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Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

Do you need Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me? Then the search is over as Astro City Scrap Metal is here to help you with your recyclable metal materials. As a full-service scrap metal company, we are here to buy your scrap metal and give you top dollar for your ferrous scrap metal. Customer service is number one to us as we want to make it a top priority for us to take great care of you. 

Metal prices vary daily, but when you give us a call today, we will make sure we update you on our prices as they change daily. Astro City is both your scrap metal buyer and recycler, so you do not have to worry about going anywhere else when we can do everything for you. No other recycling center in town will go above and beyond as we will, so bring your metal to us today! 

Recycling reduces the need to pollute the Earth. With our help, we can eliminate the number of landfills that there are in this world. Choose to help the world when you choose Astro City. We work for you and not against you when you need us the most. Please look below at the numerous types of metals we accept as you should choose us to help you. Because Astro City Scrap Metal is your Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me! 

Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me


Materials that we use daily are found here on Earth. Most importantly, alloys are everywhere! This type of metal is located right under your feet from the oil we use for our cars to the jewelry around our necks. That being said, alloys are what helped make metal solid and durable against being pressured. Metals such as aluminum and iron would not be anything without alloys. 

Though iron is strong, it can rust when hit with water or damp air. However, when you give it the properties of alloys, the iron is stronger than ever. Aluminum is the same way as it would not hold the same ability. Most metals would not be authentic without alloys, and that is why the combined help of this metal creates the metal you use. From the wheels of a car to the filling you have within your teeth, alloys are everywhere. 

An alloy is made up of two elements, where one is a metal. With the help of combining a solid and a metal mixture of a metal or nonmetal, you will easily create the want of the metal you need. Below are the different types of alloys that can be found almost anywhere in the world:

  • Cast Iron: this metal is known for being a mixture of alloys, iron, and carbon. 
  • Stainless Steel: As a standard alloy, this metal is made up of chromium, molybdenum, iron, and nickel. When created correctly, this metal is to help with creating appliances for your home as well as machinery.
  • Mild Steel: As a low carbon, this consists of our metal. This type of metal is great for nails, fencing, and furniture. 
  • Aluminum: We call a soft metal that MUST be mixed with others to make it strong. 


Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

Looking to make some extra dough for your unwanted metals? Call Astro City Scrap Metals today!

A metal that we know for sure we can take is always brass. This type of metal can be tough to find, but it is with a hefty price tag when you do find it. Brass usually comes as bed frames, lamps, door handles, and faucets. You might be sitting on a gold mine with how much brass you might have in your home. There are also multiple different types of brass that you may have, so give us a call to help you out! 

Plumping and pipe brass are most commonly brought into our facility. We have estimated that we will give you when you choose Astro City to serve you for your scrap metal needs. One way that is for sure helpful in identifying brass in your home is by taking an old magnet and sticking it to the material’s surface. If it finds an attachment, then it is most likely brass. Go ahead and begin looking! 

Pure brass or solid brass might be different, and the price will change as well, but with our help, we can give you the best price for your metal needs. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and we will serve you for all your metal that you want to get rid of. Because we work hard to get all the metal, we do not need to be recycled as we continue to do our part in helping the Earth. 

Things We Do Not Accept

As we are known for taking in many different metals, there are a few different types of metals we cannot take in. Below is a list of different kinds of objects we will turn away. Please read to understand why:

  • Beer Kegs: these must be taken to a particular facility.
  • Computers: you should just take these parts to a computer store and sell each part individually.
  • Batteries: as these can be recyclable, they can also be flammable, and we do not accept this danger.
  • Cans: you can recycle these on your curbside at home. 
  • Bullets and shells: this contains lead which cannot be recycled. 
  • Print Rollers
  • Glass
  • Materials with Mercury
  • Air Conditioners with Freon
Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

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Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

When you need Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me, let Astro City Scrap Metal is the only company you can give a call to when you have metal to get rid of. Do not hesitate as you can be sitting on a gold mine of money with all the metal you need to get rid of. Please give us a call today to learn about our prices. Or go to our website and read out services and where you can find us in Houston

Because Astro City Scrap Metal is your Houston TX Scrap Metal Buyers Near Me

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