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scrap copper prices 77076

For the latest scrap copper prices 77076, call Astro City Scrap Metal. We’ll let you know your scrap metal’s current market value and will give you the best price, guaranteed.

How is scrap metal paid?

Scrap metal is almost universally paid by the pound. It’s very unlikely that you’ll be paid by the scrap.

What are the current scrap metal prices?

First, know that scrap metal prices vary based on market demand, so they change daily. However, we can give you a general idea of how much your scrap metal is worth.

scrap copper prices 77076

Scrap metal prices vary based on market demand


Copper is the most valuable scrap metal on the market. Pure copper can sell for over $4.000 per pound. However, if your scrap has a low copper content, it may only be worth 50 cents per pound.

Your local scrap yard can let you know how pure your copper is. If you’re worried you’re that you’re not getting the best price for your copper scrap, take it to another scrap yard in Houston!

Insulated wire

Prices for insulated wire vary quite a bit. It depends on the type of wire you have. A high-quality wire, like a No. 10 wire, can sell for over $4.00 per pound, but a No. 2 wire is only worth about 1.50 per pound.


Brass is classified as either red or yellow, and you’ll get a slightly higher price per pound for red brass. However, both sell for about $2.50 per pound.


You’ll want to collect a lot of aluminum before bringing it to a scrap yard. In general, aluminum scrap is usually worth less than a dollar per pound.

What if I don’t know what type of metal I have?

You don’t have to be a metal expert to know whether your metal is worth selling. There is an easy way to tell.

Metals are divided into two groups: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are magnetic and not worth much at all. Non-ferrous metals are not magnetic and can sell for quite a pretty penny.

Common examples of ferrous metals are steel and iron. Non-ferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminum, and more.

To quickly tell a ferrous from a non-ferrous metal, see if a magnet will stick to it. And it doesn’t have to be a super-strong magnet. A ferrous metal will attract even the weakest magnet, so one off your fridge works fine.

Magnets stick to ferrous metals and fall off of non-ferrous metals. If your magnet sticks to your scrap, it’s ferrous and probably not worth selling.

However, if it falls off, it’s a non-ferrous metal, and you should consider selling it for scrap!

Why are scrap copper prices 77076 so high?

Copper is in very high demand, but there is a very low supply. Classic economics tells us this makes prices skyrocket.

Why is there a high demand for copper?

Durability: Copper is one of the most durable scrap metals. It runs marathons time and time again without getting tired.

Conductivity: Copper is hot in the electrical market for a reason: it’s the best electrical conductor available. Electricians say it’s the safest and most energy-efficient option. Added bonus: it’s very easy to install.

Antibacterial properties: Did you know your non-copper pots and pans are growing bacteria as they age? Well, they are. Copper, on the other hand, prevents and kills bacteria.

Recyclability: It’s not just durable; it’s infinitely recyclable. You can recycle copper without losing its valuable properties. Other metals lose some properties during the recycling process.

scrap copper prices 77076

Pipes, wires, and cookware are common places to find scrap copper

Why is there a copper shortage?

Copper once was widely available. Mines were booming, and factories were hopping. But not anymore.

But wait, isn’t there still copper in the earth? Yes, there’s actually plenty of copper. However, we can’t easily get it.

Miners would need to use high-pressure, explosive means to get copper out of the ground. You can liken the intensity (and controversy) to hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

Finally, since copper is highly durable, copper products are used for a long time before they are recycled. So, copper products aren’t re-entering the market at blasting speeds.

All of these factors combined make scrap copper prices 77076 go through the roof.

Where can I find copper scrap?

In so many places! Granted, many of those places are tucked out of sight. So where is it all?

Electrical wires, pipes, plumbing fittings, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, inside A/U units, auto parts, ovens, refrigerators, etc., are all places where you can find copper. And these are all items you can bring in to recycle the scrap.

Can I melt my pennies?

Well, it depends on why you want to melt your pennies. Are you melting them for yourself, or are you melting them to sell scrap copper? One is legal, and the other is not.

Since you’re reading a scarp yard article, though, we’ll assume you mean the latter: melt pennies to sell the copper scrap. No, it’s illegal to melt pennies for copper scrap. Further, you cannot legally transport more than $5 in pennies between state lines.

Also, not all pennies are equal. The government stopped minting nearly pure copper pennies (95% copper) in 1982. After 1982, they changed the recipe to 95% zinc.

Here’s a fun tidbit: you can melt pennies if you are not planning to sell them. For example, melting and stamping pennies at a museum, zoo, park, etc., is legal because you’re making a personal keepsake.

scrap copper prices 77076

Astro City Scrap Metal gives you the best scrap copper prices 77076

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Astro City Scrap Metal is the fastest growing scrap yard in Houston, Texas, and offers the highest scrap metal prices for non-ferrous metals (non-magnetic), guaranteed. Our friendly and efficient staff will unload, weigh, and grade your scrap metal and offer you cash on the spot.

We accept all non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, most stainless steels, carbide scraps, insulated wires, radiators, and more.
Astro City Scrap Metal is unable to accept ferrous (magnetic) metals such as steel and iron. If you’re unsure whether your metal is ferrous or non-ferrous, bring it in, and we will test it for free!

In addition to ferrous metals, we cannot accept hazardous items like radioactive material, mercury, A/C units with freon, batteries, etc. A full list of the items we cannot accept is listed on our site.

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