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Amazing scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX are here at Astro City Metal Scrap. When you do business with us, you can definitely maximize your profits and walk away with heavy, full pockets. Trust Astro City Scrap Metal for honest pricing, high returns, and an exceptional customer experience. Stop by our location today or give us a call.

scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX

We are an establishment of professional scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX.

The Best Scrap Metal Dealers Harris County, TX

We are confident that once you choose us, you will understand why our customers continue to return. Don’t accept anything less than what you’re worth. Visit Astro City Scrap Metal to discover the true worth of your scrap metals.

Astro City Scrap Metal is one of Houston’s largest non-ferrous scrap yards staffed with the best scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX. Because of our large size and capabilities, we can handle a wide range of materials, ensuring that we can meet your needs effectively. We have the expertise and resources to handle non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and more.

One of the best things about our service is how easy it is to use. Once you bring your materials to us, we’ll take care of unloading, weighing, and payment. We know how important time is and work hard to give our customers an easy and quick experience. You can count on us to make payments quickly and correctly so that you get your money as soon as possible.

We Will Take Your Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps

Non-ferrous metal scrap has many applications in manufacturing and recycling. In contrast to ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals are either alloys or pure metals that do not contain iron. Metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and the like are in high demand and worth a lot because of their special properties.

Our scrap metal dealers accept the following:

  • Copper – Copper’s high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability make it a valuable commodity in the scrap metal trade. It has numerous practical uses in the fields of electrical engineering, plumbing, and manufacturing. Copper recycling is a greener option because it cuts down on mining and extraction.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum’s lightweight qualities belies its high strength and corrosion resistance. It finds widespread application in building, driving, packing, and buying things. Aluminum recycling is a sustainable and energy-efficient practice because it reduces the need for primary production.
  • Alloys – Bronze and brass are examples of alloys, materials made by combining multiple metals to increase one another’s strengths and resistance to things like heat and corrosion. The unique properties of alloys can be preserved through recycling, and the need for virgin resources can be reduced.

    scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX

    We will take your insulated wires.

  • Brass – As a copper-zinc alloy, brass is prized for its aesthetic appeal, durability, and sound-dampening qualities. It’s used for things like electrical connectors, musical instruments, home decor, and plumbing fixtures. By reusing old brass, we can cut down on mining and other resource- and energy-intensive manufacturing steps.
  • Carbide ScrapsCarbide scraps are usually old cutting tools or parts that don’t wear out easily. They are made of tungsten carbide or other carbide compounds. Because these materials have a lot of tungsten in them, they are very durable and good for recycling. Recycling carbide helps get back valuable metals and reduces waste.
  • Radiators – Aluminum and copper are found in radiators. By reclaiming these non-ferrous materials through recycling efforts, we are able to cut down on the extraction of raw materials and consequently lessen our ecological footprint. Radiators contain valuable metals that can be salvaged by our scrap metal dealers.
  • Stainless Steel – The high amount of chromium in stainless steel makes it resistant to corrosion, so even though it has iron in it, the metal is recycled. Reusing and recycling stainless steel helps cut down on waste and energy use.
  • Insulated Wire – Wires made of copper or aluminum that have been insulated with a material like plastic or rubber are called insulated wires. Insulated wire can be recycled by stripping it down to its metal core and insulation, which can then be sold or recycled separately.

Why Bring Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps to Us?

If you have non-ferrous metals lying around and you are unsure what to do with it all, bring it to our scrap metal dealers. You’ll become acquainted with nothing but benefits when you do business with us.

Financial Gain

For one, working with us allows you to experience tremendous financial gain. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass have a high value. If you sell your scrap metal, you can profit from something that others may consider waste. To get the most money for your scrap metal, take advantage of the competitive prices offered by scrap yards such as Astro City Scrap Metal.

We prioritize your financial success as one of Houston’s largest non-ferrous scrap yards. We are well aware that scrap metal prices fluctuate frequently, which is why we have implemented a fair and accurate pricing system. We update our pricing every morning so you know exactly how much you’ll get for your scrap copper, brass, or other non-ferrous materials. You can trust our scrap metal dealers to give you the most accurate and fair price in the market.

Protect the Environment

Bringing your trash to us also helps protect the environment, which is always a good thing. Recycling non-ferrous scrap metal is the best thing to do for the environment. Mining and getting raw materials out of the ground uses a lot of energy. It also has the potential to hurt natural ecosystems and pollute the area around it.

You can help save natural resources and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by selling your old metal to be recycled. Recycling non-ferrous metals helps cut down on the amount of trash that ends up in landfills because they can be used to make new things.

scrap metal dealers Harris County, TX

You can do your part in preserving the environment when you bring your scraps to us.

Recycling non-ferrous scrap metal is a much more efficient use of energy than mining and refining metals from their ores. For example, recycling aluminum only uses about 5 percent of the energy needed to make it from scratch.

By selling non-ferrous scrap metal to our scrap metal dealers Harris Hounty, TX, you can indirectly save energy and reduce the need for energy-intensive ways to make metal.

Fun Facts about Harris County, TX:

  • The county has a robust medical and healthcare sector, with the renowned Texas Medical Center located in Houston.
  • Harris County is home to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.
  • Harris County is home to the Houston Ship Channel, one of the busiest seaports and industrial corridors in the world.