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The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me hunting can finally come to a grueling halt! Now that Astro City is here for you and all of your selling and buying scrap metal desires

The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Come on by today!

Why would you want to trust your metal with someone who’s not 100% professional? Here at Astro City scrap yards, we have the best technology and employees to determine your ultimate pricing for your metals.

We rely on the honor code, which means we never purchase your precious metals for anything lower than than the daily and current price for it on the market.

Not all other scrap yards can promise the same!

Background of The Heights

Within the Greater Houston Area is a lovely city known as The Heights. The Heights, Texas, has quite a growing population, seeing that it is downtown in the heart of bustling Houston.

The population of the citizens that occupy The Heights sat at 40,075 individuals in 2019. That sure is a ton of people for one small downtown city!

In fact, that certainly means plenty of people looking to trade metal at a scrap yard at some point or another. Instead of aimlessly looking up The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me, just come on down to us at  the Astro City scrap yard!

Why Choose Astro City for Your Scrap Needs?

Now for starters, while there are plenty of individuals in The Heights and surrounding the Greater Houston Area, for that matter, this means plenty of scrap yards. Certainly, many of these scrap yards are reliable, such as ours!

The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

No one knows metal like AstroCity!

However, it can’t be guaranteed that they all are, because after all, there are always a few bad apples in any industry market. We are dedicated 100% to our customers, and as mentioned earlier, truly understand the plights in scraping metal.

We’ve been serving the Greater Houston Area for a long time now, and we haven’t gotten this far by being a business that tricks its customers when it comes down to pricing.

While the metal scrap market pricing is subject to change every single day, we have tools we use as well as the universal chart for price fluctuation on metal; this should give reassurance. Because quite frankly, many other shops could care less.

Not us, though; we want to see you get compensation for your hard work, and we understand scraping metals is very much hard work!

Our Lists of What We Do & Do Not Accept

Unlike some of our competition, we truly want you to get handsome rewards for the scrap metal you bring in. The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me journey can come to a close with our honest staff at Astro City.

We are extremely upfront about what we will and will not accept upon arrival for selling. To keep our customers informed before they enter our scrap yard, we’ve included a list of what we do and do not accept here at Astro City.

The list of what metal scrap materials we do accept are:

And that doesn’t even cover the list! Give us a buzz or stop in to ask more if you’re not sure what criteria of metal yours falls under.

Alternatively, we also make sure to let our potential customers are aware of the items we cannot take. Due to either legal reasons as well as government regulations and legalities, there are a few materials that are either too dangerous to accept or banned for other reasons.

The list of items we cannot accept at our scrap yard, or many others, for that matter, include:

  • Air conditioners that contain freon
  • Beer kegs
  • Batteries
  • Computers
  • Closed containers
  • Any materials that could contain mercury
  • Loaded bullets and shell casings
  • Metal powders of any kind
  • Asbestos-containing materials
  • Print rollers that contain selenium
  • Radioactive materials
  • Cans
  • Glass

As you can clearly see, we do accept much more than we must reject. It is mostly due to safety issues and the overall protection of dangerous materials from being exposed to you or us at the shop.

What’s so Great About Aluminum in Metal Scraping?

There are loads of reasons why aluminum is one of our most commonly bought and sold metals. It is one of the world’s most recyclable of all materials!

Creating aluminum using raw materials is quite an extensive and intricate process. Once it is made, it can be melted down, however, and recycled and reformed without losing much quality.

The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me at Astro City is an accepter of all aluminum metals such as:

  • House sidings
  • Pots and pans
  • Window frames
  • Car rims
  • Window frames
  • Car radiators

As one can tell, that’s not the extent of our list by any means. Yet, it still is a ton of aluminum items that most likely have in their household! Astro City accepts aluminum sheets, wheels, 60/61, transformers, extrusions, and the list goes on.

Why Recycling Aluminum is Awesome

Since aluminum is such an impressively sustainable metal, it can be recycled time and time again with no physical loss in quality.

The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me

Let our pros have a go on your scrap metal quotes.

What’s more, scraping aluminum is a large source for many different American industries.

When aluminum is recycled, it goes into creating and manufacturing many other products, benefiting the environment, economy, and even the community. Plus, it saves time, money, energy, and very precious resources.


When you consider the pros and cons of coming to Astro City scrap metal yards, the pros are certain to outweigh the cons. Scraping metals is your business, or maybe your hobby or side-profit, so why not be paid what you deserve?

Besides, many other scrap yards here in the Greater Houston Area can’t promise the certainty of top-dollar payments for your scrap metal. You did the work of scraping and collecting it, so you should receive proper compensation.

Why don’t you give us a call today to see how much you have to gain by taking your metals to us, (713)-697-2999. There genuinely is no better scrap metal yard in The Heights than right here with us. You can rest easy knowing you found a reliable and trustworthy scrap yard, meaning no more searching the web for The Heights TX Aluminum Recycling Near Me.

Fun Facts of The Heights

  • The Height’s history dates all the way back to the 1800s!
  • The city of The Heights holds many events, such as the Color Factory, Color Field, and more.
  • Within The Heights, hundreds of bars and restaurants reside, making it a hot tourist spot within the Greater Houston Area.
  • For more fun facts visit their official website!