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Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me

There’s no better feeling than finding the right place in Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me. By visiting our site here at Astro City Scrap Metal, we believe you’ve come to the right place. We’re the only scrap yard in Houston that proudly believes in saving the planet. We do this while simultaneously giving you new ways to make some extra cash. No other scrap yard works harder for its customers than Astro City Scrap Metal.

All About Brass Scrap Metal

You might be wondering what brass is or where you could possibly find it. Brass is an instantly recognizable metal. This is because of its color and composition. At its core, brass is a highly conductive material.

Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me

Your search for Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me starts with Astro City!

This means that you can use them to create electronic devices and appliances. You can often find these items inside your homes. Brass has also made away for the evolution of music. This is because music instrument manufacturers use brass to create horns, trumpets, tubas, and other orchestra instruments.

In addition, brass also comes in other forms, such as yellow brass. You can procure yellow brass from items such as plumbing pipes, vehicle radiators, railings, handles, door hinges, and more. At Astro City Scrap Metal, the general payout for brass metals are usually just under a dollar.

Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me

Get quality cash for your brass! Astro City is your choice for Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me.

In large quantities, this can add up very quickly. If you’re finding another scrap metal competitor advertising more for your brass metals, we’ll match or even exceed their prices. We do this because we want to use every possibility imaginable to repurpose or recycle your brass metal materials.

By bringing your brass metals to our scrap yard, you’d be doing your part to cut down on the massive amounts of landfills plaguing the city. As it currently stands, there are a little more than 128 landfills in Houston. While other scrap yards are able to pay out for your scrap metals, they largely contribute to the toxic landfills that pollute the Earth’s water and permeate the atmosphere.

Therefore, we do our part to stay environmentally friendly in our operations. We recycle all scrap metals submitted to our scrap yard and submit them to organizations that will utilize them properly. This is our promise to all of our customers. If you’re searching for the right Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me, you can find it with us at Astro City Scrap Metal.

Things We Don’t Accept At Astro City

At Astro City, we proudly accept a lot of different metals in our scrap yard. This is because the compositional makeup of these metals allows us to transform the items into reusable materials. These efforts coincide with our goal of using our work to elevate Earth’s cleanliness. Therefore, we can’t accept everything into our scrap yard. This is either because of government rules that we have to abide by or that the materials are simply unsafe for us to utilize.

Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me

To better serve you, we’ve created a list of items that we recommend you keep at home or take to other recycling facilities.

To better understand what type of items we can’t accept, please familiarize yourself with this list of items.

  • Batteries & Mercury Materials – Any batteries that you come across, whether full or dead, are not allowed in our scrap yard. If you think that batteries are recyclable, they are. However, we can’t accept them since they are extremely flammable when modified. This, of course, poses a hazard to our staff. We don’t allow thermometers, barometers, and auto switches either. This is because these items contain mercury, which is impossible to scrap by nature.
  • Beer Kegs & Glass – Most of the materials that we can’t accept are quite hazardous in nature. Other materials, however, are better off recycled in other facilities that accept them. You can say the same for glass and beer kegs. Broken glass can be extremely dangerous to handle. They can be highly contaminated or simply too dangerous. Therefore, there’ better off disposed of at facilities that will take them. In the same way, beer kegs contain metals inside their compositional makeup that is better utilized by the manufacturer. Therefore, it’s best to return the beer keg to those facilities if you’re looking to recycle them.
  • Radioactive Materials – You might think this is common knowledge, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to not bring these items to our scrap yard, or any scrap yard for that matter. Items like print rollers, metal powders, and asbestos-ridden materials are dangerous. By bringing these items, you’re putting yourself and our staff in a potentially dangerous health risk.

While this list isn’t complete, it encompasses a good chunk of what not to bring. We pay good money for the metals that you bring because it helps us make recycling. Are you having trouble deciphering whether or not the items you have are allowed? If so, please contact us. Our staff members will be happy to have a discussion with you. We want to be as helpful as we can because we believe in providing great customer service.

Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me At Astro City

Your brass metals are literally a goldmine. Don’t let your large quantities of brass metals go to waste. By bringing these items to our scrap yard, you’d be contributing to a great effort in keeping our planet’s environment clean to live in.

In addition to our efforts to maintain Earth’s sustainability, we offer plenty of services to help you earn more for your scrap metal. While we specialize in weighing and repurposing your items, we also offer a complimentary wire stripping service for those who want to extract the metal from wires. This involves pulling off the insulated coating. We offer this service at a low price for individuals. If you’re a professional electrician or you’re a company looking to utilize our wire stripping tool, we offer this service at no charge.

This is just one of the many ways we offer our services to the public. If you have brass metals that need recycling, stop by our scrap yard today. We’d be happy to help you. For your convenience, we can be reached at 713-497-2999. If you’re eagerly looking for a Houston TX Where Can I Sell Brass Near Me, you can find it with us at Astro City Scrap Metal.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • Move over Banksy, Houston has the Kingspoint Mullet. Hidden behind the Almeda Mall off Gulf Freeway, this graffiti grail is literally covered in all colors of the rainbow. It is supposedly Houston’s largest graffiti art space.
  • The distance between each spike in the Lights Spike sculpture outside Terminal E at the George Bush International Airport is relative to the distance between Houston and the capital of each country the flags represent.
  • Despite popular belief, Sam Houston did not found the city—it was actually founded by two real estate entrepreneurs who named the city in honor of his military achievements.

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