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Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me

If you’ve been searching for a Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me resource to dump all of your unwanted metal, then consider Astro City Scrap Metal as your primary choice.

We Buy Your Scrap Metal

Would you like to have some extra bucks in your pocket? Did you know that you can earn that money by throwing away things that you don’t need? That already sounds like a fair deal, right?

Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me

Have you been searching for a Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me? Get in contact with Astro City Scrap Metal.

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we specialize in buying and repurposing different types of metal in Houston, Texas. You might think that we’re just another scrap metal yard looking for any old trash. However, we here at Astro City Scrap Metal like to do things a little differently. Our facility is more like a recycling center. We can transform your useless and unwanted ferrous scrap metal into cold hard cash.

This is so long as your metals are in the range of what we currently accept in our yard. Astro City currently offers this service in line with our state-of-the-art equipment. This is thanks to our X-Ray Fluorescence scanner. This device allows us to feasibly reimagine scrap metal into useful items.

We absolutely guarantee you that there’s money to be had in your scrap metals. We go above and beyond to beat our competitor’s pricing. That’s just a testament to our customer service. This is because we know the ins and outs of scrap metal and its value. These prices fluctuate from time to time, so it’s best to contact us right away to ensure that you’re getting the best sell price possible.

Metals, Metals and More Metals

Of course, not every metal is worthwhile. We advocate bringing all that you have to offer. However, there are some materials that you might want to leave at home.

Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me

If you’ve been searching for a reliable Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me. Astro City Scrap Metal specializes in repurposing copper, alloy, and brass.

This is so you don’t come to our scrap yard with more than you intended to bring.

Even better, knowing what types of metal to bring will give you an idea of just how much money you may be able to walk away with after the transaction,

But before we get into what Astro City Scrap Metal doesn’t accept, we should take a look at some of the metals that catch our fancy. Currently, we’re accepting a myriad of different types of non-ferrous commercial and industrial metals.

Ferrous refers to materials that are made of iron. These materials include metals like brass, alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum. Copper is one of the more popular and easily attainable metals on Earth. It is also accepted here at Astro City Scrap Metal.

Technicians who have a wealth of insulated wiring laying around in their shop should also feel free to bring them to our scrap yard. We’re able to extract the metal from the wires through a process known as wire stripping.

This refers to simply removing the insulation coat found on most wires. Because most wires contain copper inside them, it makes the wire very valuable and one of the biggest items that you should bring to our scrap yard. Currently, we accept number 1 insulated wire, number 2, THHN, and HR insulated wire.

Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me

We buy your scrap metal. Get in contact with our specialists to learn more about the value of your metals.

Are you simply looking to bring just regular copper materials? Astro City Scrap Metal currently accepts radiators, extension cords, copper fittings, and other types of home decor where copper metal is present. These materials can be found from leftover materials as a result of a home renovation or another form of home yard work.

Bringing your metals to our scrap yard means doing your part to keep the Earth as environmentally clean as possible.

This is because you are effectively doing your part to keep the metals away from dirty landfills. As you can see, we’re dedicated to our mission in repurposing recyclable metal.

Other Metals Accepted At Astro City

Copper isn’t the only type of metal we currently accept here at Astro City Scrap Metal. Our facilities also currently accept aluminum, alloys, and brass.

It’s important to get a good idea of what each one is before you bring them over. Doing so will help you sort out your materials for easier processing. It will also clarify what you may be getting out of your transaction with us.

  • Aluminum If you drank out of a soda or energy drink can, you’ve held on to a piece of aluminum. Aluminum can also be found in things like DVD players, game consoles, and computers. These are pretty malleable, meaning that they can be recycled and destroyed many times without losing their overall value or volume. We currently accept wheels, transformers, and various types of aluminum sheets.
  • Alloys When two or more metals combine, they become super metals known as alloys. They’re heavily resistant to corrosion, rust, and other forms of metal decomposition, meaning that they can last for a very long time. These alloys even take on many different forms, from monel plates and sheets to nickel-based superalloys. If you have any food processing machines, kitchenware, and other types of alloys in your possession, it’s best to bring them on over to Astro City Scrap Metal right away.
  • Brass Pipes, sprinklers, and other weather-stripping materials largely contain brass material inside of them. Your home may even contain some of these elements if you look hard enough. Be sure to check your old worn-out doorknobs and other antique items.

Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me At Astro City

If you have a large number of metals that you need to do away with, Astro City Scrap Metal can help you solve this problem. Even better, we can take all of your unwanted metals and provide excellent metal pricing in return. We do our best to give you the right payout amount for your materials.

Whether it’s copper, aluminum, alloy, or brass, Astro City Scrap Metal is your primary source for recycling and repurposing your scrap metal. Want more information? Please give us a call at 713-697-2999. If you’ve been searching for reliable Houston TX Metal Recycling Near Me, you’ve found it in Astro City.

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