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Scrap Metal Near Me 77022

Looking for a recycling center that will take Scrap Metal Near Me 77022? Look no further than Astro City Scrap Metal. Since 1982, we have been offering quality service and great rates for scrap metal in the Greater Houston area. Whether you’re looking to get rid of an old kitchen appliance or copper pipes and wires, Astro City is here to help. Call today and ask about the metals we can and can’t accept here at our scrap yard.

Scrap Metal Near Me 77022

Astro City will gladly take your scrap metal off your hands.

Recycle your Scrap Metal with Astro City

It’s not uncommon for people to have random scraps and old junk lying around their homes. Many people tend to use their garage or attic as a dumping ground for these old useless items. This is because recycling services will only take cans, glass, and cardboard boxes and refuse to take larger appliances such as fridges and radiators. As a result, if you have any of these old objects, there’s a high chance they’re occupying space around your home.

Why not free up some of that space and make a little cash in the process? When you visit Astro City, we will pay you top dollar for your non-ferrous scraps. If metal is something you know little about, you may be unfamiliar with this term. Ferrous and non-ferrous are the two main types of metals. If a metal is non-ferrous, it means it contains no iron whatsoever. In comparison, metals that do contain iron are referred to as ferrous.

Every scrap yard in the Houston area is different. With that in mind, you need to be aware of what items and materials you can take where. Here at Astro City, we proudly accept a range of non-ferrous metals from copper to aluminum to brass. So if you’re looking for somewhere that accepts your Scrap Metal Near Me 77022, call Astro City today!

Helping the Planet with your Scrap Metal

Here at Astro City, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive prices for scrap metal in the Houston area. Our promise to our customers is that we will either meet or beat the competitors’ pricing. So, if you’re looking to make the most from your metal scrap, you know where to go.

Recycling your metal scrap isn’t just a way to make some extra cash; it also benefits the environment! When metal is recycled, it means more metal is in rotation and readily available ot be sued for a brand new project, appliance, or item. As a result, fewer metals are needed to be produced. This means that fewer resources are wasted in the production of new metals. However, it’s not just resources that are used up in this production process.

Energy, CO2, and many other things that are harmful to the planet are used/needed during this process. So, the fewer resources that are made, the healthier the planet will be. If you’re looking to protect the environment and make a little cash, why not bring your scrap metal to Astro City today?

Scrap Metal Near Me 77022

Visit Astro City when you need a place that accepts Scrap Metal Near Me 77022.

Scrap Metal Pricing

The price of metal scraps is constantly changing. This is because the demand for certain metals changes over time. One day brass is in high demand; the next, it may not be. With that in mind, you should never expect there to be a baseline or fixed price when you visit a scrapping center. However, when you choose Astro City as your metal scrapyard, you can trust you’ll receive the best rates in Houston.

Whether the metal you’re scrapping is currently in high demand or not, the prices at Astro City will not be beaten. Copper is potentially the only metal where you will always receive an excellent price. Why is that? Well, copper is the oldest metal known to man. It has been used for centuries and for an array of things. Consequently, copper is sought out by several industries meaning it is rarely not in demand.

So, if you have any copper scraps lying around your home, whether it be scrap piping or an old truck radiator, bring it down to Astro City and line your pockets with cash.

Scrap Metal Near Me 77022

Here at Astro City, we want to do our part for the environment. That is why we accept as many metal scraps as possible. Of course, due to government and company reasons, there are certain metals we can’t accept. Ferrous metals and specific items will need to be recycled at other facilities. However, our team will do its best to help you with this.

It can be difficult knowing what type of metal your scrap is, especially if you’re unfamiliar with metal types. That is why we offer a free metal testing service. If you have any metal scraps, be sure to visit our scrap yard. Our expert team utilizes the most advanced technology to analyze your scrap. From there, we can determine the elemental composition of your metal scrap. If your scrap is a metal we accept, we will offer you the best prices in the County. If not, we will help you find somewhere more suitable to take your scrap.

Scrap Metal Near Me 77022

Contact our team today to learn of additional metals we can’t accept.

Metals We Can’t Accept.

For reference, some of the items we can’t accept here at Astro City include the following:

  • Beer Kegs
  • Batteries
  • Materials containing Mercury
  • Air Conditioners with Freon
  • Cans & Glass
  • Metal Powders
  • Computers

If you have scrap metal lying around your home and are looking ot get rid of it, call Astro City today and see if we can take it off your hands. As previously mentioned, we cannot accept ferrous metals. However, stainless steel is an exception to this rule. Although it is a ferrous metal, Astro City does accept stainless steel scraps such as kitchen appliances and hardware.

If you’d like to learn further about the Scrap Metal Near Me 77022 that we accept, contact our team today. Additionally, if you’re interested in our other services, such as metal testing or wire stripping, visit our scrap yard, and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

When you’re looking for a place that accepts Scrap Metal Near Me 77022, call Astro City!

77022 Fun Facts:

  • This zip code area shares the same latitude as Lhasa Tibet
  • The average elevation here is 65 feet above sea level.
  • 77022 is located in Harris County.
  • To learn more about this area and Harris County, visit today.