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Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

When you need Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me, the only answer you can have is Astro City Scrap Metal to take care of your metal recycling needs! We want to give you the best metal prices in all of Houston, so you never have to worry about being cheated out here at our scrap yard! Since 1984, we have been helping the Greater Houston Area, and we are waiting to help you! 

Iron steel? Brass? Copper? Aluminum? We got you as we are ready to turn your metal into cash for your pockets. So go ahead and clean up the garage and look for all the metal you do not need any longer. We are ready to measure it out and give you an exact price, so you know we are fair and accurate for you. Plenty of businesses in the area come to us to make sure their metals are taken care of. 

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to begin helping you with the metals you want to dispose of. We can help you with wire stripping as well if you need it! Did you know that the insulated wires you have laying around are filled with copper that can be a fortune! Because Astro City Scrap Metal is your Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me when you need it! 

Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me


Copper, the most valuable metal on the planet, was one of the first to be discovered. It has been under our feet for thousands and thousands of years. However, even to this day, this type of metal is still in high demand due to the price it holds for itself. The majority of the time, this metal is used for construction purposes, but nowadays, it can be used for pipes and cell phones for you to use. 

Most commonly known in the household for being used for electronic devices and cookware, copper is extremely popular for common use. You probably do not know this, but you use copper a lot more than you think. Below is a detailed list of items that have copper in them. See what kind of copper you own in your home as Astro City Scrap Metal is here for you today:

  • Jewelry 
  • Stoves
  • Radiators
  • Sinks
  • Musical Instruments 

How much do you know about recycling? Here at Astro City, we like to think that we work a little harder at making this world a better place every day. Recycling helps limit the waste we put in the world and keeps it out of landfills. Plus, with new-age technology, you can easily turn this waste into energy usage for yourself. Are you saving the planet and putting money in your pocket? I would head down to Astro City asap! 

Wire Stripping 

Are you an electrician in the area? Do you have a handful of wires that you need to be stripped? This process is known as wire stripping, which is when you take the wires and cut off the insulation around the wire. We have a special machine that you can use for your wires as we will take care of your wire stripping issues for you. Do not hesitate when we can help you today! 

You probably didn’t know how pricey these wires were. These wires can be either copper or Aluminum and can be recycled very easily. We hope you find our services vital to you making money and helping the world be a better place. It is your choice and up to you to make the right choice in helping the Earth and keep landfills from becoming a huge problem. Give us a call today! 


How much do you know about metal? From the oil there is metal everywhere around you in your car to the jewelry around your neck! However, do you know how metal is made? Because no metal is a metal unless it has alloys within its properties. This is how a metal-bonded and created so that you get the desired density of the metal you need for whatever you want it for. 

Metals like Aluminum and iron are not what you think they are without their precious alloy compound. Though iron can be strong, it cannot function without an ally as it will then rust and brittle away to nothingness. Most metals aren’t even real without the need for an alloy present within its element. From the wheels of your car to the fillings in your teeth, metal is everything around you! 

Do you know how they make the metal compound with an alloy? First, you must take two different types of elements, one being a metal, and mix them, with one being a solid compound and the other being either a mixture of metal or nonmetal. You then would melt these elements down, and it would become the desired product of a metal that you can use for your life. 

Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

We utilize only the very best materials.

Astro City

There is plenty of places that you could bring your metals to for recycling purposes. But why go through that hassle when you can call us today at Astro City Scrap Metal, and we will weigh out and check into all your metals and give you a price that you cannot find anywhere else. Do not pass up on an offer that is this good when you can make some big bucks off of your metal today! 

Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

When you need Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me, let Astro City Scrap Metal be the answer you are looking for! We have a team of metal experts ready to take any and every piece of metal that you have and turn it into hard cash for your empty pockets. Please think about giving us a call today so we can help you1 Or head on over to our website to learn more about our services

Because Astro City Scrap Metal is your Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

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Houston TX Copper Wire Recycling Near Me

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