Sell Scrap Copper

Are you looking to Houston TX sell scrap copper? You can come on down to the Astro City Scrap Metal yard for the best payout on all your scrap metal needs. We have one of the fastest-growing scrap yards around, and still, we are ever-expanding with our expansive warehouses. Our company has been around for over thirty-five years, proudly serving the Greater Houston area will any scrap metal haul you have.

You can count on our friendly staff to provide you with a welcoming experience. Starting from the moment, you arrive with a scrap haul to the second you leave with a cash payout! Astro City guarantees the best payout for any accepted scrap metal you bring in. We are so sure of our guarantee that we will meet or beat any of our competitors’ offers.

When talking about pricing, it can be tricky to give a solid and set price for a particulate type of metal. Metal prices are always in flux due to the constantly shifting and changing market. The reason that prices are always changing is due to what’s in demand on the market and then the baseline value that the metal naturally has. You can keep track of metal price trends, or you can just give us a call!

Our team is always ready to help you out when you give us a ring. We can tell you all about the prices for the day and answer any questions you might have. Choosing Astro City to serve your scrap metal needs will ensure you the best possible deals. There is also an environmental plus when you decide to recycle your old scrap metal!

Hey Houston TX Sell Scrap Copper

Houston TX sell scrap copper

Astro City can’t wait to take the scrap metal you bring in!

The people we have on staff at Astro City make up a passionate team that is ready to help. We strive to provide you with an experience that will have you coming back again and again for your scrap needs. So when you drive up, our team will start unloading your scrap haul and get to work.

Don’t worry about sorting your scrap if you haven’t already! Our team will go through it all and use our X-Ray Fluorescence scanners to help us determine what we’re working with. Our scanners tell us an accurate elemental analysis of the scrap you bring in. By doing this, we can sort the scrap properly and get an accurate idea of the value behind your scrap.

After we gain a baseline for the value, we move the scrap over to the scales. Our scales are right out in the open to give you peace of mind with transparency. You can watch our team weigh your scrap, so you know just what you have. From all of this, we will offer you a cash payment right on the spot.

Pro Tip: If you bring your scrap metal in, you can have our team test it for free. You won’t have any pressure on you to sell; it’s purely, so you’ll know what you have. When you’re ready to sell, you’ll get the best deal with us!

So What Do We Take?

Well, it can be a bit confusing when you look around at different scrap yards. Not many are all-inclusive towards the scrap they take in. At Astro City, we can only accept non-ferrous scrap metal. Our scrap yard can only handle non-ferrous metals due to the nature of typical ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals can be recycled just as non-ferrous metals; however, they are harder to store. Due to the difficultly of salvaging them because of the degradable nature of ferrous metals, we choose to only deal in non-ferrous metals. On top of that, non-ferrous metals are more valuable than their ferrous counterparts.

Houston TX sell scrap copper

Give us a call for more information!

The overpopulated market makes ferrous metals less desirable. Non-ferrous metals are used in nearly everything, which makes the demand for them rise. They are desired for their lightweight and corrosive resistant nature. Also, non-ferrous metals are highly conductive and easily malleable, so they can be crafted into many useful things.

Sidenote From The Planet…

When you take the time to recycle non-ferrous metals, you are saving them from becoming trash in a landfill. Doing your part in recycling will leave you with a warm feeling.

Knowing that not only did you protect the planet, but you got a cash payout to do it! Non-ferrous metals being recycled into new life protects the existing natural resources in the planet.

This might seem like a very small thing that has no real effect, but even a small break in the cycle has a chain reaction. No matter the size of the impact, change is still change. Recycling the metal means they didn’t need to mine for more to create whatever that scrap will go on to make.

This means no time or energy went into pulling the metal up from the ground. This also means that any pollution that would have attributed to the mining of the metal would not occur. So head on down to Astro City and get paid for saving the world!

Yes, We Accept That, Even Copper!

Yes, Houston TX sell scrap copper to us at Astro City. Our scrap metal prices are unbeatable, and if they are beaten by a competitor, we’ll beat that price too! Here is a compiled list of non-ferrous metals that we can accept at our scrap yard.

Astro City Is Here For You

Houston TX sell scrap copper

You should Houston TX sell scrap copper to us at Astro City!

Check out our location in the Greater Houston area when you’re ready to sell your scrap metal. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about our services. For a detailed list of things we do not accept, you can check out our website for more information.

We can’t wait to see you when you want to get a high cash payout for your scrap. Check out everything we can and can’t take or give us a ring, and we’ll talk metal prices. So Houston TX sell scrap copper to us at Astro City where we offer a price that can’t be beat!

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