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Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices

If you’re searching for the best Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices, then you’ll find only the best at Astro City Scrap Metal. Our prices are better than any other competitor in the city. If you have large quantities of scrap metal that you’ve been waiting to toss away, we’d be glad to take it off of your hands.

We Buy Scrap Metal

Aluminum, brass, stainless steel—it doesn’t matter. We take all types of metals here at Astro City. Rather than leaving them off to the side to collect dust and debris, you could be using them to create an opportunity to earn some serious cash.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices

Wires, aluminum, copper, we take care of it all here at Astro City. Call us today and get the best estimates for your Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices.

One of the reasons why we’re so dedicated to collecting your scrap metals is because we believe in recycling natural resources from the Earth. We want to take these metals and transform them into new and exciting items that different people and industries can use.

Not every scrap yard in Houston is like us, however. Many of these yards simply operate as massive landfills. This means that they simply collect your metals and then toss them into a giant pile.

These metals are likely to be thrown into the ocean or heaps of trash. These landfills ultimately contribute to harmful toxins and give off methane in the air. This ultimately adds to hazardous air pollution and further intensifies the effects of global warming.

In contrast, the metals you give to us are separated out and properly recycled. We believe in preserving the Earth’s environment.

We want to do our best to keep it clean for everyone. This is why we’re so dedicated to giving you the best Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices. We understand how important it is to save the Earth. Therefore, we’re willing to do what it takes to achieve that ultimate goal. Are you looking for ways to earn extra cash and protect the planet at the same time? Consider swinging by our scrap yard at Astro City Scrap Metal today.

How Our Prices Work

While other scrap yards may pay out a small reward for your large quantities of metal, Astro City Scrap Metals goes above and beyond by giving you a price that meets quality and quantity.

With so many different types of metals out there, it can be hard to know whether or not your wares are worth anything. You don’t need to worry about that, though. This is because you have plenty of state-of-the-art technology and knowledgeable staff members on your side.

When you arrive at our scrap yard, the first thing we do is separate all your metal materials into different sections. Aluminum with the aluminum and copper with the copper.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices

Want to get the best Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices for your metals? Swing by Astro City Scrap Metal today!

After that, we proceed to use our X-Ray Fluorescence Scanner to properly analyze the material. The device will check the legitimacy of the metal as well as its elemental composition.

With this device and our knowledge of the metal markets, we’ll give you a fair estimate of what you’re owed if you sell to us. If you have a competitor price for the same material, we’ll do our best to match or beat those prices head-on.

Astro City Scrap Metal is committed to beating competitor prices because we believe that the customer is always right.

We value your time, money, and effort to get your metals to our scrap yard, so we should reciprocate this by giving you a service you can appreciate.  This is our promise to you when it comes to our Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices at Astro City Scrap Metal.

Wire Stripping At Astro City

Astro City Scrap Metal is firm in our commitment to buying scrap metal, recycling and saving the Earth. In addition, we also offer our wire stripping services to individuals and industry electricians.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices

We also specialize in wire stripping. Inquire about how this service works by coming to our scrap yard at Astro City.

Not only do we buy your scrap metals, but we also strip the wires of their insulation coating and extract the metal from those wires. We offer this service for many different reasons.

One of the main reasons is that we understand how long it would take to do this by hand. Although completely possible, stripping on your own can prove to be a challenging task.

This is especially true, depending on the type of wires you have. However, the time it takes to complete the wire stripping process can be cut in half thanks to our state of the art equipment in our scrapyard. We have a wire stripping tool in our facility, which is used to quickly remove the outer coating of wires.

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we accept all types of wires. From THHN insulated wires to number 1 and number 2. No matter what type of wires you have in your possession, Astro City can take care of the wire stripping process for you at a low, low price. If you’re an electrician or technician on the job, our wire stripping services are free.

When we extract the metal from the wires, we’ll provide an estimate for all your materials. We hope that you will sell to us. We’ll match any prices made by other scrap yards in Houston or anywhere else in Texas. We’re committed to serving you with the best customer service by giving you fair Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices.

Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices At Astro City Scrap Metal

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we understand the value and time it takes to gather up your scrap metal. We know that you’re looking to trade in your metals for some cold hard cash, and we will stop at nothing to deliver. No other scrap metal yard does more than we do at Astro City.

So if you need some extra cash and have some metal laying around, don’t hesitate to come to our metal scrap yard. Whether it’s aluminum, copper, alloy, or stainless steel, we handle it all. Don’t wait another minute! Call our offices at 713-697-2999 to learn more about our services. We promise to give you the best Houston TX Scrap Metal Prices in the city, and we will match or go beyond the prices of all competitors.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • From 1837 to 1839, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Galleria is the largest shopping mall in Texas.
  • The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical institution in the world.

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