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Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

If you are searching for Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me, give Astro City Scrap Metal a call

Houston TX Copper Recycling Near MeHouston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

Come to Astro City for Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

today! We have been recycling non-ferrous metals since 1984 and have earned the loyalty of many customers in that time. You can count on Astro City for the highest prices and best service in Houston.

Astro City Scrap Metal accepts non-ferrous metals, includes copper, aluminum, brass, alloys, and stainless steel. A non-ferrous metal has little to no magnetism and is corrosion resistant. Additionally, it contains no iron.

The scrap we purchase from customers comes in all shapes and sizes, from large appliances to wiring. Using advanced equipment, we can determine the purity of your scrap and offer you the best prices, hands down.

Recycling scrap metal isn’t just about the extra cash it can put in your wallet. In fact, it has numerous positive benefits for the planet. By bringing your appliances, wiring, and other scrap metal in for recycling, you are preventing those items from ending up in the landfill.

Additionally, it takes 80-90% less energy to refine or recycle scrap metal than it does to mine it from the Earth. Help protect the planet by recycling your scrap metal for cash at Astro City Scrap Metal.

A Little About Copper

Civilizations have been benefiting from the use of copper for thousands of years. After the Stone Age, copper became a material of choice for making weapons, agricultural tools, and household items. These advancements eventually caused an explosion of growth throughout the world.

Simply put, copper offered communities, tribes, and nations a way to ensure their safety, security, and way of life. Any kingdom that was without copper was at risk of territorial take over from those who had access to this precious metal.

Copper is a non-ferrous metal that has a high-conductivity rating. This means it is often used in electrical wiring and appliances. The copper that is used in these materials must be pure. Otherwise, it will not have the conductivity required to create an electric current.

Copper metal that has been contaminated with other metals, like zinc and tin, is considered an alloy. Alloys are strong, corrosion-resistant metals that are great for use in pipes and roofing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

How much is copper worth per pound?

There are many types of copper, each one with a different purity level. How much you receive from your copper scrap is dependent on the weight of each copper type. Both pure and impure copper metals can be used for recycling purposes. If necessary, contaminated copper can be refined.

Astro City Scrap Metal strives to offer every customer the highest price for their scrap. In fact, our team has the right equipment that helps us determine the purity of your scrap copper. When this is done, we weigh the scrap and determine the price you will receive. Furthermore, all of this is done in front of the client so that they know they are getting fair service.

Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

Sell your metal to us at AstroCity!

How to easily strip a copper wire for scrap?

Copper wire comes in many different gauges. The ease with which you can strip the wire depends on whether you have the right tools. There is a specific tool you will want that is called a wire stripper.

This tool looks similar to a pair of pliers. The main difference is that it has notches cut into the pincers. Each notch fits a different gauge of wire. When you pinch the tool down over the wire, it will cut the outer layer and allow for quick stripping.

While it is possible to strip the wire yourself, it is not necessary. Astro City Scrap Metal has a team of professional wire strippers that are here to make the entire process easier and faster than ever.

How to test a metal to determine if it is copper?

If you need to determine whether your scrap metal is copper, there are several ways to do so. Testing the density, conductivity, and resistivity is possible, although very difficult for those who have never done so before.

The easiest way to test your metal is to create a hydrochloric acid solution from table salt and vinegar. Take a small towel and coat a portion of the copper in the solution. After a while, you should begin to notice that the metal is oxidizing. For copper, this means it will take on a greenish tint.

If you need assistance in determining what type of scrap you have, give Astro City Scrap Metal a call. Our team has the expertise and means to make the determination process quick and easy.

Where and how do I sell scrap?

Selling your copper scrap to Astro City is simple! Just bring it in and let our crew do the rest. We will weigh, measure, and evaluate the scrap, then give you the best price for it. Our facility accepts non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, alloys, and stainless steel. If you need assistance determining what type of metal you have, bring it by and we’ll be here to assist you.

Additionally, if you have questions about items we do and do not accept, call our office and speak with one of our friendly team members. You can find more information about acceptable materials on our website.

Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me

Astro City Scrap Metal is here to help you by offering quick service. When you bring your scrap metal to us, you can expect to get the fairest prices. In fact, we guarantee that we will meet or beat competitor prices. So, bring your scrap by today!

For more information about our wire stripping services or highest-price guarantee, visit our website. There, you will also find our location and contact information. For Houston TX Copper Recycling Near Me, don’t hesitate to contact Astro City Scrap Metal.

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