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Houston TX Where To Sell Copper Wire Near Me

Are you looking for a place in Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me? Bring your copper wire to Astro City Scrap Metal today. If you are in the Houston area, today is your lucky day because there is a scrap yard near you to sell all your copper wires and cables. 

Having scrap metal is normal, especially if you like home DIY projects or work in an industry that uses metals. It is even more usual to have meta products and items in and around your home or workplace. An example of a metal product would be copper cable and wires. 

But you don’t want to have these items just hanging around. They are of much value, and you can even make some cash off of them. By taking your metal scrap items to a local metal scrap yard like ours, you can make extra cash and help the environment at the same time. 

So, pay us a visit at Astro City Scrap Metal. You are sure to get those scrap copper wires and cables off your hand and make some extra cash. 

Houston Scrap Yard: Astro City 

Learn more about our scrap yard and how we have become one of the largest non-ferrous metal scrap yards in the city of Houston. For over 20 years, we have been buying and selling scrap metal from and to individuals and businesses across the greater Houston area. In all this time, we have grown and become a more and more known scrap yard.  

Houston TX what is copper worth per pound

Visit us with your leftover copper wires and cables

For us, this is great because that means that more people realize that they can recycle their scrap metal. Metal does not have to be thrown away, and it sure doesn’t have to end up in our landfills. With that being said, our goal is to be able to have customers and clients come in and recycle their metals comfortably.

The best way to accomplish this is to have excellent customer service. For some, it may be their first time or experience selling scrap metal.

So, to make sure that they understand the transaction happening, we take the time to explain it to them. We let them know the price of the metal they want to sell, walk them through the process of weighing and determining the price and let them know that their item s going to be recycled.  

For customers that are already familiar with the process, we don’t treat them any differently—ensuring that every customer always receives an excellent service no matter what. 

You, too, can experience our fantastic customer service today. All you have to do is visit us. Bring in any scrap metals, and we will buy them from you at an amazing price. We have over eighteen thousand square feet of scrap yard, so we assure what you bring in will be recycled. 

Copper Wires and Cables

Copper wires and cables are extremely familiar to our scrap yard. This is because there are not many Houston scrap yards that accept any wires or cables. But there are a lot of people and businesses that need to get rid of the cables and wires that they have. So, they visit us. 

Copper is actually a non-ferrous metal, and that is also part of the reasons we accept copper wire and cables. This metal, in specific, offers a lot of amazing qualities.

Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me

Sell copper wires and cables at Astro City Scrap Metal and get extra cash

For example, copper can be reformed into another product easily. This simply means that it is malleable. In addition, when it is being reformed, it doesn’t take a significant amount of time to cool down and take the shape of the product it is being made into. 

So, we can see why kitchen cookware producers and even musical instrument makers like to use it. They can make it into any shape they would like in a short time. 

For copper wires and cables, the quality that copper shows off here is the conductivity of electricity. Copper is a great electric conductor, and that is why the majority of the wires and cables in buildings, homes, and technology are copper wires. 

So instead of throwing away that item with copper wire or throwing out a copper wire cable you are not using anymore, bring it to Astro City Scrap Metal today. We are a Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me.

Sell other Types of Scrap Metal 

In addition to bringing in your copper wires, you can also bring in other non-ferrous metals. Remember, most metals can be recycled. The reason non-ferrous metals are so often recycled is because of how well they retain their properties. 

 We are looking for metals that do a great job at keeping their most popular properties during the recycling process. Because in the long run, that is what they are going to be used for. So, non-ferrous metals actually do a remarkable job at retaining these properties for later use.

Some other examples of these types of metals include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. If you have any of these metals or items with these metals, go ahead and bring them in today. There are a few items that we do not accept. Take a look at this list before visiting us. 

Scrap Metal Prices 

For the pricing of copper wires and all metals, we depend on the metal market. But even though we have to wait for the market, we make sure that when we set our price, it is the best competitive price. This is because we understand the value of metals, and so does the market.

Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me

Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me

It is easy just to pick the average price or rate to buy or sell metals, but by giving you the highest price, we know that you are getting the full value of your metals.

So for copper cables and wires, we buy them per pound. We weigh the metals that you give bring and then use the price of the day to calculate what to give you. So, bring your copper wires today to be bought at an amazing price

Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me

Visit us today at Astro City Scrap Metals. If you have any remaining questions about what we can buy from you, give us a call. You can also call us before you get here to get the price of copper. 

A place in Houston TX where to sell copper wire near me is Astro City Scrap Metal. 

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