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The Heights TX brass scrap

If you are looking for a The Heights TX brass scrap yard, Astro City Scrap, Metal is the place to go. Astro City Scrap Metal has created an environment that allows everyday people and businesses to come in with their scrap metal. This is significant because not every scrap yard does this. 

The Heights TX brass scrap yard

The Heights TX brass scrap yard

One of our goals deals with everyday individuals feeling comfortable coming in with their scrap and feeling comfortable. This can only be attained if we create an environment that encourages this. Thankfully, we have done just that. Having a scrap metal yard for as long as we have, has made us adhere to some things.

We want our scrap yard to be the first one you consider when you want to recycle any metal: our yard values friendliness and fast, quality service. Because we adopt these qualities, we keep our customers coming back.

If you have brass scrap in your home or around your business office, don’t throw it away. Come to Astro City today!

Why is Brass valuable 

One of the most commonly used metal materials used in serval different industries happens to be brass. When you talk about a versatile metal, you think about brass. Many people may not realize brass itself is not on the periodic table. This is because it is actually made up of 2 separate elements. These elements include copper and zinc. 

Most scrap yards are particular on the type of metal material, and scrap brought in. Metals can be recycled, reused, or repurposed, but only a certain amount. 

The type of metals that we mainly accept happens to be alloys and nonferrous metals. In this case, brass is an alloy. What qualifies it as an alloy is because it is made up of 2 other metals. 

Because there are two other metals in brass, it makes it a valuable metal. To create brass, both copper and zinc need to be mined. But if there is already brass made, those two metals no longer need to be mined, and we can use other brass parts to create more brass. This form of recycling is beneficial and is utilized at Astro City Scrap Metals. 

The Heights TX brass scrap yard

Bring in your scarp brass today

If you are not sure whether you have brass to bring in, you want to think again. In fact, there is probably brass in your home right now. The industries of plumbing and home decorators utilize brass very much. The two most common colors and types of brass happen to be red and yellow brass. 

Things like kitchen appliances and fixtures on plumbing are made of brass. So if you just got something fixed or replaced, don’t throw out the old brass. Bring it to us at Astro City, and we can recycle and use distribute it to other companies in need of it. 

Recycle the Brass in your home

When you bring in any brass scrap metal, we have some steps that we take to make sure that we can recycle the material. One of these steps includes checking the quality of the brass.

So many appliance fixtures and nobs and things of that sort are made with different things. So though it may look like brass, it may not be brass. Or it may say it’s made of brass but may not be a hundred percent made of brass. 

We use something called an X-Ray Fluorescence scanner that helps us view the quality of the metal that you bring in. Once we have seen the quality of the metal brought in, we can then move on to recycling or repurposing it. 

The metal industry heavily relies on the recycling of brass. Because mining for zinc and copper required more work and manpower, if we can take the brass that has already been made, there will be no need to mine those materials. Recycle your brass today! By doing so, you help the planet and the metal industry.  

We can take the quality brass you bring in and add it to other brass for businesses to use. Or we can also break it down with heat and make the brass’s quality even stronger than when you brought it in. No matter what kind of brass, it will be recycled and used for a greater purpose. 

Turn your Brass Scrap into Cash

A great way to make extra cash is to bring your metal scraps to a metal scrap yard. In the metal world, prices fluctuate. It is common to see a metal price today, and it changes the next day. This is because the market affects the costs, but you don’t have to worry about that.

The Heights TX brass scrap yard

Bring your metal and get extra cash

Some scrap yards, because of this, have a way of giving their customers the lowest rate. Astro City doesn’t do this. We give the best competitive rate that allows you to make the most money. For brass, the way we determine the amount of money you make is according to weight.

Weight is the biggest factor for many scrap yards. When you pull into our yard, we take the brass from you, weigh it and multiply the weight by the brass rate for the day. We also look at the type of brass that you bring in before. Every brass type has a rate of its own. Once the type of brass is discovered, we then multiply the rate with the weight.

Bring your brass in to make some extra cash. When you bring your scrap metal in, the rate of the metal will be established. Call us today if you have any other questions about Brass or how metal rates work. If you have scrap metal in your home, stop by our location today. Astro City is The Heights TX brass scrap yard that you need to visit.

The Heights TX brass scrap

Now that you have learned about brass and why it can be recycled, you can bring it into Astro City Scrap Metal today. We are near you, so you don’t have to worry about driving far. Astro City is the best The Heights TX brass scrap yard.

Facts about The Heights Tx

  • The Heights is a historical neighborhood in Downtown Houston
  • You can shop at cute and quirky shops on 19th street
  • The neighborhood goes as far back as the 1800s 
  • Learn more about the Heights Tx but visiting their website.