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Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008

Astro City Scrap Metal is proud to be your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008. For years, we have been offering quality customer service and great prices for scrap metal. If you’re interested in visiting our scrap yard, be sure to give us a call and find out which metals we can and can’t accept.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008

Looking to get rid of old hardware tools? Visit Astro City!

There are hundreds of scrap yards throughout the Greater Houston area. With that in mind, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Astro City is here to make your decision easier. Not only does Astro City accept a wide range of metals, but we use the most ecological processes to recycle the metal scraps brought to our scrap yard. Furthermore, Astro City Scrap Metal offers the most competitive prices in Houston, Texas. So. if you’re looking to help the planet and fill your pockets in the process, bring your metal scrap to Astro City.

Our dedicated team has been offering nothing short of quality service for over 22 years. With that in mind, you can trust our team to handle your metal scrap expertly. When you bring your scrap to Astro City Scrap Metal, you never have to worry about contributing to landfills. This is because we repurpose all metals brought our way.

We don’t just buy scrap metal; we also buy it! After you’ve brought your scrap to us and it has gone through our process, we sell these repurposed scraps to companies and industries who have a use for them. If you’d like additional information about this, feel free to contact our team. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a scrap yard that will sell you metal or buy your old scraps, trust Astro City. You won’t find better Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008!

Metal Recycling Center

Unfortunately, our services here at Astro City are limited. Much like every other metal recycling center in Houston, there are certain items we cannot accept. We do, however, accept all types of non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum. Although we cannot accept the majority of ferrous scrap metals, we are able to take your stainless steel.

We understand that it can be difficult to distinguish whether your scrap metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. That is why our expert team is here to help. Astro City Scrap Metal proudly offers a free metal testing service to its customers. If you bring your scrap metal to our Houston, TX recycling facility, we will use our advanced technology to determine the elemental composition of your scrap metal. From there, we are able to establish what type of metal your scrap is.

If your scrap is a metal we can accept, our team will offer you the most competitive prices in the greater Houston area. However, if your metal is a type that we cannot accept, we will do our best to help you find somewhere more suitable to take your scrap. Of course, there are certain limitations to scrap metal recycling facilities such as yours. For example, some metals and other materials can be hazardous. For health and safety reasons, we are unable to accept certain items.

Some of the materials we are unable to accept include the following:

  • Batteries
  • Metal Powders
  • Air Conditioners with Freon
  • Beer Kegs
  • Computers
  • Combustible or Flammable Materials
  • Materials that contain Asbestos

If you’d like the full list of materials that we can not accept here at Astro City Scrap Metal, reach out to our team today.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008

Ask about our wire stripping process today.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008

Whether you’re looking to recycle an old radiator or copper pipers, you can rely on Astro City. In addition to accepting a range of metals, including aluminum and copper, we accept scrap metals of all sizes. From insulated wires to large car parts, you won’t find Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008 that are more accommodating to your needs.

You may be wondering if it’s worth your time recycling insulated wires. After all, they are small and probably won’t make you much money, right? Wrong! Insulated wires contain copper, which is one of the most sought-after metals. Additionally, copper will get you the best prices for your scrap metal. So, if you have any insulated wires lying around, it is definitely worth your time taking them to a recycling center.

Wire Stripping

Of course, scrap yards only accept metals, and insulated wires are made up of a plethora of materials. With that in mind, you’ll need to strip your wires of any foreign materials before taking them to a scrapyard. Foreign materials are classed as any item that is not metal. For example, the insulated coating that lines these wires.

These foreign materials can de-value your scrap, meaning you won’t make as much money for your scrap. If you’re looking for top prices and quality service, look no further than Astro City Scrap Metal. We proudly offer wire stripping services to electricians and other professionals. To learn more about this, reach out to our team today.

Scrap your Radiators

Radiators are among the many items we accept here at Astro City. Radiators can be found inside many appliances such as washing machines. Additionally, you can scrap your old car radiator for a little extra cash. Copper was the first metal discovered by man. Consequently, it was once sued for almost everything. With that in mind, if you have an older model of truck to car, chances are its radiator is made from copper and brass.

Nowadays, aluminum is more common for radiators. However, no matter what metal your radiator is made from, Astro City is here to offer you the very best rates. It’s no wonder so many people visit us when they’re looking for Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008

Astro City is your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008.

If you’d like to learn more about our recycling equipment or process, feel free to reach out to our team. We will do our best to provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Call Astro City Scrap Metal today and allow us to be your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77008.

77008 Fun Facts:

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  • This area has an elevation of 55 feet above sea level.
  • The average commute for residents here is 22.5 minutes.
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