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Houston TX Aluminum Buyers Near Me

Are you looking for a reliable team of Houston TX aluminum buyers near me? If so, know that the scrap metal specialists at Astro City have just what you’ve been looking for. We have been in business for years, and as a result, we know more than the average scrap medalist. Buying scrap metal might sound like a simple and mundane task; however, there is much more to it than meets the eye. If you have aluminum that needs to be recycled, your best option is always to bring it to the most knowledgeable scrap medalists you can find.

Why? Because if you go anywhere else, you cant be certain that you’ll receive top dollar for what you have to offer. Simply because they lack the knowledge or the tools to properly identify the quality of metal you have on hand at Astro City, this will never be the case. Not only do we have a team of experts at our disposal, but we also have state-of-the-art tools like our X-ray fluorescence scanner that aids us in properly identifying what our customers bring in.

Houston TX aluminum buyers near me

Houston TX aluminum buyers near me

The price of metal scraps changes on a daily and weekly basis. What metal just offered top dollar today is not guaranteed to still be offering that same dollar a week from now. However, with Astro City, you can guarantee that you will always get the best possible offer regardless of what the pricing looks like.

We truly care about our customers and wouldn’t want to waste your time by having you drive to ur facility only to offer you dirt-cheap prices. So, if you’re looking to earn a little extra cash for that McDouble, then come on down to the best Houston TX aluminum buyers near me today!

What is aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals that we sell here at Astro City. Is it recognized as number 13 on the periodic table and offers up many great qualities that keep aluminum products at the top of the hot-selling list. More than this, aluminum has played a tremendous part in creating technology like automobiles, cell oh0nes, and buildings that we use every single day. As one of the most abundant metals on this earth, aluminum is safely used in many everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and medical tasks.

Aluminum has many fantastic qualities that has made it one of the fan favorites. Since it is so popular, it does have a tremendous value on its head if you have a natural piece of aluminum sitting in your home. Overall, aluminum is a great choice of scrap to bring in and earn some extra money for. Our job is to get that aluminum off your hands in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Why recycle aluminum?

Houston TX aluminum buyers near me

Recycle your aluminum with Astro City today!

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to recycle my aluminum? Simply put, you really don’t have to. We here at Astro City just highly encourage it. Recycling has been pressed into our heads since we were little kids in school. Not only does recycling help our earth, but if you recycle responsibly, say with a scrap metal yard, you can actually earn a little bit of cash out of the process too.

We will always encourage safe and responsible recycling of all materials. If not, then you start to contribute to wastelands like landfills which are not good for the environment. More than this, when you recycle, you are helping to create jobs. As recycling things like metals on a regular basis helps create over a million jobs annually.

No matter what type of aluminum metal you have sitting in your home, know that Astro City can help you recycle it. From pots and pans to rims and radiators, we take it all. We’ll turn that scrap into cash for you right before your eyes. With how sustainable aluminum is, it will be recycled again and again. Aluminum can turn into anything at any time and be reused and reused without avail.

If we haven’t sold you yet, maybe the money that you can earn from your scraps just might. If you’d like to learn a little more about what Houston TX aluminum buyers near me can do for you, then keep reading to find out.

How much can I get for my aluminum metals?

As we’ve stated before, the price of aluminum changes on a daily and weekly basis. It may be expensive one week and dirt cheap the next. There really is no way to tell. All we can ask is that you view our website before coming into our facility. On our site, you’ll gain an estimate of how much you’re going to receive for your excess aluminum metal.

No matter what, we’re always going to offer you the best deal. There are plenty of scrap metal yards out there, but none of them offer the pricing that we have here.

Currently, you can sell your aluminum scraps to us for the following rates:

  • Extruded Aluminum: $0.95 per pound
  • 60/61 Aluminum: $0.80 per pound

If you are unsure of what kind of aluminum you have, you can bring your scraps into our facility, and we’ll be able to identify it for you. That is part of our job and one way that we ensure you are getting the best overall value for the things you bring into our facility.

Houston TX aluminum buyers near me

Ask about our free metal testing service today.

We want you to feel comfortable with the pricing and services that we have to offer. If at any time you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

We are always more than happy to help you out. They don’t call us the metal experts for no reason. If you want the best team on the job, there really is no better option to choose from than Astro City.

Don’t wait any longer; the price of your metal can change in an instant. Our facility is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Houston. After turning your scrap into cash, you can make your way down for a night out on the town. Choose us as your Houston TX aluminum buyers near me today!

Houston TX Fun Facts

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