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scrap copper prices 77018

When you need to hear the latest scrap copper prices 77018, give Astro City Scrap Metal a call! We update our scrap metal prices daily and will give you the best prices for all non-ferrous scrap metals, guaranteed.

Wondering what the most valuable scrap metal is and how prices are determined? We’re here to help. Let’s look at some of the most common questions about scrap yards.

What is a scrap yard?

Metal scrap yards buy, sell, and recycle scrap metal. In Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas, we’re familiar with recycling soda cans, milk bottles, cardboard, paper, etc. However, few people realize they can actually recycle many metals.

What metals are we talking about? They are all around you. Your faucets, pipes, plumbing fittings, radiators, air conditioner components, electrical wires, and more all contain scrap metal that can be recycled–for money!

So, the next time you have some metal pieces, take them to a scrap yard! You’ll be helping the earth and feeding your wallet. Not too shabby!

scrap copper prices 77018

Brass, copper, aluminum, and wires are some of the most commonly recycled metals

How much is my scrap metal worth?

Scrap metal costs are based on market demand, and they do change often–even daily. If you want to know the absolute latest prices, you should give your local scrap yard a call.

Now, we know that’s not the answer you want to hear. You’re surfing the web for actual prices, not some vague answer. No worries! We can give you some ideas.

Things to consider

Before we dive too deep into specifics, let’s get a few broad topics out of the way. If you know whether your metal is ferrous or non-ferrous, you’ll immediately know whether it’s worth selling. In addition, you can narrow it down much more if you know the exact type of metal.

What is a ferrous metal?

The term ferrous is the fancy way of describing a metal’s magnetic property. There are some nitty-gritty details why scientists use ferrous instead of magnetic and non-magnetic, but for scrap purposes, all you really need to know is that it means magnetic.

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell whether you have a ferrous or non-ferrous metal in your hands. Magnets will stick to ferrous metals and fall off of non-ferrous metals. So, grab a magnet and see what happens!

If you have a ferrous (magnetic) metal in your hands, it’s probably not worth taking to a scrap yard. Unless you have a truckload. Then you might get a return on your trouble.

However, if you have a non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metal, bring it to your scrap dealer! It’s worth selling, especially if you have a large quantity.


If you know the exact type of metal you have, you can get a really good idea of a price range. Keep in mind that scrap metal is sold by the pound. You almost certainly won’t be paid by scrap.


scrap copper prices 77018

Copper is the most valuable scrap metal.

If you have copper, you are in luck! It’s the most valuable scrap on the market. Scrap copper prices 77018 can reach over $4.00 per pound.

However, copper content makes a big difference. Items that are pure copper will sell at the highest price, while those with a lower copper content may only sell for about 50 cents per pound.


Brass will also sell for a pretty penny. It comes in red and yellow, and red brass tends to sell for slightly more than yellow. However, both will bring in about $2.50 per pound.

Insulated wires

All those electrical wires running through your home are worth a lot because most of them have copper. In fact, electricians often bring all the scrap wire they collect from homes to scrap yards. They’re earning money off your wires, so next time your electrician replaces a wire, tell them you want the old one!

However, wire type makes a big difference in price. A No. 10 wire could get you $4.00 per pound or more. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a No. 2 wire will probably only bring in about $1.50 per pound.


Unfortunately, you’ll need a lot of aluminum to make a decent profit. Aluminum typically sells around 85 cents per pound.

Why are scrap copper prices 77018 so high?

Copper is worth a pretty penny because there is a high demand for it, but inventory is low. Why is it so desirable? Oh, so many reasons.

Highly conductive: Electricians love to use this wire because it is considered the safest and most energy-efficient wire available. It also is easy to install.

Antibacterial properties: Yes, copper naturally kills and prevents bacterial growth! So, it’s extremely popular in the medical industry.

Durable: Copper is like that famous battery rabbit we all know: it keeps going and going and going. Other metals die out long before copper.

Recyclability: Unlike other metals, copper can be recycled a thousand times over without ever losing its properties. Other metals can only be recycled a few times and will lose helpful properties, and some can’t even be recycled.

Low inventory: With all these fabulous properties, you can see why people want copper. However, there are no more copper mines, and only a few factories are open. Since it’s also so durable, it doesn’t just appear by the truckload each day.

Where can I find scrap copper to sell?

Copper is all around you. Admittedly, though, you won’t actually see a lot of it unless you have x-ray vision. Or demolish your walls and appliances.

Common copper items we do see include pots, pans, medical trays, pipes under your sink, plumbing fittings. You’ll need x-ray vision or demolition tools to see the copper in your electrical wires, appliances, and underground pipes, though.

scrap copper prices 77018

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About us

Astro City Scrap Metal is the fastest-growing scrap yard in the Greater Houston Area. We accept all non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, carbide scraps, wires, most stainless steel, radiators, alloys, and more.

We cannot accept ferrous (magnetic) metals like steel and iron. In addition, for safety and legal reasons, we cannot accept certain items such as radioactive material, asbestos-contaminated metal, mercury, A/C units with freon, etc.

Astro City Scrap Metal is your local scrap dealer

The next time you want unbeatable scrap copper prices 77018, we hope you’ll give us a call.

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