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Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018

Astro City is proud to be your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018. For over 22 years, we have been buying, recycling, and selling scrap metal in the Greater Houston area. In that time, we have built a reputation for being one of the most trusted metal scrap centers in Houston. If you’re looking to get the best value for your scrap brass, aluminum, or copper, look no further than Astro City Scrap Metal.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018

Astro City is here to recycle your old vehicle parts.

Astro City is dedicated to recycling metal scraps in the most economical ways possible. We use the most advanced technology and offer the best scrap metal rates in Houston, Texas. Recycling your metal isn’t just about the cash it fills your pockets with; it also benefits the environment.

Metal is just one of many materials here on earth that can be recycled. When you choose to do so, these materials can be repurposed for future appliances, construction jobs, and much more. Asa result, fewer metals are needed to be produced, meaning fewer resources are wasted. If you’re looking to make some money and save the planet in the process, bring your scrap to Astro City today.

We only utilize the most advanced technology here at our scrap yard. When you bring us your scrap, you never have to worry that your scrap metal is contributing to landfills or waste. This is because we sell your scrap to companies that need the materials. If you’d like to learn more about our recycling process, give us a call today. You’ll soon see why Astro City is the Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018 you should partner with.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018

It should be noted that there are hundreds of scrap yards throughout the Houston area. However, each scrap yard is different. Astro City’s dedication to its customers is what sets us apart from the rest. Additionally, since opening, we have been proud to offer the best prices for non-ferrous metal scraps.

Metals are one of the best materials you can recycle as they can be used time and time again. This is even more so with non-ferrous metals as they are resistant to corrosion. Here at Astro City, we specialize in buying and selling non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, and more. Ferrous metals are just one of the few things we don’t accept. However, although stainless steel is a ferrous metal, Astro City welcomes your stainless steel scraps.

What’s more, no matter what size of scrap you’re looking to get rid of, you can rely on our expert team. From large kitchen appliances to measly copper pipes and wires, Astro City is here to help.

Test your Scrap Metal at Astro City

Here at Astro City, we understand that it can be tricky to recognize whether your metal is ferrous or non-ferrous. That is why we offer a free testing service at our recycling center. As previously stated, we use the most advanced technology in our process. These devices allow us to analyze the elemental composition of your metal scraps. As a result, we can accurately identify precisely what metal your scrap is.

If it happens to be a metal we can accept, Astro City will offer you the very best prices. Alternatively, if it is a metal we cannot accept, our team will do their best to help you locate a more suitable scrap yard or recycling facility to take your scraps.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018

We are your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018.

Metals We Accept

Astro City Scrap Metal should be your first choice when you’re looking for Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018. We proudly accept a wide range of non-ferrous metals, from stainless steel kitchen appliances to copper and brass radiators. Our team is proud to offer you the very best deals. Some of the more common items brought to our scrap yard include the following:

  • Copper Pipes & Wires
  • Vehicle Parts, i.e., wheels and transformers
  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Brass hardware
  • And more

To learn the full list of metals we accept here, contact Astro City today.

Metals We Can’t Accept.

Ferrous metals aren’t the only materials we can’t accept here at Astro City. Due to health and safety regulations, certain materials need to be taken to special facilities for recycling or disposing of. Some of those items include Air conditioners with freon and materials that contain mercury, are just some of the materials not accepted at Astro City.

Other materials/ metals we can’t accept include the following:

  • Batteries
  • Beer Kegs
  • Computers
  • Metal Powders
  • Materials that contain Asbestos

Here at Astro City, we want to do the absolute most for our customers. With that in mind, we never want you to waste a journey to our scrap yard. That is why we encourage you to give us a call before stopping by. That way, you can be sure we accept your metals before making a trip.

Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018

Astro City utilizes the best technology around.

Scrap Metal Pricing

There are a few things you should be aware of before you visit Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018. The price of scrap metal is constantly changed. With that in mind, you should never expect a fixed price when you’re looking to scrap your metal.

So, why does the price of scrap metal change? Well, the demand for certain metals is always changing. Consequently, when a metal, such as brass is in high demand, you’ll be able to fetch a pretty penny for it. Whereas when a metal isn’t in demand, you won’t get as great a price for it.

Copper, being the oldest metal known to man, may be the only exception to this rule. This is because copper is rarely in low demand. With that in mind, you should expect great rates every time for your copper scrap.

When you choose Astro City Scrap Metal as your Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me 77018, you can trust you’ll get the best prices in Houston, TX for your metal scrap; call today!

77018 Fun Facts:

  • The median age in the community here is 39.
  • The zip code is attached to Harris County.
  • The area sits at an elevation of 80 feet above sea level.
  • To learn more about Houston and the 77018 area, visit today.