Where to Sell Scrap Metal for a Price | The Heights, TX

Learn where to sell scrap metal The Heights, TX for the right price. Astro City Scrap Metal is the place to go if you have excess scrap metal to offload. Rather than letting this non-ferrous scrap get thrown to the wayside, left to rot in some garbage pile, you can let them live a second life. Of course, you’ll also benefit from going out of your way to bring some scraps to us.

Where to Sell Scrap Metal The Heights, TX

Learn where to sell scrap metal when you call Astro City Scrap Metal. You can get a great price when you bring in your metal scraps.

Unlike some types of waste, most metal can be smelted and reprocessed into something else. Even if the gadget they were originally part of has been put out of commission, broken down, or otherwise become useless, the metal scraps aren’t trash. They still have the chance to turn into something meaningful again, but only if you bring them to a scrap yard that can process them.

Astro City Scrap Metal accepts most types of metal scrap. Some examples include scrap that contains or is made of copper, aluminum, alloys, brass, etc. The price we’ll buy them at will depend on the metal and the amount you bring in. However, this is subject to change depending on a few factors, so always be sure to call to confirm.

Our scrap yard is known for two qualities:

  1. We pay top dollar for your scrap metal.
  2. You’ll get nothing but excellent customer service when you stop by.

Rather than going elsewhere, come to Astro City Scrap Metal and get the price you deserve for your scraps. We’re one of the most trusted scrap metal recycling yards in the Houston area. So, come by today with your metal scraps and see how much you can get.

No Need To Find Where to Sell Scrap Metal The Heights, TX

Our team will take your scrap metal off of your hands. You don’t have to worry that we’ll skimp out on any metal that could earn you more during recycling. Most of our boys have been working for at least 15 years and have ample experience handling any processable scrap metal you bring in.

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation bringing in scrap metal, we’ll treat all our visitors fairly. We’ll give you the best price once we inspect all of your scrap metal. The price for your scraps may fluctuate depending on the type of metal you bring in and the weight of the total amount. We’ll accept the following types of metal, whether in small amounts or bulk:

Where to Sell Scrap Metal The Heights, TX

There’s no need to wonder Where to Sell Scrap Metal The Heights, TX. Come to Astro City Scrap Metal and get the best price on your recyclable metal.

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Alloys
  • Brass
  • Carbide Scraps
  • Insulated Wire
  • Radiators
  • Stainless Steel

Although we buy most types of metals, we won’t buy ferrous metals like iron or steel. We also won’t buy any metals regulated by a federal or business proclamation. Some of the scraps we won’t buy include air conditioners with freon, materials with mercury, flammable or combustible materials, radioactive materials, glass, cans, etc.

Before you bring over your scraps, call beforehand to ensure that what you have are scraps that we can accept. If you’re unsure what type of metal it is, we’ll look at it for you.

Your Trash is Our Treasure – Bring In Your Copper, Aluminum, & Alloy Scraps

Some of the most common types of scraps we see here at Astro City Scrap Metal are copper, aluminum, and various alloys. Although you might not realize many of our electrical components are made of these metals or a mixture of them. And, they’re worth their weight in (metaphorical) gold, so don’t throw them away – learn where to sell scrap metal The Heights, TX.

Copper Scraps – Copper scraps come in various forms, including insulated wire, radiators, copper fittings, eclectic home decor, extension cords, etc. You might be surprised to find that many items around your home have copper in them. If you don’t need them anymore, how about bringing them to us to get your money’s worth back?

Aluminum Scraps – Like copper, aluminum is also prevalent in many household and business appliances and items. For example, aluminum is usually found in house sidings, car rims, pots, pans, window frames, and even radiators. (Can you tell? You should bring us your radiators.)

Metal Alloys – A metal alloy is a material made of two different elements, one being metal. Most of the metal you see in objects is some type of alloy because natural metal cannot exhibit strength and durability without combining it with something else. Of course, that also means you’ll be left with quite a bit of alloy scrap after a major project that uses metal. Don’t dump them – bring them to Astro City Scrap Metal.

Where to Sell Scrap Metal The Heights, TX

Astro City Scrap Metal is where to sell scrap metal in the Heights area. Come visit our warehouse!

Reasons to Recycle Your Metal

People always preach about recycling plastics and paper because it’s good for the environment. Recycling metal falls under the same frame of mind. Not only are you reducing the amount of waste at waste facilities, but most industries actually reuse recycled metal in their operations.

Most recycled metal can be smelted and reused in various ways. For example, metal alloys can remain alloys and be used to strengthen or form other alloys. Pure copper is often used in wiring and various electrical products. Aluminum is used in almost every industry. So, why can’t you care about the environment while grabbing some cash for yourself?

No Time to Waste – Bring In Your Metal Waste

There’s no time to waste when it comes to making money! Bring your metal waste to Astro City Scrap Metal today to get some extra cash for your scraps. Feel free to call ahead to confirm the possible price you’ll get for your metal scraps. The price can fluctuate depending on the demand for certain metals, so it’s always good to check beforehand.

We proudly serve the greater Houston area, so come by our location in the Heights. Astro City Scrap Metal is where to sell scrap metal The Heights, TX at the best price!

The Heights, Houston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The Heights is a community within the city of Houston.
  • It’s called The Heights because the area is 23 feet higher than Houston.
  • It was also a dry area for over 100 years; from 1912 to 2017, no alcohol was sold here.