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Scrap Copper Prices 77090

If you want to know the latest scrap copper prices 77090, then you should pick up a phone and call us up! Our team at Astro City can help you with all your metal pricing needs. Astro City Scrap Metal has been in the business of scrapping for over 35 years. That’s over three decades of serving the Greater Houston area with all their scrap metal needs.

We made a promise to our customers that we guarantee to provide you with the best cash payout possible. This means that no matter what scrap yard you go to, we will beat or match their offer. So give us a call before you decide to sell to someone else. We will make sure to give you the best offer out of any of our competitors.

When you’re calling about metal prices, you should keep in mind that it’s never a set price. Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis due to demand and underlying value. So you can’t count on a price given on a Monday to reflect the price when you go to sell on Friday. While the difference in price in a single week might not be drastic, you still need to keep this in mind when shopping around.

Still, you can count on Astro City to offer you the highest cash payout for your scrap. Our team ensures that you will always get the best deal by using the latest tech when handling your scrap. Astro City is always moving forward to grow in our space. So we strive to provide you with a great experience when you stop by, so give us a call if you have any questions before you show up.

Scrap Copper Prices 77090

scrap copper prices 77090

We can tell you all about the different types of copper metal!

When you’re looking into different prices on metal, you could take the long and tedious route. You know, studying the metal market and learning the patterns and trends that are taking place. Or you could just call up Astro City and talk to a helpful team member.

We can let you know about the different metals and their prices when you call or come in. Our team can also explain how we determine the price value of your scrap. In fact, our team can test your scrap metal with no pressure to sell for free. So that you’ll know what you have when you’re ready to sell.

Copper, in particular, is a hot item in the market because of its versatility. There are a few different types of copper that we accept here at Astro City, such as:

  • Extension Cords
  • Copper Fittings
  • Insulated Wire
  • Home Decor
  • Radiators

You can hardly walk into a building without running into something that is using copper one way or another. It can be found in many different things like wiring, appliances, even phones. So if you have any spare copper around, you should bring it to our scrap yard and get cash today!

This Is How We Do It!

Before you start to think about scrap copper prices 77090, you should know more about how we go about our business. When you get to Astro City, our talented team will help you unload your scrap haul. Then we will begin the real work of sorting and grading your metal.

The technology we use to get accurate readings of the elemental breakdown of your scrap is the latest in the field. X-Ray Fluorescence scanners are reliable and help us determine the value so you can get the most for your scrap. With the analysis grading of your metal, we then move it onto the scale.

scrap copper prices 77090

Give us a call or check out our website for more information!

Our scales are open, so you can watch your scrap get weighed. As for the types of metals we accept, keep on reading for more details!

We’ll Take That

This is a list of non-ferrous metals that we accept at Astro City. There are a lot of different reasons as to why Astro City only takes non-ferrous metals. The reasons span from different environmental policies and legal reasons to the simple fact that non-ferrous metals are easier to deal with.

Non-ferrous metals are typically lightweight and are non-corrosive or at least have a strong resistance to that and rust. The non-ferrous types of metal are also more valuable than normal ferrous metals due to the demand. Non-ferrous metals are used in a lot of different everyday items, so they are sot after more.

No Thanks, Not That

Since we’re on the subject, we should point out that Astro City only accepts non-ferrous metals. That being said, you might not know what kinds of metals count as ferrous, meaning not acceptable at our scrap yard. This is a cursory list of things we just can not take at Astro City.

We Do Not Accept:

  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Beer Kegs
  • Computers
  • Metal Powders
  • Closed Containers
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Loaded Bullets and Shells
  • Print Rollers with Selenium
  • Air Conditioners with Freon
  • Materials Containing Mercury
  • Materials Containing Asbestos
  • Flammable or Combustible Materials

Some of these items are simply too dangerous for you or our staff to handle. Such as combustible items or materials that contain mercury; these are a hazard, and as such, we don’t deal in them. Other items like batteries can be recycled if they are properly disposed of through the right channels. We are not the right channels for that.

Astro City Is Here For You!

scrap copper prices 77090

If you want scrap copper prices 77090, give us a call.

Our base of operations is located in the Greater Houston area. So when it’s time to sell your scrap haul, head our way. Pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions about what we can or cannot take before you leave. Our team is always looking forward to hearing from you.

Check our website out if you want to learn more about the different scrap metals. You can also find out more about our company and how we make sure you are getting the top dollar for your scrap metal. Our Astro City team is passionate and always professional in doing their work.

Astro City can be your one-stop shop for all your scrap metal needs, so what are you waiting for? Remember that metal prices are always in a flux. So call Astro City for the latest scrap copper prices 77090 when you’re ready to sell!

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