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Houston TX Scrap Yard Near Me

Find yourself searching for a Houston TX scrap yard near me? Well, you’re in luck because Astro City Scrap Metal has been serving the Greater Houston area for nearly 40 years. You’ll find no better place to bring your scrap metal than to us!

We promise to beat the competition by guaranteeing the highest price and paying top rates! Keep in mind that metal prices fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. Still, we pride ourselves on getting you the highest, best price around, no matter the day!

Our company is one of the fastest-growing in the area, and we pay top dollar in cash! With our friendly team, you can trust that we will offer you the best deal. We always strive to care for our customers going as far as utilizing the latest tech in order to give our customers a better deal.

Give us a call for more information about our business and the different things we are looking for. You can also check out our website if you are unsure of which metals we accept or do not accept. Or you can stick around, and we’ll give you a small breakdown about the different metals and why we take some over others.

Houston TX Scrap Yard Near Me

When you bring in scrap metal, our incredible XRF or X-Ray Fluorescence scanner will provide to us a dependable analysis. This elemental analysis will enable us to make sure that you get the best price for the full value of the metal. We only buy non-ferrous scrap metals.

A few of the things we are always happy to see and can accept are the following:

Houston TX scrap yard near me

Give us a call today!

When you bring your metals in, we will unload them, weigh them, and pay you cash on the spot! Our team members are well qualified and professional as they grade and sort the different metals you bring in. For transparency, we weigh the metals right in front of you!

What We Do Not Accept

While we love to see you bring us a big haul, there are some things that we simply can not accept. Before you come to us, you should sort through your haul to make sure that none of the following are mixed in. The following being the things we can not accept:

  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Beer Kegs
  • Computers
  • Metal Powders
  • Closed Containers
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Loaded Bullets and Shells
  • Print Rollers with Selenium
  • Air Conditioners with Freon
  • Materials Containing Mercury
  • Materials Containing Asbestos
  • Flammable or Combustible Materials

The reason we can not accept these items vary from legal reasons to government and/or company reasons. Also, there are some items on this list that are unable to be scrapped. So of this list must be disposed of properly, such as batteries and radioactive material, to name a few.

What Is Non-ferrous Metal?

Houston TX scrap yard near me

Bring your scrap metal to Astro City!

You’ll find that the Astro City Houston TX scrap yard near me will only accept and recycle non-ferrous metals. But you might ask yourself, what is a non-ferrous metal? Or what does non-ferrous even mean?

Non-ferrous, by definition, means a metal, including alloys, that is not iron or normal steel. Non-ferrous metals are typically more expensive than the ferrous counterparts. This is because they are non-magnetic, low in weight, and have a higher conductivity. They are also more resistant to rust and corrosion like stainless steel compared to typical steel.

Your non-ferrous metals are easier to remold into other useful things. They also take up less energy to recycle rather than mine for more. This is an added bonus for reduce, reuse, recycle proposes and helps preserve more of the Earth’s resources. 

So if you have any non-ferrous metals you want to get cash for, give us a call! Astro City Scrap is ready to take on all of your non-ferrous scrap metal. You can watch us weigh it on our outdoor scales to ensure that you’re getting top dollar!

Show Us The Copper!

Copper is a precious, non-ferrous mineral. Precious metals are simply defined as metals that are rare and have a high economic value. While you can find copper in various forms in your daily life, copper still falls into this precious metals category. This is due to the demand, the good thermal conductivity, and also the malleability.

The types of copper Astro City Scrap accepts include:

  • Radiators
  • Copper wire
  • Insulated wire
  • Extension Cords
  • Copper pipes, fittings, valves

We even accept home decor that is made up of copper! When it comes to your insulated wire, you’ll find that we can buy all types of insulated wire beyond just copper. Furthermore, electrical companies, we even offer free wire stripping where we remove the insulation. 

For insulated wiring, the grade of the metals varies just as the type of metal varies. Prices for insulated wiring will depend on the amount and quality of scrap metal removed. Still, whether you are a single person looking to recycle your insulated wiring or a large company, we will provide you with the best service. On top of that, we will offer you the best prices in all of Houston!

Astro City Scrap Metal Is The Best Choice!

Houston TX scrap yard near me

Make Astro City your Houston TX scrap yard near me search answer!

Give us a call today to find out more about our company and how you can get paid cash today! Therefore visit our location with your scrap metal haul, and we’ll welcome you with open arms. We take pride in our work, and you can walk away with top dollar and know that recycling helps the world!

We look forward to helping you, and our team is standing by. You’ll only find passionate professional people here at Astro City Scrap Metal. We want to work with you for all your future scrap haul drop-off needs!

Metal prices are always changing every day, so call now to find out how much you could get today! Don’t keep searching for different places when we guarantee you the best price always. Let Astro City be your go-to Houston TX scrap yard near me search answer every time!

Houston Fun Facts:

  • The population of Houston is around 2.31 million.
  • There are over 145 languages spoken in the city.
  • Check out the 17-block Theater District in Houston.
  • Visit the official website to learn more.